What to Do If You're Nervous for Your First Dance

Since not all of us are professional choreographers.
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
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If you have two left feet (you're not alone), it's totally understandable why you might be nervous for your first dance. All eyes will be on you and your partner, after all, and if you don't like being the center of attention on the dance floor, this scenario can be borderline nightmarish to think about. Since it's such a common conundrum, we've rounded up the best tips to waltzing your way to a happy, comfortable first dance with your partner. And a five, six, seven, eight...

Take Lessons or Hire a Teacher

Leading up to your nuptials, sign up for local lessons or hire a dance instructor. A teacher will customize lessons based on your skill level, so even if you think you're the world's worst dancer, you'll still have some simple, tailor-made moves at your fingertips (or toe tips) that you feel comfortable with. At the very least, they'll show you how to not step on each other's feet when you're out there.

Pick a Song You Connect With

Obviously, there's no shortage of sweet, romantic first dance songs at your disposal, but it's important to find a song you really connect with. Maybe it's the country tune that was playing in the car when you and your partner were driving to your first date, or just a ballad you both happen to love. Regardless, you'll feel a wave of comfort wash over you the moment it comes on, and at that point, you can do no wrong.

And Make Sure It's Short

That said, it's probably better for you to pick a three-minute anthem rather than a seven-minute one when it comes down to it, or just ask your DJ to simply shorten your song of choice. You might feel time dragging on forever when the spotlight's on you, and this way, you're guaranteed to get the awkwardness over with (and have your loved ones join you on the dance floor) sooner rather than later.

Stay On Theme

This isn't the time to get fancy if you're not fully comfortable on your feet. It's totally up to you, but we suggest not trying to attempt an intricate salsa, hip-hop or rumba routine if you're already nervous to begin with. Go with a simple sway or slow-dance route.

Focus on Your Partner

Most importantly, just focus on the person you're dancing with. There's a good chance they're just as nervous as you (especially if they also have two left feet), and it's crucial to remember that this day is about you two. As soon as you look into their eyes, you'll remember you're exactly where you're supposed to be—no matter how much you want to run away when the DJ or band starts to play.

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