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Updated Feb 08, 2024

You might be thinking "Do I really need wedding website 'Our Story' examples? Isn't it weird to take inspiration from someone else's love story?" Quite the contrary. Chances are you aren't the next Emily Henry or Nicholas Sparks and the idea of penning a love story worthy of a bestseller (or your wedding website!) might be a bit daunting.

From the moment you got engaged, I'd be willing to bet you've been getting peppered with some variation of "So, tell me, how did it happen? Start from the beginning!" And while I'm sure recounting your love story was fun the first one, or ten, times, there comes a point when you simply don't have the energy to recount it all to Aunt June. Enter the "Our Story" section of your wedding website. This page is a chance for you to share your love story with wedding guests.

Below are wedding website story examples published by real couples on The Knot and a list of expert writing tips so you can steal one (or two) creative wedding website ideas to tell your own "How We Met" story.

How to Write "Our Story" for a Wedding Website: Examples | Tips | Template

Wedding Website "Our Story" Examples

I get it, there are a lot of pages to create and write for your wedding website. From your welcome message and FAQ page to your wedding party bio page and even your registry picks and RSVP page, it's quite a task to build a wedding website. So if you're feeling tired or you've been hit with a bout of writer's block and can't decide what to write for your "Our Story" or "About Us" webpage, don't fret. Take guidance and inspiration from these wedding website story examples to get started.

Jaclyn and Mark: Two Sides to Every Story

wedding website our story example
Photo courtesy of couple

In this wedding love story example, each partner presented their "How We Met" story from their own point of view. This is a fun way for loved ones to get to understand all the nuances of a couple's story, especially if each to-be-wed remembers different points in the relationship as notable turning points.

If You Ask Mark: After living in Reston, VA, for two years with my friends, I moved back to the city to immerse in a more lively dating scene. Frustrated with the lack of quality prospects at the bars, I decided to download the dating app Tinder to put myself out there. Within a week of swiping right, a girl named Jaclyn popped up as a match. We instantly hit it off in the app, even as far as me asking her to marry me when she shared that she was dressing up as Old Gregg for Halloween.

Within a few days on the app, we exchanged phone numbers so we could text for real. I was cautiously optimistic about the whole situation based on others' negative experiences with dating apps including catfishing, mismatched expectations, and all around bad dates. Was this Jaclyn a real person? Was she actually a middle-aged man having a joke at my expense? There was only one way to find out for sure.

After exchanging texts for a few days, I found out that this alleged Jaclyn lived less than 2 miles from where I had just lived in Reston for 2 years (go figure!). I invited Jaclyn on a dinner date to a steak house in Tysons Corner, a solid middle point between our apartments. After an entire basket of bread, 2 Moscow Mules, and multiple invites to join the adjacent table for dessert, Jaclyn finally showed up to the table for an optimistic first date. We continued to text more and more and hung out a few times before the sealing moment came a couple weeks later, that would ultimately launch our relationship.

Despite only knowing me for a little over 2 weeks, Jaclyn showed her big heart by surprising me with a birthday celebration. She took me to a wicked awesome New England-themed seafood restaurant, and we then dominated a bunch of 12-year-olds at laser tag. I was definitely impressed, and even more intrigued by what could become of this new relationship.

Fast forward a year and half, and Jaclyn moved in with me into my little one-bedroom condo with her adorable dog Maeby. Living together in such tight quarters was not always smooth and sweet (see below for a picture of pretty much the entire condo), but we plodded forward together to overcome the bumps in the road. At this point, the mutual notion was, "If we can live together in such a small place and we haven't killed each other yet, we can get through anything." In less than a year, we moved on to a bigger and better house together and adopted another dog soon after. The foundation of a happy family had been built.

I got some not-so-subtle hints from Jaclyn, some much-needed help from Jaclyn's friend Katie for her dream engagement ring, and the green-light from her parents about my rough plans to propose to their daughter, just as they were preparing their move to Texas. At Jaclyn's birthday party on an absolutely gorgeous Saturday in early October out in the Virginia countryside, I popped the question to an utterly shocked Jaclyn on the side of a mountain. She never technically said yes, but her reaction spoke for her. We celebrated with beers and barbeque with friends, and the rest is history. I have helped Jaclyn plan the wedding she has had planned for years and I am super excited to see what the future holds for us.

If You Ask Jaclyn: Back in 2017, I was struggling. I had just about every dating app you can think of: Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid... Lets just say it's not like I wasn't putting myself out there. If you know me though, you know that I can be juuuuust a bit difficult haha. My love is not for the faint of heart (I give a lot, but I demand a lot in return), and unfortunately I always seemed to land boys who would only end up leaving me feeling hopeless that no one would ever measure up. There were plenty of times I felt like I wasn't destined for this life of love and companionship. I would rather be alone than be with someone who couldn't measure up. I tried many times to come to terms with the fact that some people just don't have someone and that's okay. I would just be a lonely dog lady with 12 dogs.

Then comes Mark. It was total fate, because I always vowed I wouldn't "swipe right" with someone who had the same name as my dad (weird!), so any usera named Mark were always out of the question. I must have looked right over it when matching with him, because before I knew it, we were chatting it up a storm. It was right before Halloween, so we shared selfies of our Halloween costumes. I joked that I would be dressing as Old Greg, to which Mark responded "Omg marry me!" Little did he know. ;)

A couple days after Halloween, Mark asked me out on a date. A REAL date. He didn't ask me to "hang out", he didn't ask me to meet him at a bar, he didn't ask me if I wanted to get together and then have me make all the plans. Mark made a reservation at a fairly upscale restaurant for the two of us–it was a REAL date. I was blown away at such a small gesture. At the time though, I was fairly used to terrible dates and was also a huge workaholic. Our reservation was for 7pm about 20ish minutes away from my office. As I finished up an email response, another email would pop up, then a phone call would come through, then someone would stop by for an updated document - I couldn't leave! I texted Mark multiple times during my delay, but didn't make it to the restaurant until 7:45! He wasn't mad, wasn't upset, but instead met me with the biggest smile and a huge hug (although looking back it might have been the moscow mules he was downing while he sat by himself). Right off the bat, Mark learned about how I'm never on time to anything, and I learned about how Mark is honestly the most patient man on earth.

We had a great dinner–talked about everything and anything. I was both impressed and weirded out by how he even tucked in his button down into his light wash jeans (see below or what I can only assume was his fashion inspiration). Afterwards, we hung out in the parking lot for a while before deciding to catch a movie together. It was a perfect date.

We continued to talk for the next few months. In December, he showed off his adventurous side. An impromptu invite to Vegas left me bewildered–do I go to Vegas of all places with a man I've only known for a few months? Looking back, I'm so glad I accepted that invite. We laughed and walked and laughed and walked and took a helicopter ride and showed off our jenga skills and by the end of three days we had put in over 48k steps, and had probably just as many inside jokes. It wasn't until a month later on Valentine's Day before a Celtic's game that I asked the dreaded question: "What are we?" and he responded, "I thought you were already my girlfriend!"

In the fall, I joined Mark by moving into his 700 square foot apartment. Mark, myself, and Maeby. It was tight, we had no space apart, but in that little apartment our love grew more than I could have ever imagined. Fast forward to today, and I am immeasurably grateful to find someone who loves me unconditionally, difficulties and all. A man who's puzzle piece fits with mine so perfectly. A man who not only accepts my love, but makes sure I always feel that love in return. I look back at the days when I thought I would end up a lonely dog-lady and smile thinking "if only that girl knew how lucky she's about to become."

Alexanne and Wade: All Thanks to a Mutual Friend and an Unexpected Health Journey

wedding website our story example
Photo courtesy of couple

On their wedding website (the couple selected the popular Beloved Floral design template on The Knot), Alexanne and Wade wrote their "Our Love Story" example with a focus on the key factors that played pivotal roles in their connection. Notably, their "Our Story" wedding website example talks about the role that a mutual friend and Wade's health journey both played in bringing them together.

LIFE IS FUNNY AND BEAUTIFUL…Our story actually starts about 20 years ago. Wade was finishing high school and playing hockey. Alexanne was going to UNM and living off campus in a rental house she shared with a couple roommates, one of which was her best friend from high school, Brie. Brie and Wade were friends who met while Brie was working at the ice rink. We cannot recall any specific interactions during this time but know for certain that Wade and his friends hung out at Brie and Alexanne's house on several occasions.

Fast forward to the summer of 2017, Alexanne was living in Scottsdale and Wade was living in Albuquerque. We were both invited to a house warming party at Brie's new home that she had purchased with her husband. Alexanne agreed making the trip for the housewarming would be a good time and a chance to see family. Brie also made it a point to let Alexanne know that her friend Wade was going to be there and he was 'looking real good these days' so at the very least the party would have some decent eye candy. The party came, and wouldn't you know, Wade and Alexanne ended up having great conversations, laughs and more things in common than we expected. The next several months we went on to live our lives in different states while talking from time to time. Wade was making plans to relocate to Minnesota which seemed like the inevitable end of something that hadn't even begun.

We joke today that had it not been for Wade having hernia surgery that fall, we wouldn't be together. What we do not agree on is who reached out to who around the time of Wade's surgery to re-initiate contact. Regardless, we arranged to finally meet up and have dinner that Christmas.

From that point forward it was clear that we had something special and it didn't matter that we lived 6 hours away... soon to be 24 hours away. We made trips to visit each other every month and decided that we'd continue to make trips even after Wade moved to Minnesota. Call us crazy, but not long after Wade moved to Minnesota we made plans for Alexanne to relocate as well. So for a year one of us traveled to the other for visits while we slowly made plans for our future life together.

April 2019 Alexanne moved to Minnesota and we started this exciting new chapter of our lives. We got an apartment in Minneapolis and got to experience some big city life until Covid hit the world. At the end of our lease we decided it was best to move to the suburbs where we fell in love with the area and decided to invest in our future by buying a home!

In August of 2022, Wade got down on his knee in Stillwater, MN by the Saint Croix River and asked Alexanne if she would marry him! After coming back from a brief blackout, Alexanne said yes and Wade put Alexanne's grandmothers 25th wedding anniversary ring on her hand.

Our journey was not a typical one and some could argue it was a bit out of order. We took risks and put a lot of faith in each other and the unknown future. but it's our journey and it's led us to decide on forever!

Kloi and Patrick: A Travel Timeline of Falling in Love Across America and Canada

wedding website our story example
Photo courtesy of couple

In addition to writing out their love story in paragraph form, Kloi and Patrick included a timeline of relationship milestones on their wedding website "About Us" example. The couple also included pictures for each date on the timeline. For guests who might not know the context around certain photos or understand certain inside jokes, this is a fun way to show the progression of your love story.

DESIGNED TO BE DELETED: It all started with a swipe. On a freezing cold February day in 2020, Patrick had just relocated to the east coast and was living in corporate housing in lower Manhattan. Kloi, a few blocks away had just moved into her new apartment near Battery Park. The stars aligned and […even though Pat had a pic of him holding a fish on his profile], they matched on Hinge! And the rest was history.

After our first FaceTime lasted 4 nonstop hours, we knew we had found something special. Among other "signs", we realized we were both born on the 20th of the month and that we had been at the same random weekday Train & Ellie Goulding concert in 2015 in San Francisco. Meant. To. Be.

Through a combined love for traveling, trying new restaurants, and above all—doing things™, we became each other's go-to person, navigating life hand in hand. During a very unprecedented few years in the world, the one thing we were consistently sure about was each other.

From walks through Central Park, to waiting an hour for brunch at Sadelle's (IYKYK) to binge watching every season of Survivor in the winter of 2021 from our cozy apartment, we feel so lucky that the backdrop of our early days was the greatest city in the world.

In our 3.5 years of dating, we've moved apartments 4 times, traveled to 22 US states, 8 countries, and 2 Canadian provinces and made countless memories, many alongside our wonderful family and friends (that's you!).

Ask us what we love about each other, and you'll get the real deal. Kloi will tell you that Pat has this uncanny ability to keep her grounded, making every day feel simultaneously comforting and exciting. Pat, on the other hand, will share that Kloi has a special way of turning ordinary moments into incredible adventures.

Together, we've discovered that the best adventures are the ones we create with each other and we feel so grateful for our partnership. Join us this summer as we say "I do" and kick off the next phase of our life together in one of our favorite places. We're SO excited to share this day with those who've been a part of our journey! Andiamo a Italia :)

  • February 24, 2020: Where it all began!
  • June 14, 2020: First day as official bf/gf!
  • July 4, 2020: Celebrating every Canadian's favorite holiday
  • August 16, 2020: First trip together to Charleston, SC 🍍
  • September 19, 2020: New York or nowhere <3
  • October 25, 2020: Apple picking and cider in Hudson Valley
  • October 31, 2020: First couple's costume ✌
  • December 23, 2020: First Christmas together!
  • May 8, 2021: Happy wedding day Soleil & Chris (ps: Klo caught the bouquet this day!)
  • June 5, 2021: Officially moving in together 🏠
  • September 25, 2021: Bama roll tide 🐘
  • November 3, 2021: First Broadway show together (but also Pat's first show ever); Pat was "not going to throw away his shot" with Klo
  • December 25, 2021: Covid Christmas @ home 🎄
  • January 2, 2022: Freezing @ Lambeau
  • February 13, 2022: Super Bowl LVI
  • May 30, 2022: Sweet LBI summer on the boat 🛥️
  • June 25, 2022: Ciao Sorrento!
  • October 22, 2022: 💍
  • December 9, 2022: Being Disney adults with our little bestie
  • March 27, 2023: Wedding venue hunting!
  • September 7, 2023: 📍Acadia Nat'l Park

Pat and Kate: A Timeline From College Through Pet Parenthood

wedding website our story example
Photo courtesy of couple

This couple's "Our Story" wedding website example also utilized a timeline to walk friends through the love story that started way back in college. Especially if you and your partner have been dating for a long time, a timeline is a great way to distill down a myriad of memories into a highlight reel for wedding guests to enjoy on your wedding website.

Our story begins freshman year of College at the University of Maryland, when Pat and I lived down the hall from each other freshman year. While we were acquaintances and had class together first semester, we didn't stay in touch much throughout our time at UMD. That was until senior year, when I worked at the off-campus housing complex we both lived in. Pat's upstairs neighbors (a group of football players) held a huge party and broke their floor beam which was Pat's ceiling one night when I was on-call as a RA. Following the drama that unfolded from displacing Pat and his roommates while their apartment was unsafe to live in, we started "talking".

We didn't think much of our Senior fling at the beginning, but soon realized we shared a lot of similarities in what we wanted out of our lives. Pat asked me to be his girlfriend during my sorority's Spring Formal on May 3rd, 2016. While Pat prepared to move to NYC following college, his sister Erin introduced me to a contact at Kleinfeld Bridal. I interviewed at Kleinfeld the weekend we moved Pat into his first apartment, and celebrated my new job, his birthday, and our new life that was about to start in NYC all in one weekend.

We can't wait to celebrate May 3rd with all of you, and establish this date as our "forever anniversary."

  • March 31, 2016: Our first known photo together! I invited Pat to an event for my sorority
  • May 3, 2016: Another sorority event - Formal. Big butterflies this day.
  • May 3, 2016: It turned into the night Pat asked me to be his girlfriend. We're keeping May 3rd as our wedding date!
  • September 8, 2016: Our first road trip together to Tennessee!
  • September 8, 2016: It was an awesome test of our relationship, and I still can't ask for a better travel companion.
  • October 14, 2016: We came to NYC to celebrate Pat's birthday and move him in. This also became the day I got a job offer at Kleinfeld and was given 10 days to move here too.
  • October 15, 2016: Celebrating Pat's birthday and us moving to New York together at our favorite restaurant, Palma.
  • November 4, 2017: We've shared so many memories throughout our time in NYC with friends and family
  • May 2, 2020: When COVID hit, Pat and I decided to stay in NYC (even when our parents said we were crazy). The friendships and experiences that came out of this time in our lives will be forever cherished.
  • November 5, 2020: Franklin came into this world!
  • January 2, 2021: We picked Franklin up from Ohio and drove home with him
  • October 10, 2021: Pat proposed to me in Maui, Hawaii to my COMPLETE surprise
  • April 29, 2022: We took engagement photos all over the city, including Palma <3

Ariel and Dan: A Love Story Takes Off at an Airport

Wedding Website Our Story Example: Ariel and Dan
Photo courtesy of couple

In their "Our Story" example for their wedding website, Ariel and Dan broke down their relationship step by step, so their family and friends could go back in time and relive the romance.

Our story began at LaGuardia Airport in New York. We were both going back to school in Atlanta. After a mutual friend introduced us we realized our seats were very close to each other. Dan could tell that Ariel, a classic nervous flyer, could use some support. A pretty turbulent flight allowed us to get to know each other. Throughout the rest of the semester we became good friends. As summer approached, we learned that we would be interning across the street from each other. After having lunch together every day that summer we both knew it was only a matter of time. When we got back to school for fall semester the rest was history!

Victoria and Edwin: The Power of Love and Baseball

wedding website our story example
Photo courtesy of couple

Sports lovers, this "Our Wedding Story" example is just the inspiration you need. In this wedding website story example, to-be-weds Victoria and Edwin shared the story of how they met—and it was all thanks to the St. Louis Cardinals.

It was October, the Cardinals were in the playoffs, and St. Louisans had flocked to the hundreds of bars in St. Louis that were showing the Cards game that night. Ed's friend Jeff suggested they go to a bar in the Tower Grove neighborhood to watch the game and meet up with another friend of his. Victoria had plans to watch the game there too, with some friends of hers. As it turns out, Ed's friends and Victoria's friends knew each other, and introduced them. Ed and Victoria seemed to hit it off immediately, in their own awkward way. After getting to know each other over a few hours, Ed was clumsy enough to spill a drink on Victoria, which is her favorite part of the story to tell. By some miracle, Victoria still liked Ed enough to continue hanging out with him and eventually even go on a date with him a few weeks later.

Radhika and Doug: From Classmates to Soulmates

wedding website our story example
Photo courtesy of couple

For Radhika and Doug, their origin as a couple was a bit unconventional—but they weren't afraid to celebrate it on their wedding website. The couple's wedding website "About Us" example recounts how they fell in love in their college lab class.

We met in college over a dead cat. No, it's not what you think. It was a senior-level biology course at Case Western Reserve University, a vertebrate dissection lab that required long hours outside of the allotted class time. Both of us took the course while interviewing for dental school all over the country, forcing us to be in the lab together long past daytime on the weekends we were in Cleveland. And two unfamiliar people became friends.

"Our Story" Writing Tips for Your Wedding Website

As you can see from the above wedding website "Our Story" examples, there are no hard and fast rules when telling your love story. But if you need more guidance for how to write your story for a wedding website, we've put together easy-to-follow writing tips to help.

Write as the inspiration strikes.

If you sit down and try to write your love story all in one sitting you will likely get frustrated by writer's block. Instead, jot down bits and pieces as memories come to you and then go back and edit your thoughts together—this will save you frustration and help you create a genuine and engaging story.

Pro Tip: Download The Knot App so you can edit your wedding website on the go. Whether you're in a waiting room at the doctor's office or twiddling your thumbs while your stubborn dog refuses to do their business, The Knot App lets you capture your ideas anywhere, anytime.

Pick a point of view.

When it comes to writing your wedding website story, you can approach the text from the first-person point of view (e.g. "We met in college"), third-person point of view to make it easier to write about each individual (e.g. "Pat was living in New York and Chris was visiting when they were introduced by a mutual friend."), or a combination of both. An alternative approach would be to have each partner write their story from their first-person perspective.

If you're getting tripped up on the format, create an outline of the details you'd like to share, then start jotting down your story (or dictating and transcribing it if that's easier for you). Finally, edit the text after for flow and clarity.

Keep it authentic

Wedding websites are uniquely different for each couple, which is what makes them so personal. The best part about sharing your story is that it allows your friends and family to get to know you and your partner on a deeper level—especially guests who don't know you that well.

While you want it to be genuine, remember that some details should be kept private––your partner might not like the "I love you" story to be public. You'll also want to be sure that you and your partner are comfortable with the information and photos shared before you publish.

Create a timeline of your relationship.

Your friends and family will want to relive every sweet moment of your relationship, from when you met down to the proposal. One of the best ways to illustrate your love story is by creating a photo timeline of your relationship milestones.

Incorporate your family.

Extended family members often hold important roles in relationships. To give your wedding guests insight into your family backstory, you might consider incorporating them into your "Our Story" section on your wedding website. You can do this by dedicating a paragraph to each side of the family or by weaving details into your story if they played a significant role in your relationship.

Include your favorite hobbies, pop culture moments or sports team.

One of the most creative wedding website ideas is to incorporate a mutual interest into your "How We Met" story (and throughout your website design for that matter). For many couples, their favorite hobby, book series, musical artist or sports team may play a huge role in their relationship, so it only makes sense to weave it into their wedding story, too.

Match your story to your wedding website's theme.

You want your "About Us" story to feel like it belongs on the page and is cohesive with your wedding website theme. If you chose a theme with illustrations, like flowers or trees, try to think of a memory that feels connected to those motifs that you can include in your "How We Met" story.

Consider creating sections.

Your story should be about 300 to 400 words. To make it easier for your wedding guests to read, consider breaking it up into sections like "How We Met," "Our Proposal," "Meet the Family" and "Relationship Timeline." Close it off with a few words about your wedding day and how you're looking forward to celebrating with your guests.

"Our Story" Template for Your Wedding Website

In the "Our Story" section of The Knot wedding website editor, you'll see helpful widgets that you can use as a guide to build the page. From a photo timeline template to a Gif uploader and more, those tools, when paired with the Mab Libs-style writing template below are the perfect formula for a great "Our Story" page on any wedding website on The Knot.

[Catchy headline, under 50 characters]

[Partner's name] and I first met [description of when and where you met]. My first impression of them was [how you felt]. Fast forward to our first date where we [description of first date]. At the end of the date, I felt [emotion] and knew [initial feelings about relationship].

One of the first memories I have where I thought to myself, "I could picture marrying [name]," was [share pivotal memory]. Of course, [Partner's name] points to a different memory as a particular highlight of our relationship. They recall the time that [share another pivotal dating memory].

The proposal happened [date and location]. When they proposed to me I was flooded with [emotions youn felt]. The idea of spending forever with [partner's name] is [share thoughts and feelings about marriage].

We're both so grateful to you, our community, for your love and support. We can't wait to celebrate the wedding with you soon!

Diane Hall and Sarah Hanlon contributed to the reporting of this article.

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