Free Wedding Website Template FAQs

by The Knot

Our new wedding website pages have been updated with new designs, creative layouts, and photo sharing! Have questions? Start here.

1. I already have a wedding web page with The Knot -- can I go back and get one of the new designs?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your existing wedding web page just by choosing a new design. Don't worry -- you won't lose any information from your old page, and you'll still have the same URL.

2. Will all of the information I have on my current personal web page be carried over?

Yes, everything that you had on your old wedding web page will carry over to your new wedding web page.

3. How do I choose a new design?

To choose a new design, click on the "Choose a Design" link on the left. Then select a design of your choice from the "Modern Designs" tab and select "Upgrade." The next step is very important! Once you select "Upgrade" you will see your new wedding web page in the design view. In order to save your design changes, you must re-select your design in the design view.

4. What will happen if I select "upgrade," but do not re-select my design in the design view?

If you select "upgrade" and do not re-select your design of choice in the design view, then your changes may not save or display correctly. If you forget to re-select your design in the design view, you risk the chance of losing all existing information from your wedding web page, and you may have to re-enter all of your information.

5. Will my wedding website URL change if I upgrade?

Your wedding website URL will NOT change if you upgrade.

6. Is this upgrade really FREE?

Yes, everything is absolutely FREE of charge.

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