Bridesmaid Dresses: Can They Be Similar to My Wedding Gown?


There is one particular wedding dress that I absolutely love. It is very simple, but it fits my style and that of a semiformal wedding. I have also been looking at bridesmaids dresses that are similar in design. Is it okay for my bridesmaids to wear a dress similar to mine? Obviously, they would be in a color other than white.


Not only is it okay, some people would argue that that's what you should shoot for. (Traditionally, bridesmaids dressed exactly like the bride to confuse and scare away evil spirits.) No matter what you and your bridesmaids wear, your dresses should complement one another. Having your maids wear dresses that are very similar to yours will look great -- and it's definitely better than having them in something so different that it looks like they are attending someone else's wedding!

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