24 Awe-Worthy Wedding Wishes for Your Son

Your boy's a groom!
Danielle Halibey - The Knot Contributor.
Danielle Halibey
Danielle Halibey - The Knot Contributor.
Danielle Halibey
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Updated Jun 30, 2023

For any parent, hearing your son has popped the question (or gotten proposed to) is a big deal. You've probably congratulated him several times already since learning about his engagement, however, it still might take some time for you to gather the right wedding wishes for your son as he gets ready to officially become a spouse. "We love you and we're thrilled to be a part of this day" is a great start when considering what to write in a wedding card, but we can promise you your son will appreciate the extra reading material as he anxiously awaits the day's events. Whether you've been nailing your "to my son, with love" letters since he was little or feel more comfortable letting the greeting cards do the talking for you, you don't need to worry, because our inscriptions are yours for the taking.

As for what will go over well in a wedding message to a son, you can't go wrong by referencing one of your favorite memories from his childhood, one from the time you started seeing him as an adult and one that hasn't come to pass yet, but that looks forward to the future—to the incredible life and love he'll share with his partner. You can also make your own vows to him as a sweet nod to the promises he'll be professing to his significant other in just a few hours. Perhaps it's a pledge to continue hosting family game night for the foreseeable future or an oath to teach your new child-in-law how to ski before throwing them out onto the slopes at your next winter getaway, because you know your son won't even attempt to take the reins on that one #spousalprivilege.

Bringing a smile to your guy's face or a comforting sigh of relief as he's suiting up for his first look is a very special thing—and as someone (or "someones") who raised him, you probably have the best wedding wishes for a son already inside you. But in the event you need some more inspiration, feel free to steal some lines from us: From sweet, to funny, to wedding wishes from parents to their own son, to those from someone welcoming a brand-new member of the family, these dedications strike just the right chord—especially if they're also paired with the perfect wedding gift for your son.

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Wedding Wishes to a Son and His Partner

While you certainly aren't obligated to pen an entirely separate note to your future child-in-law, especially if you're still getting to know them and haven't established your "in-law" relationship quite yet, it's a beautiful gesture to include them in the card for your son. These "congratulations" wishes for your son's wedding celebrate the couple and also fittingly flatter the VIP joining your family.

  • Congratulations to a perfect pair—[we/I] love you both and can't wait to celebrate this very special occasion with you!
  • The day has finally arrived and [we/I] couldn't be more thrilled to see you two take this next step together. Enjoy every moment.
  • Finding love to last a lifetime doesn't happen to everyone, but you two hit the jackpot with each other. Remember to cherish today and every day that follows. Love you!
  • [We/I] know [son's name] is our son, but [partner's name] feels just as much like family. Cheers to your beautiful union.

Sweet Wedding Wishes for a Son

Even if your son isn't the mushy type on a typical day, it is his wedding day—so he can probably expect some sappiness (especially from a parent). The POV in these "congratulations" messages for a son's wedding is that time is a thief, but it also led you to this moment where you're witnessing your all-grown-up-son marrying the love of his life and all you can feel is pride, joy and hope for a blissful future.

  • Somehow [I/we] blinked and [my/our] adorable little boy had turned into [my/our] incredible young man. We are endlessly proud of you and that will never change. Happy wedding day, son.
  • To take a page out of Pam Beesly's aunt's book: Your wedding day will go by in a flash, truly; so, take mental pictures of all the high points. You can go through them all with [spouse's name] later and smile.
  • And just like that, you're a groom. [I've/We've] awaited this day for so long, and [I'm/we're] so grateful to be a part of it. Go get married [son's name], we're rooting for you guys!
  • [I/We] can go on and on about how quickly time has flown, but every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year with you as [my/our] son has been a total blast. And seeing you fall in love and start this new chapter of your life is, undoubtedly, [my/our] favorite.

Funny Wedding Wishes for a Son

On the other hand, if you and your guy like to joke around and keep things lighthearted most of the time, then don't think twice about what to write in your son's wedding card—just inject some humor or playfulness into your well-wishes. If nothing else, it'll help keep his nerves at bay when the butterflies kick in.

  • Who is this GQ-looking gentleman and what has he done with [my/our] son!? Kidding! You always show up and stand out, and, on your wedding day, things are no different.
  • Happy wedding day, [son's name], [I'm/we're] looking forward to [my/our] short ribs and sidecars, later. Oh, and seeing you tie the knot, of course.
  • If you hear bawling and nose blowing during your vows, remember, [I'm/we're] your parent(s)—[I/we] get a pass. Sorry, not sorry. (That's what kids are saying these days, right?)
  • [I'm/We're] so happy [spouse's name] is joining our crew, but really, how soon do you think they'll realize what they've signed up for? Your [sister/brother/sibling] started a pool...

Wedding Wishes From a Mother to Her Son

If you already have a traditional mother-son dance on your radar for the reception, then you can probably steal away some time to talk and laugh while you're sashaying around and handling your mother-of-the-groom duties. Then again, you also might want to get everything out in your wedding card, so you can really be in the moment and lean into the special time "with your boy" during your duet. These tidings will help you do it.

  • [Son's name], I can't believe it's your wedding day. You are about to make [spouse's name] the happiest person on earth and I can't say I'm surprised—because you've done that to me for the last X years.
  • I'm not making any promises that I'll hold it together when you're exchanging vows, but I've stopped worrying about goodbyes. I love you tremendously and you getting married just means I get another child to spoil and brag about to anyone who will listen.
  • Not to steal the spotlight from you and your new spouse, but I hope your photographer can snap a few pictures of us together today. I got a new picture frame precisely for this occasion and I can't wait to hang it up—me and the one who made me a mom.
  • [Son's name], happy wedding day. I know you've been looking forward to this day for a long time and I hope it's everything you and [spouse's name] have dreamed it would be. Love you so much, Mom

Wedding Wishes From a Father to His Son

Okay, so it might be a little old fashioned, but we swoon whenever we think of the sweetness of a father-and-son pair. Now, whether you and your son have been besties since his birth or have grown into buddies more recently as you've stepped into your father-of-the-groom responsibilities, you'll put your guy in a good mood with any of these meaningful memos. Lean into the sentimentality or a shared interest—it'll be appreciated.

  • [Son's name], you are a dad's dream and watching you grow into the amazing man you are today has been a joy and an honor. Good luck today—[spouse's name] is a lucky one (and so are you).
  • Happy wedding day, son. Does [spouse's name] like classic rock? Because you know I can always hang with a new concert buddy…the Rolling Stones are touring again.
  • As I look at you today, all spiffed up in your suit and tie, I'm reminded of myself way back when. But you're even better. You have so much to offer the love of your life and the world, and I'm ready to watch it all happen.
  • My father was never my biggest fan, but I hope you know I'm yours and I have always been. Congratulations on this wild ride you're about to take; there'll be highs and lows, but you'll never have to go at it alone. We're here for you guys every step of the way. —Love, Dad

Wedding Wishes for a New Son-in-Law

Are you super close with your son-in-law or have you just started getting to know each other with a wedding on the horizon? It might be hard to come up with an ideal inscription if your relationship is still new, but boy will you win brownie points if you mention how thrilled you are to welcome him into the family fold. Here's how you can start:

  • [Son-in-law's name], [I'm/we're] so happy [son's name] has found the one. Welcome to the family, you up our cool points.
  • Let's make a pact not to get sucked into that uncomfortable "ugh, my in-laws" mentality. We like you and we're willing to change our ways to keep you. Hah!
  • Thank you for being [son's name]'s person. You mean the world to them, so you mean the world to us, too. Cheers to a very happy, healthy and love-rich future ahead.
  • To my wonderful son-in-law, my greatest wish for [son's name] was to find someone who thinks the sun rises and sets on them (sorry, as a parent, that's just my job), and you've stepped into that role with unabashed confidence. Such a keeper!
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