7 Wedding Website Dos and Don'ts

Here's everything you need to know about making your wedding website.
by Sarah Hanlon

Building your wedding website will be among the first steps you take in the planning process. Since it'll be an important resource for your guests, you'll want to take these wedding website tips to build a digital hub that's fun and informative.

As exciting as it is to share couple photos and your love story, it's also important to include logistical information and day-of details.

Ultimately, a wedding website is all about giving your guests a helpful guide to your wedding weekend and getting them excited about attending—after all, who doesn't love reading those witty wedding party member descriptions? But there are some dos and don'ts to follow when building yours. Below, find our top wedding website tips along with useful inspiration to get the most out of your digital site. 

Do Be Clear About Dress Code

Your guests will need to know what to wear to the wedding, so use your website to clearly outline your preferred dress code. Whether it's a black tie affair or a casual backyard gathering, use the correct terminology so your guests aren't confused (think: black tie optional, cocktail attire or semi-formal are frequently-used dress codes ). If you choose to create your own unique dress code (say, beach formal or dressy casual), explain exactly what you mean. List a few appropriate outfits so your guests know exactly what's expected on your wedding day.

Don't Include Exclusive Events

You'll have plenty of pre-wedding parties leading up to the big day. Some events will be open to everyone you'll be inviting to the wedding, while others are strictly for your family and select members of your wedding party (like the bachelorette party, your bridal shower or the rehearsal dinner). One of the top wedding website tips to keep in mind is to never list your exclusive wedding events on your wedding website. This will help guests avoid confusion and any awkward encounters.

Do Provide Travel and Hotel Information

Some guests will likely be traveling from out of town and making hotel arrangements for your wedding. Take the stress out of their planning process by providing local travel and hotel information on your wedding website. Whether you've secured a block of hotel rooms or you'll be providing Uber codes for travel to and from locations, use your wedding website to share these logistical details. Your guests will appreciate having access to this information.

Don't Share on Social Media

It can be tempting to post your beautifully-designed wedding website on social media, especially if you want a convenient place to share it with your closest friends. Unfortunately, putting your personalized web page online could lead to more problems than you might realize. Those who aren't invited might feel left out, and you won't want to tell people why their save-the-date won't be arriving in the mail. Avoid an awkward situation by refraining from sharing your wedding website on any social media.  

Do Include Registry Information

From the moment you get engaged, your loved ones will want to buy you and your partner presents to celebrate your milestone. To ensure a smooth gifting process, set up your registry and link it to your wedding website as soon as possible. Whether you want to register for cash funds or that matching kitchen serving set you've been eyeing for months, The Knot makes it easy to register for all of your dream items (and organize them in one easy spot on your wedding website). 

Don't Use Acronyms

The goal of your wedding website is to answer every question your guests might have, so avoid using any acronyms that might cause confusion. For example, some wedding abbreviations can be easily confused. (Does "MOH" mean your maid of honor or matron of honor?) Similarly, avoid using regional expressions for guests who are unfamiliar with the area. (Out-of-towners might not know that "LIE" is a commonly-used term for the Long Island Expressway.) One of the most common wedding website tips is to use your site to yield FAQs from your guests, so keep things simple and straightforward by avoiding misleading acronyms or slang. 

Do Provide Local Recommendations

Whether you're planning a weekend of wedding festivities or you'll have a few hours between your ceremony and reception, give your guests a list of local places while they're in town. Offer recommendations for your favorite restaurants or parks. (Psst: This is also a great way to personalize your wedding website. Encourage your guests to visit your favorite date night spot, the place where you first met your fiancé, or the location where you got engaged if it's nearby.) Of all the top wedding website tips, the most important is to make it serviceable—and by taking it a step further, give it your own personal flair.

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