25 Sentimental, But Non-Cheesy Gifts for the Father of the Bride

He's a little cheesy, but his gift doesn't have to be.
Father of the bride gifts
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Updated Jun 30, 2023
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Girl dads are the ultimate hypocrites. Your whole life, they tell you how amazing you are, then get upset when someone else sees it too. It's nothing personal to you or your fiancé, they just fear losing their little girl. Calm some of his worries with a father-of-the-bride gift—and a plan to visit three times a year and call every day. A thoughtful father-of-the-bride gift from his daughter, future in-law or both is a nice gesture to thank him for his love and support and reinforce the important role he plays in the wedding (and in your lives). It's a lot to ask of one present, but trust us, it's the thought that counts here. After all, you can do no wrong in his eyes. Shop our favorite wedding gifts for the father of the bride below with sentimental and practical picks for any dad.

1. Sentimental Tie Patch

Sentimental tie patch gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Etsy

We couldn't resist the urge to start off with something sentimental. What can we say? We work in the wedding industry, we're naturally sappy people. Small keepsakes that can be worn on the wedding day are one of our favorite ideas for wedding gifts to loved ones. For Dad, have your favorite childhood photo together printed onto a heart-shaped patch, then sewn onto the inside of his tie. It can even be embroidered with a small note like—*holds back tears*—"Forever your little girl." It's supposed to be a secret just for him, but he'll definitely be showing it to all the wedding guests with pride.

2. "I Loved You First" Photo Cuff Links

Sentimental cufflink gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Cufflinks.com

Here's another tear-jerker. These cuff links say "I loved you first" on one with a photo of the father of the bride with his daughter on the other. He'll really be wearing his heart on his sleeve all wedding long.

3. Personalized Note to Dad Picture Frame

Personalized photo frame gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Uncommon Goods

One more photo gift idea—for now at least. This wooden picture frame doesn't just hold a sweet photo, it's also laser-engraved with your own handwritten message. It'll certainly receive a prominent spot on his desk or bedside table.

4. Cute Fill-in-the-Blanks Book

What I Love About Dad by Me fill-in-the-blanks book
Photo: Knock Knock

If you're not sure how to put your love for your father into words, this fun fill-in-the-blanks book can help. It's chock full of prompts to tell your dad everything you appreciate about him. Talk about a sweet gift from a daughter to her father on the wedding day.

5. Personalized Pocket Watch

Monogram pocket watch father of the bride gift idea
Photo: The Knot Shop

Gifts for the father of the bride from his future in-law can be a little tricky—you want to hand over something you're proud of, but it might be too soon for anything overly sentimental. If that's the case, monogrammed presents are your best friend. Why not go the old-fashioned route with a timekeeping keepsake? The father of the bride can't be late to the wedding, after all!

6. Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Watch

Whiskey barrel watch gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Original Grain

For luxury gifts for the father of the bride, explore more expertly crafted watches. We're fans of Original Grain, which uses recycled wood to make unique timepieces. This one, for instance, is made from a reclaimed whiskey barrel. There are also watches crafted from beer and tequila barrels, Taylor guitars, military surplus, ocean plastic and more. Better still, you can have the back custom engraved.

7. Cool Bottle Opener

Game used baseball bat bottle opener gift for father of the bride
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Got a baseball fan on your hands? He'll be super impressed by a bottle opener made from an actual game-used bat from his favorite team. (There's also one made from an NHL-game-used hockey stick, if that's his sport of choice.) Trust us, this one tops the list of unique father-of-the-bride gifts that commemorates a hobby you both enjoy.

8. Personal Story Book

Personalized story book gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Storyworth

It's natural for weddings to make people reminisce on the past. Make sure none of your dad's memories—and valuable life lessons—are forgotten with a StoryWorth subscription as a wedding gift for the father of the bride. The truly unique present will collect stories from his life by emailing him a question or prompt every week for a year. Once the year is up, everything he submitted is bound together in a keepsake book for your entire family to enjoy.

9. Meaningful Glass Ornament

Recycled glass ornaments with symbolic meaning
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Here's a gift idea he'll immediately want to put on display. These beautiful glass globes symbolize different family roles and relationships, including one for fatherhood. It celebrates the selfless help and guidance your dad has delivered over the years.

10. Father-of-the-Bride Socks

Father of the bride socks gift idea for dad.
Photo: Etsy

Give your dad a small favor from the wedding day with special father-of-the-bride apparel. These socks list his role and the date on one, while the other reads: "Special socks for a special walk." They come in black, brown, navy or gray to match his formalwear.

11. Leather Slippers

Leather slipper gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Nordstrom

These bad boys may not be cheap, but they're worth every penny. These smart-looking slippers are pretty much made for the father of the bride who prides himself on his style even when he's chilling at home. Plus, elastic panels, a shearling-lined interior and soft nubuck leather make them so comfy that he might never take them off.

12. DIY Hot Sauce Kit

DIY make your own hot sauce father of the bride gift idea
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If you're on the hunt for something super creative as a gift for your bride's father, this make-your-own-hot-sauce kit is just the ticket. Not only can he upgrade every meal with a healthy dose of heat, but he gets to enjoy making his very own spicy concoctions. Be warned: He'll definitely ask you to try it.

13. Personalized BBQ Tools

Personalized BBQ tools gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Personalization Mall

If you've heard every dad joke in the book from your ol' man, how about serving one back? This set of BBQ tools comes with a spatula, fork, tongs and a basting brush made from durable, rust-resistant stainless steel and with stay-cool wooden handles. Better still: The spatula and fork can be engraved—and we have just the puns to personalize each: "The Grillfather," "Best flippin' dad," or "You're grate."

14. Novelty Whiskey Chillers

Golfball shaped ice cube gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If you're shopping for a guy who golfs, this gift for the father of the bride is a hole in one. These golf ball-inspired whiskey chillers will keep his booze at the ideal temp without watering it down—score! Pair them with his favorite liquor so he can use them right away.

15. Topographic Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey glass gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Huckberry

You love your father's or father-in-law's adventurous spirit. Honor that with this wedding gift for the father of the bride. Made from 100-percent-lead-free glass, this set of handblown tumblers features the topographic impression of a famous mountain range, like Zion or the Rockies. Same rules as above, make sure to include his favorite whiskey in the gift bag.

16. Practical Pocket Notebook

Monogram leather pocket notebook
Photo: Aspinal of London

Keep his creativity flowing with a pocket-sized journal made from full-grain Italian leather. You can even have it embossed with his initials for a personalized touch that won't go unnoticed. The best part? Once it's full of his bright ideas, shopping lists or drafts of his wedding speech, you can easily order a refill pad.

17. Illustrated Wedding Portrait

Illustrated wedding portrait gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Etsy

You don't need to wait until the wedding album drops for this gift for the father of the bride from his daughter. Just choose from a large assortment of skin colors, hairstyles and attire options to create your illustrated look-alikes. Then add your name and wedding date as well as a custom quote. You can order it printed, framed or as a digital download.

18. Heartfelt Handkerchief Message

Heartfelt customized handkerchief gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Etsy

When it comes to the "best" father-of-the-bride gifts, we're suckers for anything sweet and sentimental, like these keepsake handkerchiefs addressed to Dad. This one says: "Giving me away doesn't mean letting go. I'm so grateful to have you by my side, today and always." The seller also has four other unique quotes available—or you can write your own.

19. Custom-Engraved Belt

Engraved belt gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Etsy

The finishing touch to the father-of-the-bride's wedding day look: a custom belt. Choose between black, brown, tan, blue or gray leather, then have it engraved with a short message in up to three different places. You could even add a dad joke, like "Thanks for holding me up!"

20. Keepsake Fishing Lure

Father of the bride fishing gift lure
Photo: Etsy

One easy way to make a present feel extra special is to get something that reflects his interests. This thoughtful pick is the perfect gift for the father of the bride who spends his weekends fishing with his buddies. He'll be hooked on this gift.

21. Photo Golf Ball Set

Personalized golf ball gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Personalization Mall

Ever thought about putting your face on golf balls? Love the idea now that you've heard it? This set of 12 Calway golf balls can each have a unique photo on them. If you're looking for a wedding gift for your bride's father, no matter how much he likes you, he might get a kick out of taking a club to your face—figuratively, of course.

22. Experience Gift for Two

Time Together experience gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Tinggly

He's likely been saying it for every gifting occasion: All he wants is time together. This Tinggly experience box gives just that. Choose from over 700 experiences in over 100 different countries for the ultimate father-daughter outing—think: salt-river rafting in Arizona, an ATV excursion in Colorado, a food tour in New York City or indoor skydiving in Las Vegas. The options are basically endless. Plus, the voucher never expires, so you'll definitely find a time amidst your busy lives to use it.

23. Custom Map-Filled Foil Art

Gold foil custom map art thoughtful gift idea for father of the bride
Photo: Minted

Show him you'll never forget the streets you walked together on—hand in hand—when you were a little kid with this meaningful, but non-cheesy father-of-the-bride gift. Minted will transform your childhood neighborhood into a shiny foil print. Add a stylish picture frame so your father-of-the-bride gift is ready to hang right away. Trust us, it'll earn prime real estate in his home.

24. "Like Father, Like Daughter" Mug

Like Father Like Daughter mug gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Etsy

If you got your looks and mannerisms from your pops, this is a funny father-of-the-bride gift idea. It jokes "Like father, like daughter…oh c***" and illustrates two hands fist-bumping. You can then personalize it with each of your names. We love that he'll want to use this long after the wedding day. Pair it with a bag of his favorite coffee grounds.

25. Father-Daughter Dance Artwork

Custom wall art gift idea for father of the bride.
Photo: Lime & Lou

If you're planning to have a father-daughter dance at your wedding, prep a piece of artwork as a sentimental father-of-the-bride gift. This one turns the song lyrics into a vinyl record that's printed and framed. You can even add a personal note at the bottom.

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