20 Breakup Gifts to Mend Your Friend's Broken Heart

No one is good enough for your bestie, but these gifts are.
A selection of some of the fabulous break up gifts included in this article.
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Updated Feb 17, 2023
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Whether they've called it quits with a long-term love or got ghosted by their latest Hinge fling, getting your bestie through a breakup isn't easy. Of course, the best gift you can give them is a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on and as many hugs as they can handle, but breakup gifts can provide a little extra TLC for your friend when you're not around or when they want a little time to themselves to process their thoughts and feelings.

There aren't any official rules for what makes something a good breakup gift—it can really be anything you know will bring your bestie some joy. But if you're feeling stumped, you can't go wrong with these types of presents: a self-care item, something yummy to eat, a funny distraction or something that'll get them excited to take the dating scene by storm. If you have the budget, feel free to combine one item from each category to make a breakup gift basket. Below, we've curated a selection of the best breakup gifts to give you some ideas. Pair any of them with a fun night out or in and your friend's broken heart will mend in no time.

1. French Macarons

A decadent assortment of macarons in rose, goldenrod, and café colors

Give your pal something sweet to snack on while they binge "Emily in Paris" (and choose a new crush from the cast). Ladurée macarons are some of the most iconic in the world, so they make the perfect pretty pick-me-up. This set of eight features a surprise selection of classic flavors—like Rose, Pistachio and Blackcurrant Violet—arranged in the cutest mint green box, which would make a convenient vessel for your friend to store any old love letters or jewelry from their ex out of sight.

2. Luxury Candle

A stunning black-wax candle to help with the break up.

Now that they're single again, we're anticipating some hot new flames in your friend's near-future. Pay homage to sparks yet to fly with a super-luxe candle from Boy Smells—the chic, LGBTQ+-owned brand you've probably heard of through their collabs with celebrities like Kacey Musgraves and Grace Jones. We recommend the beloved Hinoki Fantôme candle, which has a scent akin to a bonfire in the most lush, wildflower-speckled forest you can find. Plus, we guarantee this Boy Smells candle will smell far sexier than anyone they've dated so far.

3. Dried Flower Bouquet

A delightful faux flower bouquet in pastel tones.

We know your bestie can buy themself flowers (à la Miley Cyrus), but surprising them with a post-breakup bouquet is never a bad idea. This dried floral bunch from UrbanStems is a great choice for a few reasons: One, the blooms will last forever (unlike exes who don't deserve them). Two, the bouquet is composed of soft grasses and unique florals like bunny tails and craspedia, so it feels fun and fresh rather than romantic. And three, the blush hues and sculptural silhouette will brighten up any room.

4. Soothing Bath Soak

A bag of bath salts sits beside a martini glass and a bouquet of pale pink roses.

There's nothing like a bath to soothe the soul, especially when it's infused with this relaxing bath salt blend from Goop that's designed to help with emotional stress. It has a base of Himalayan pink salt and pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts—which are thought to do wonders for releasing tension in the neck and shoulders—and includes botanicals and essential oils like passion flower, Australian sandalwood and Wildcrafted frankincense. Your friend will feel relaxed in no time with this thoughtful present—it's the perfect gift to cheer someone up who just broke up.

5. Nourishing Lip Oil

The Dior lip glow oil in its elegant Rosewood shade.

Something tells us your friend has a lot of fun first kisses coming up, so get them ready to go with this internet-famous lip oil. We love how it goes beyond just giving a glossy sheen; it's infused with cherry oil to keep their pucker soft. This editor swears by the Rosewood shade, but all of the colors give that perfect "your lips but better" hue.

6. Colorful Journal

A checkerboard notebook in pale blue and yellow, with

We think a new journal is a really great breakup gift for a friend. Writing down thoughts is super cathartic while going through a tough time, and this adorable notebook adds an extra dose of cheer with an uplifting message printed on the cover. "There's so much to look forward to," is written in a cute retro font on the front overlaying a beige and baby blue checkered background. Write them a heartfelt note on the first page saying that you're always here to talk, but whenever they'd prefer some solo time, this diary is a safe space for them to share their feelings.

7. Handmade Sage Bundle

Two pretty handmade bundles of cleansing white sage, with thistles and delicate greenery.

No bad vibes allowed. Gift this gorgeous white sage bundle to expel any lingering bad energy from their home. Native Americans have been channeling the cleansing properties of this botanical for centuries to purify environments, so it's the perfect gift for a friend going through a breakup. Palo santo wood adds an extra touch of positivity, while the dried blush blooms adds an aesthetic touch. All your friend has to do is gently light one end of the bundle (removing the flowers beforehand) and direct the smoke toward window and door areas, holding a dish to catch any ash underneath.

8. Celebrity Crush Throw Blanket

A celebrity blanket featuring Timothée Chalamet in black and white.

Who better to cheer someone up than their celebrity crush? Especially if they're providing comfort in the form of a soft blanket they can cuddle right up in. We're partial to this Timothée Chalamet version (those soulful eyes are irresistible), but Redbubble also offers an abundance of options to suit everyone's tastes. You'll totally be able to find your friend's heartthrob of choice here.

9. Heatable Neck Pillow

A floral-print neck pillow in two different color schemes.

If your friend has an achy heart, they might have some achy shoulders, too. That's why this soothing heatable neck pillow is one of the best breakup gifts for a friend, or a welcome addition to a breakup gift basket. The recipient just pops it in their microwave before sitting back and enjoying the warmth and cozy lavender scent.

10. Friendship Bracelet

Two versions of Catbird's friendship bracelet with pale thread or black thread and tiny faux pearls.

Give your bestie a reminder that you're always by their side with this dainty friendship bracelet from Brooklyn-based indie jeweler Catbird. It's bedecked with nine tiny pearls threaded on the blush string, providing the perfect amount of soft glamour to any everyday outfit. Feel free to get one for yourself, too, to remind your friend that you two are the perfect pair.

11. Funny Keychain

A hand showing the variety of Meryl Streep keychains available.

Even in the midst of the toughest breakup, there's no way a keychain of Meryl Streep perched atop a pink frosted donut won't get a laugh out of your bestie every time they pull out their apartment or car keys. Based on the popular Instagram account, these Taste of Streep keychains are the perfect unique and funny breakup gift, featuring the actress (as some of her most beloved characters) sitting and standing on various foods. Don't ask us why it works so well, but it just does.

12. Fancy Box of Chocolates

Two beautiful colorways in sage and tangerine for these chocolate boxes.

Chocolate is a classic when it comes to breakup gifts for a best friend. Kick things up a niche with this stunning selection from Louis Sherry. There are a dozen little jewel-like truffles for them to enjoy, in flavors like Pomegranate Meyer Lemon and Flor de Caña Rum, and they come in the most stunning fancy floral tin. Eating these while soaking in the bathtub—a candle burning and a great podcast playing—is the perfect post-breakup self-care sesh.

13. Funny Personal Essay Collection

I Was Told There'd Be Cake - Essays By Sloane Crosley

Getting lost in a witty book is one of the best breakup gifts, because it will get your friend's mind off of any tough thoughts they might be having. I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley is a total winner—it's a super-funny collection of personal essays that captures the experience of being a 20- or 30-something living in a city. It reads like a funny magazine article and the reader totally wants to be friends with the author by the end of it.

14. Cozy Slippers

A model wears these cozy fluffy slippers with some warm socks.

Comfiness is definitely a quality you look for in a present when you're shopping for gifts for a friend after a breakup. These slippers get top marks. Parachute is known for its super-luxe sheets and this cozy footwear feels just as sumptuous. They're made from breathable Turkish cotton terry and come in a slew of elegant neutral hues, as well as a range of sizes.

15. Three-Month Personal Scent Subscription

A scent subscription might be the perfect break up gift.

Since your bestie will be experimenting with a little dating once they're ready to get back onto the scene, it's only fitting for them to explore a new signature scent to make them feel confident when they get back out there. With Scentbird, your pal simply has to fill out a quiz about their perfume or cologne preferences, then they'll receive a new eight-milliliter vial of a luxury scent to try each month. They can choose fragrances from big-name brands like Prada and Versace as well as some indie perfumers.

16. Prepared Mac and Cheese

A stretchy stringy cheesy bowl of Murray's Mac n Cheese!

Nothing beats comfort food when it comes to the best breakup gift ideas. Surprise your friend with a big tray of ooey-gooey mac and cheese from NYC's iconic Murray's Cheese. All they have to do is pop the tray into the oven and wait for the coziest, most comforting meal ever. Bonus points if you come over to share it with them (and bring some wine to pair with it).

17. Tea Sampler Pack

An elegant selection of teas, complemented by red anemones.

There's not much a warm cup of tea can't cure—even a broken heart. That's why this luxurious sampler from Art of Tea, featuring four award-winning blends, is one of the best gifts to send to a friend after a breakup. It includes Green Pomegranate, Tuscany, Passionfruit Jasmine and Creme Brulée loose leaf teas as well as a few filter bags, so there's no need to buy any extra tea brewing paraphernalia in addition.

18. Cheeky Novelty Gift

The Little Book of Ick by Anna Burtt and Kitty Winks

The concept of relationships "icks" has been in the cultural spotlight for a while now (we still laugh at the "picture your ex running with a backpack to get over them" TikToks) and this tiny book helps your bestie uncover their own special icks about their past relationship. They'll be able to identify the little annoyances that they never really liked about their former flame and definitely get a chuckle or two out of it. You should definitely go through this book with them and don't be afraid to throw a little shade.

19. DoorDash Gift Card

A Doordash gift card for $25.

One of our favorite breakup gifts from Amazon, a simple food delivery gift card will always be appreciated. Your bestie can order anything they want from the comfort of their couch and not have to change out of their sweats for however long they want. Food always has the power to fix a broken heart.

20. Bottle of Bubbly

A bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut.

Champagne—because you never liked their ex anyway. Send a bottle right to your bestie's door to lighten the mood and shift their perspective on this breakup from mourning a loss to celebrating a fresh start. Drizly also offers a gifting option where you can include a custom message. Try: "A bottle of bubbles for your troubles" or "Let's raise a glass—your ex is an a**."

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