The Most Spell-tacular Witch Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas for You and Your Coven

You'll be 100% that witch during this bach weekend.
Bachelorette party tshirts and cupcake toppers for witch bachelorette party
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Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
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Updated Oct 19, 2023
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If you ever identified with Marnie from Halloweentown or even Sarah from The Craft, then a witch-themed bachelorette party might just be the thing for you. Planning any type of Halloween bach bash can be pretty fun since you can bring the spooky vibes any time of year with the right bachelorette decor and supplies. This bachelorette theme lets you unlock your inner hex girl and hashtag celebrate your #BewitchingBachelorette for the boo who #PutASpellOnYou. Now, get ready for some spellbinding bachelorette party ideas that will take your prewedding weekend to the next level.

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Witch-Themed Bachelorette Shirts

You and your best witches will need the right matching tees for your bachelorette weekend. Make sure they have the right spooky sayings and catchphrases so that the whole town knows, "We are the weirdos, mister."

"I Put a Spell on You" Bachelorette Tees

Drink Up Witches and Put A Spell On Him witch bachelorette party tshirts
Photo: Guzman Creations

These spellbinding tees are the perfect way to show off your coven. Choose from two different designs and a ton of witchy colors.

Bewitching Bride Shirt

Witch themed bachelorette party bride shirt
Photo: Amazon

Here comes the bride, all dressed in black, in this magical shirt. Be the baddest witch anyone's ever seen when you wear this bit of merch.

"This Witch Is Getting Hitched" Bach T-Shirt

'This Witch Is Getting Hitched' Bachelorette Party Bride Tshirt
Photo: Walmart

This shirt brings a whole new meaning to jumping the broom. Match your girls in this punny top that'll make you feel totally wicked.

This Bach Tee Is Coven Goals

Black 'bride's coven' witch bachelorette party tshirt
Photo: Amazon

"Gather round, sisters!" Do a little hocus pocus during your bach weekend while wearing these un-coven-tional tees.

Mystic Marriage T-Shirt

The Bride and The Coven witch bachelorette party tshirts
Photo: Sophie Lou Design Co

Double double, toil and trouble during your bachelorette. These matching shirts tell the world just who the baddest witches around are.

Witch-Themed Bachelorette Decorations

Whether you're throwing your bachelorette at a hotel or your house, you can make any place feel bewitching with the right decor. Paint the town red (or black) no matter which city you host your bachelorette with these easy bridal shower decorations. Might we suggest Salem for your destination, though?

Festive Ghoul Squad Banner

'Let's go ghouls' sparkly orange and black banner for witch bachelorette party
Photo: Ninalems Party

"Let's go, ghouls," with this sparkly banner. Bring a bit of glitter to your witchy theme with this decor.

Let 'Em Know It's Bad Witch O'Clock With This Table Runner

Purple halloween motif table runner for witch bachelorette party
Photo: Amazon

Protect your table during potion-making with this charming table runner. It easily adds some spookiness to any venue.

Silver Moon Magic Arch

Silver balloon arch kit for witch bachelorette party
Photo: The Knot Shop

Witches can draw their power from silver, didn't you know? That's what makes this balloon arch perfect for your witchy party.

Feeling Superstitious Balloons

Black 'this witch is getting hitched' ballon kit for witch bachelorette party
Photo: Ninalems Party

These balloons mix some bling and bewitching. You can even choose between four fabulous colors to match your black, gold or pink magic vibes.

Under the Moonlight Curtain

Black and gold Moon Star Garland for witch bachelorette party
Photo: Amazon

Moon magic is a total thing for witches, so try out these sparkly curtains. They may just give you a boost of power.

Witch-Themed Bachelorette Party Games

What kind of bachelorette party would it be without a few fun games? Whether you want to do some arts and crafts activities (or should we say witchcrafts), there are tons of ways to have fun with your ghoul squad. And some of them are easy to bring with you anywhere since they have printable game options that you can customize for your weekend.

"Witch Hunt" Bachelorette Game

Witch bachelorette party printable party game multipack
Photo: PreBached

This bundle of bach games comes with a scavenger hunt for your own type of witch hunt. Just take to the skies and get ready to play.

Get Drunk on Brew With This Game

Witch bachelorette party 'drink if' card game
Photo: Walmart

Take a sip of your witch's brew for each of these spooky prompts. The winner gets to lead light as a feather, stiff as a board.

Witch's Hat Ring Toss

Inflatable Witch Hat Ring Toss Game for witch bachelorette party
Photo: Michaels

Here's a fun game to play after a few drinks. You may need to rely on your magic to score some points.

Which Witch? Game

Would She Rather witch bachelorette party printable game
Photo: Amazon

Which would this witch do? This game doesn't require a crystal ball in order to see what the bride's favorite things are–just use your witchy intuition.

Witchy Bundle of Games

'This Witch is Getting Hitched' Witch Bachelorette Party Bundle of Printable Games
Photo: Party Vixen Games

This bundle of witch-themed games has everything you need to have a spell-tacular time. Just gather your coven in a circle for these games.

Witch-Themed Bachelorette Party Cake Decorations

You don't need a whole gingerbread house in order to feel like a witch at your bachelorette. Add some magic to your bach cake with these witchy toppers and decorations.

Tip My (Witch's) Hat Toppers

Witch Hat Custom Face Photo Bachelorette Cupcake Toppers
Photo: Shop Victory Store

Celebrate the witch of the hour with these custom cupcake toppers. They're the perfect accessory for any spooky treat.

Spooky and Sparkly Cake Topper

Black sparkly 'This Witch is Getting Hitched' Bachelorette Party Cake Topper
Photo: Amazon

"This witch is getting hitched," and she's ready for some dessert. Top your devilishly delicious bach cake with this glitter topper.

"Double, Double Toil and Trouble" Toppers

Mini Black Plastic Cauldrons for witch bachelorette party cake topper
Photo: Michaels

Here's a fun twist on a cake topper. Put a few of these cauldrons on top of your cake or cupcakes, and fill them with fun treats like chocolate candies or spooky-looking sweets.

Take Flight With These Broom Cupcake Toppers

Multicolored sparkly witch with broom bachelorette party cupcake toppers
Photo: Walmart

"Come, we fly!" Feel like a total Sanderson sister with these colorful cake toppers.

Do You Believe in Magic? Toppers

This Witch is Getting Hitched Bachelorette Party Cake Toppers
Photo: sweet cinnamon studio

Pop these perfectly witchy toppers into your cupcakes for some magical flair. Or you can get the 5-inch cake topper instead that's just as fabulous.

Witch-Themed Bachelorette Party Welcome Bag Accessories

Welcome all your favorite witches to this magical weekend with some unforgettable favors. Fill their cauldron…oops, we mean bag, with all the witchiest must-haves for your bachelorette.

Witch's Potions (AKA Makeup) Bag

'This Witch Is Getting Hitched' White Bachelorette Party Welcome Bag
Photo: Walmart

This is a must-have for any witchy member of your coven. Let them carry their favorite magical makeup products anywhere in this makeup bag.

"Witch Hair, Don't Care" Bach Favors

Custom 'bride's coven' hair ties for witch bachelorette party favor
Photo: Shelby Lenay Designs

All witches know that broomstick flying can really mess up the hair. That's why this is the perfect accessory for your wedding party.

A Witch's Cape Robe

Women's Personalized Embroidered Black Satin Robe With Pockets for witch bachelorette party favor
Photo: The Knot Shop

Say goodbye to the capes of old. These luxurious robes make being a witch totally fun.

Magical Hangover Cure Kit

'The Bride Tribe'  Tarot Card Themed Hangover Kit Bag for witch bachelorette party favor
Photo: Spooky Bees Co

You won't need hair of the dog to cure your post-bachelorette hangover. This mini kit has all the potions and brews to get your gals feeling as good as new.

Witch's Brew Custom Mug

Witch's Brew Personalized Coffee Mug witch bachelorette party favor
Photo: Personalization Mall

Here's a personable gift that is perfect for a morning brew. And a cup of coffee will definitely perk your bridesmaids right up after the bachelorette party ends.

Cauldron of Goodies Bag

Bride's Coven Witch Bachelorette Party Black Gift Bags
Photo: Allisons Design Co

These gift bags are the perfect place to gather all your welcome bag goodies. You can even add some candy or treats inside.

Additional Witch-Themed Bachelorette Party Supplies

Be sure to add these witchy extras to your bachelorette planning checklist. These will complete the enchanting vibes and mesmerize your wedding party.

Hex-cellent String Lights

Vintage street lights decorative string lights for witch bachelorette party
Photo: The Knot Shop

These string lights are giving old-world Salem vibes. And since they're battery-operated, they'll truly feel like magic.

"Drink Up, Witches" Napkins

'Drink Up Witches' Witch Bachelorette Party Napkins
Photo: Amazon

Bottoms up, witches. These napkins make sure there aren't any spills or mishaps during your big weekend.

Spell Yeah, This Witch's Hat Rocks

Black Pointed Witch Hat for witch bachelorette party
Photo: Michaels

Because no witchy bachelorette is complete without the most important magical accessory. Make sure you and your girls each have one of these witch hats for the night.

Keep the "Boos" Cold Coozies

Personalized witch themed coozies for witch bachelorette party
Photo: Personalization Mall

Keep your drinks cool all night long with these bewitching coozies. You can choose from a variety of spooky fonts, phrases and colors to match your party.

Crystal Ball Confetti

Sparkly Custom 'Witch Getting Hitched' Witch Bachelorette Party Confetti
Photo: Primadonna Pieces

Gaze into the crystal ball and see your future with this confetti. Spoiler alert: You're going to have a lot of fun.

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