40 Thoughtful Thank-You Gifts for Friends and Family

These small gift ideas are a big way to show gratitude.
Collage of four thank you gifts including a candle, assortment of wines, door mat, and a self care kit.
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emily rumsey the knot editor
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Updated Mar 03, 2023
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Sometimes a verbal "thanks" or even a thank-you card just doesn't feel like enough. If you really want to show someone your gratitude, consider thank-you gifts instead. (Though, we still recommend pairing it with a handwritten note.) A thank-you gift, no matter how big or small, goes the extra mile to express your graciousness for a friend or family member's kind words or actions. It can also serve as reciprocity for their help, so they won't hesitate to be there for you again in the future. That's why we've sourced the top thank-you gift ideas to make everyone feel appreciated, no matter who you're shopping for. Think: a relaxing bath set for your bestie that helped plan your proposal, an edible gift basket for a neighbor that house-sat while you were away on your honeymoon, or beautiful blooms for the teacher or coworker that inspires you. Like what you're hearing? Keep reading to shop the best thank-you gifts.

What's the Secret to a Good Thank-You Gift?

Like with most gift-giving occasions, when it comes to good thank-you gifts, it's the thought that counts. Choose gifts that feel meaningful to the recipient. This can be as simple as making sure they don't have any allergies or dietary restrictions when giving edible confections. Alternatively, you could opt for customized or personalized thank-you gifts that make them feel extra special. That said, don't feel the gift has to break the bank. There are lots of great small and inexpensive thank-you gift ideas that still make a big impact. Keep it proportional to the gesture you're reciprocating. Remember, thank-you gifts are already going above and beyond, so as long as you think the recipient will enjoy it, it'll be appreciated.

Our Favorite Gifts for Showing Gratitude

Whether you're shopping for thank-you gifts for friends, family or acquaintances, we've rounded up the most thoughtful thank-you gift ideas to show them your gratitude. From wine and chocolate to luxe self-care products, there's something for everyone on our list.

1. Daisy Grow Kit

Daisy seed sprouting kit in an orange pot thank-you gift

Let's start with one of the cutest thank-you gifts out there. If a friend, family member or neighbor watered your plants while you were away on vacation—perhaps your honeymoon—gift them this daisy grow kit as a gesture of your appreciation. It comes with seeds, a terra-cotta planter and a coconut filter, so the plant can self-water and drain. In no time, they'll have white-and-yellow flowers popping up. The packaging even says "thank you" to double down on the sentiment.

2. "Thanks" Candle

White candle in a clear glass jar that says Thanks thank-you gift

No matter what you're saying "thanks" for, this candle is the way to do it. It has a soothing cucumber and lemon scent with patchouli undernotes to give anyone's abode a clean aroma. Best of all, the packaging doubles as a card—that's right, it has fill-in-the-blank prompts so you can write directly on the box.

3. Chocolate and Wine Thank-You Gift Box

Set of gourmet choclates and wine displayed on a dining table thank-you gift

Edible gifts—especially chocolate gifts—are classic thank-you presents because they're instantly gratifying and most everyone enjoys a little treat. This particular gift box comes with assorted chocolate truffles and a bottle of red wine—the best combination in our opinion. Give it to a friend or family member to say, "Thanks for always being there for me."

4. "You're Awesome" Mug

White ceramic mug with It's official. You're awesome design thank-you gift idea

Let them know how amazing they are for lending you a helping hand with this inexpensive thank-you gift idea. This stoneware mug reads: "It's official. You're awesome." Pair it with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or even a bag of beans for a little DIY thank-you gift set.

5. Coffee Assortment

Grounds & Hounds assortment of coffee blends thank-you gift

If you're looking for creative thank-you gifts for your go-to pet sitter, look no further than Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. All their blends are dog-themed and they even have cute drinkware and dog toys. Plus, they donate a portion of every sale to animal rescue organizations that provide safe havens for dogs between homes. Gift this set of three—a light, medium and dark roast—so they can sample a variety of blends. (Psst, it's available as whole beans, ground coffee or single-serving pods.)

6. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card with paper envelope that reads Thank You thank-you gift

Gift cards are totally acceptable simple thank-you gifts—especially if you're shopping for someone who seemingly already has everything. With an Amazon gift card, they can get almost anything they want or need, whether it's fun or practical. Best of all, it can come in a mini envelope that says "Thank you."

7. Desktop Notepad

Rifle Paper Co. floral notepad thank-you gift

This nice thank-you gift idea is for the friend that kept you organized (and sane) during wedding planning. This desktop notepad has 200 tear-off sheets for them to jot down reminders and to-dos. The protective hardcover is decorated with vibrant florals, so they'll want to keep it out on their desk for everyone to see.

8. Inspiring Pen Set

Colorful pens that feature encouraging saying on the side thank you gift

This pen set pairs really well with a notebook to make a cute thank-you gift for your type-A bestie. It comes with three colored pens—pink, blue and purple—each with affirmative sayings on them. It'll let them know you think they're a "creative genius" and you couldn't have planned your wedding without them.

9. Thank-You Candy Bento Box

Box of assorted gourmet candies in a light blue rectangular box thank-you gift

The best way to tell someone they're sweet for helping you out is with candy. This bento box by Sugarfina is adorned with a "thank you" on the lid and then opens up to reveal three of their gourmet candies: Long-Stem Roses (strawberry-flavored gummies), Peach Bellinis (peach gummies dusted in sweet and sour crystals) and Heavenly Sours (assorted sour gummies). Fair warning: these are addictive! Once you gift Sugarfina, it's all anyone will ever want.

10. Thank-You Pop-Up Card

Light blue thank you card with a pop-up phrase thank-you gift

A handwritten card is a classic way to express gratitude. Instead of using just any stationery you have on hand though, browse Lovepops' 3D thank-you cards. Upon opening this particular design, recipients will be greeted with an orange-striped "Thank You" sculpture. And there's plenty of space on the warm beige background to pen your own additional message.

11. Flower Delivery

Bouquet of bright yellow sunflowers and baby's breath thank-you gift

Flowers are traditional thank-you gift ideas that always go over well. Surprise your supportive friend or family member with a bouquet of beautiful blooms delivered right to their door. We're personal fans of this arrangement of sunflowers and baby's breath since its vibrancy naturally sparks joy.

12. Thank-You Wine Bottle

Metallic gold wine bottle that reads Thank You thank-you gift

We can't forget wine gifts as a way to let someone know you appreciate them. This smooth cabernet sauvignon has notes of cherry and plum for a taste any vino lover will appreciate. The bottle is what steals the show, though. It's screen printed metallic gold with the phrase "thank you" surrounded by star-shaped confetti.

13. Jigsaw Puzzle

Colorful puzzle in a circular shape thank-you gift

If you're looking for a thank-you gift for a house sitter, leave them something to pass the time while they're there with a jigsaw puzzle. This 1,000-piece circular puzzle of a color wheel will be so challenging, they might want you to extend your vacation so they have time to finish. Thankfully, the back of the puzzle is labeled alphabetically to help them piece it together if they get stuck.

14. Sleep Gift Set

Relaxing self care kit with bath salts, pillow mist, and more thank-you gift

Speaking of gifts for house sitters, if they'll be sleeping at your home, give them something to feel more comfortable in the space. This gift set comes with an ​​aromatic, tension-reducing bath soak and a moisturizing bath soak as well as a pillow mist and a headache relief roller. They'll relax instantly and your home will smell sweetly of lavender.

15. Thank-You Cupcakes

Gift box featuring an assortment of colorful mini cupcakes thank-you gift

Wondering what a fun thank-you gift is? The answer is (always) cake! Hand over this assortment of 25 mini cupcakes to say "thanks" to a friend, family member or neighbor. Baked By Melissa has a host of delicious and creative flavors, like Chocolate Chip Pancake and Tie-Dye, and even offers gluten-free and vegan assortments.

16. Cute Cosmetics Bag

Cute makeup bag featuring a rainbow print thank-you gift

Handwritten notes aren't the only way to tell someone how highly you think of them. There are also mugs (see above) and cosmetic bags! This white cotton bag is adorably designed with a rainbow and the phrase, "You are nothing short of amazing." Fill it with a few of their favorite things to build your own thank-you gift bag.

17. Hydrogel Face Masks

Assortment of gel face masks in colorful packages thank-you gift

If you're looking for small, yet luxurious thank-you gift ideas for a bestie that helped with wedding planning or a coworker that took over some of your responsibilities so you could run wedding-related errands, consider a self-care-themed present. After all, it's time for them to have some "me-time" after being there for you. Loops hydrogel face masks are luxe skincare treatments to help them moisturize, hydrate, brighten, detox and glow. They'll get plenty of use out of this set of five leading up to and following the big day.

18. Calming Body Lotion

Calming vegan body cream in a green bottle thank-you gift

One of our favorite scents for stress relief has to be eucalyptus. Thank your best friend or parents for always being there for you with a soothing body cream. The brand is fittingly named "Beloved" and it also comes in a bath gel.

19. Aromatherapy Mist

Aromatherapy mist in a spray bottle thank-you gift

Whether it be a candle, diffuser, room spray or essential oil mist, if it smells good, then it makes a nice thank-you gift in our book. Give that sweet someone a blend of pure essential oils that are intended to balance the heart chakra, which is said to be the center of empathy and love. It has essences of sandalwood, mandarin and palmarosa for a tropical and calming scent.

20. Custom Message Shortbread Cookies

Box of personalized shortbread cookies thank-you gift

If you're looking for an edible and personalized thank-you gift, we've found just the thing. These vanilla shortbread cookies are stamped with a custom message. Say anything from "Thanks for watching my cat" to "Your wedding speech was beautiful, thanks!"

21. Tea Subscription

Gourmet loose leaf tea subscription with tasting notes thank-you gift

Subscription services are great thank-you gifts since the recipient gets a delivery every month for as long as you decide. One of our favorite subscription gifts has to be Atlas Tea Club (or Atlas Coffee Club, if they prefer a cup of joe). Each month, they'll get two delicious, loose-leaf teas from places around the world—like Nepal, Indonesia or Colombia—with tasting notes and steeping recommendations. Too fun!

22. Salami Bouquet

Bouquet of salami sticks wrapped in paper with a red bow thank-you gift

Do they prefer savory to sweet? Say "thanks" with a salami bouquet! This arrangement of three comes with an Italian, French and Spanish salami. Hopefully, they'll invite you over for a charcuterie night to taste test.

23. Craft Beer Delivery

Craft beer subscription thank-you gift

Yep, you can thank them with a monthly beer delivery. If you're shopping for a zythophile, they'll love being subscribed to Craft Beer Club. The brand will send them a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly delivery of delicious brews from the country's best small, independent brewers. Depending on which plan you select, each box includes 12 or 24 beers in different styles that hail from different regions in the US, plus background info about the breweries, tasting notes and pairing recipes. Choose a subscription length anywhere from one to 12 months (or ongoing). Talk about a refreshing thank-you gift idea.

24. Hoya Heart Plant

Heart-shaped succulent in a terracotta planter thank-you gift

Show your heartfelt appreciation with a symbolic plant. The Hoya kerrii succulent has heart-shaped leaves to express your love and gratitude. It can even be gifted with a pot, so it's windowsill ready.

25. Charm Bracelet

Slim silver bracelet with a bouquet charm on it thank-you gift

If you're looking for really thoughtful thank-you gift ideas, check out Alex and Ani's gratitude charm bracelets. This silver-finished bangle comes with a flower bouquet charm that says "thanks a bunch" on the front (so clever) and "you are appreciated" on the back. It'll go beautifully with any outfit.

26. Custom Candle

Small candle with a personalized message thank-you gift

Personalized goodies make for an extra special thank-you gift. This candle is completely customizable, from the scent to the label. And not only do you get to choose the design, but you can also add a personal message.

27. Gratitude Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars featuring phrases of gratitudes on the packaging thank-you gift

Nearly everyone loves chocolate gifts. Sweeter Cards is—as the name suggests—an even sweeter way to give someone a handwritten note, thanks to the addition of a gourmet chocolate bar. This set of two dark chocolate caramel bars says, "You're a gem" and "Words can't describe how grateful I am." Once you get them in the mail, you can write on the inside before giving them to the recipient.

28. Custom Cutting Board

Sleek wooden cutting board featuring a personalized name engraving.

Thank someone who is always the host with this thank-you gift that'll come in handy whenever they're entertaining. The sleek walnut wood is engraved with their first name or family name. It's so nice that it might end up just as decor in their kitchen.

29. Iridescent Stemless Wine Glasses

Two stemless wine glasses with a shimmery iridescent finish thank-you gift

Raise a glass in honor of their helping hand. This set of two prism-colored glasses will really stand out on their bar cart—or in their Instagram stories when they're posting snaps of their next wine night in. They're lightweight, yet durable, with double-walled insulation to hold hot and cold drinks. Best of all, they come gift-wrapped.

30. DoorDash Gift Card

Woman looks at Doordash app on her phone thank-you gift
Diego Thomazini / Shutterstock

We can't say it enough: Food gifts make great thank-you gifts for family, friends and everyone, really. Instead of handing over something perishable though, give a DoorDash gift card. Then, they can order themselves takeout either while they're house-sitting, during a late-night planning sesh for your bach party or the day after the wedding when they're too tired to cook.

31. Online Cooking Class

Man works on his knife skills by chopping herbs cooking class thank-you gift

An experience you can do together is one of the most unique thank-you gifts since it shows not only how much you appreciate them, but how much you value time with them. An in-person or virtual cooking class through Sur La Table will be a fun and tasty activity for you and your friends or family. Plus, you can then reiterate to them in person how thankful you are.

32. At-Home Wine Tasting

Assortment of various wines in small glass bottles thank-you gift

Would you rather stay in and hang out? Host an at-home wine tasting to thank your family or friends for their kindness. In Good Taste sells assortments of six, eight or 12 wines in reds, whites or rosés. Just pick the mix that sounds best to you—or try all three with their Vine Voyage or California Wine Mixer collection.

33. Dried Flower Bouquet

Bouquet of rustic dried flowers thank-you gift

As aforementioned, flowers are popular thank-you gifts. If you're looking for something a little longer lasting, but with the same sentiment, try a dried bouquet. This arrangement features natural grasses of bunny tail, Gypso and Limonium as well as eucalyptus. This idea brings a touch of luxury to a traditional thank-you gift.

34. Premium Snack Gift Basket

Snack basket featuring an array of gourmet treats thank-you gift

If you're shopping for thank-you gifts for a family, it's natural to spend a bit more. Surprise the clan with a gift basket of premium snacks like popcorn, summer sausage, mixed nuts and chocolate truffles (just to name a few). It's an impressive statement of your gratitude.

35. Angel Wing Necklace

Gold angel wing necklace thank-you gift

Let them know they're an absolute angel for helping you out with this darling necklace. It comes with a 14K gold-filled or sterling silver chain and an angel wing charm. They'll love the hidden meaning and will think of your friendship every time they wear it. It's a favorite when it comes to cute thank-you gifts.

36. Build Your Own Gift Set

Thank-you gift set featuring gummy bears, a candle, and a jewelry dish

Why not build your own thank-you gift box? Start with Knack's Grateful For You gift set, which comes with Sugarfina's Champagne Bears, a candle and matches, and a trinket tray. Then customize it with other goodies like a chocolate bar. You can also write your own message before it's shipped straight to the recipient.

37. Candle-Making Kit

Candle making kit featuring wax, scented oil, and wicks thank-you gift

How about an experience gift for your non-foodie friends? With this kit, they can make three candles right at home. It comes with soy wax, three tins and three wicks as well as a lavender essential oil for fragrance. Pro tip: Almost any essential oil can be used to make candles, so feel free to pick up additional scents for them to play with.

38. Mailable Gift Box

Greetabl thank-you gift boxes featuring candles, candies, and a mug.

This small box is a simple thank-you gift that'll make a big impact. Each side of this gift cube is customizable with either a personal picture, cute clip art or a heartfelt note. Better still, it can hold a small gift like chocolate, socks or a candle and a gift card.

39. Customizable Tile Mat

Customizable tile welcome mat thank-you gift

Here's a unique thank-you gift for a neighbor (since you might be able to see it in action when you're out walking the dog or checking the mail). This is no ordinary welcome mat. It's made from flexible vinyl and comes with removable black tiles so recipients can create an infinite amount of patterns and designs. It's an especially thoughtful gift idea for the one who loves to change up their stoop decor frequently. Now, instead of getting a new doormat, they can just rearrange the tiles. They can even buy more colors to make some really creative designs.

40. Spicy Pantry Staples

Set of kitchen condiments, including salt, hot sauce, and truffle oil thank-you gift

"You're fire, thanks for coming in clutch," is what this spicy gift set says. TRUFF is all about adding heat to meals, perfect for your friend whose go-to condiment is hot sauce. This gift box comes with their signature hot sauce, plus black truffle oil and black truffle salt—so there's nothing they can't cook.

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