Inside 'Selling Sunset' Star Chrishell Stause and G Flip's Love Story

The couple met at a Halloween party in 2021 and swapped vows in Las Vegas two years later.
Chrishell Stause and spouse G Flip
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Updated Nov 22, 2023

When it comes to buzzy Hollywood couples, we can't help but obsess over Chrishell Stause and G Flip. The soap actress-turned-real estate agent and the Australian singer (whose full name is Georgia Flipo) met at a Halloween party in 2021 and took their romance public the following year—and much of their love story has been documented on Netflix's hit reality show Selling Sunset.

In May 2023, Chrishell Stause and her spouse surprised fans by announcing they secretly got married in a surprise Las Vegas wedding ceremony. Although most of the details are private, the couple did include a few clips from the intimate nuptials in the music video for G Flip's song "Be Your Man."

Here, we break down everything to know about Chrishell Stause and G Flip's love story, including when and how they met, their complete relationship timeline, and details from their Sin City wedding.

  • Chrishell Stause's spouse is G Flip, an Australian singer.
  • Chrishell and G Flip met at a Halloween party in 2021 and confirmed their relationship in 2022 during the Selling Sunset reunion.
  • G Flip and Chrishell Stause got married in Las Vegas in May 2023.

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When Did Chrishell Stause and G Flip Meet?

Chrishell Stause and G Flip
Photo: Wendell Teodoro | Getty Images

How's this for a scary good meet-cute story? Chrishell Stause and G Flip first crossed paths at a Halloween party in 2021, which the singer revealed during an appearance on the PEOPLE Everyday Podcast. "We were both with our ex-partners then...And then, we obviously separated from our partners, and we just started talking and stuff," they shared. "We just found a lot of similarities, even though people would think we are from different corners of the world. We find ourselves so similar sometimes."

How Long Have Chrishell and G Flip Been Married?

In May 2023, Chrishell and G Flip hosted a secret wedding at a Las Vegas chapel. As of November 2023, they've been married for about six months.

Chrishell and G Flip's Relationship Timeline

So, you want the scoop on Chrishell Stause and spouse G Flip's romance? We break down the couple's complete relationship timeline, from 2021 to today.

October 2021: Chrishell and G Flip Meet

Chrishell Stause met G Flip at a Halloween party in 2021—and although they hit it off, the real estate agent was already planning to appear on a dating show. "I was not letting myself fall too hard because I'm like, 'I'm gonna have to say goodbye to Chrishell and let her go find her person on this dating show that she's already signed up for,'" the singer said to Vogue Australia.

As fate would have it, Chrishell never moved forward with the show. "It was the best 'no' I've ever given," she told the publication. "That would've been a great opportunity to find someone. But this is what I was trying to find."

March 2022: Chrishell and G Flip Post Each Other on Instagram

It wasn't a hard launch, but G Flip did appear in a photo dump Chrishell posted in March 2022, thus alerting fans to a possible romance. That same month, G Flip shared a few photos that appeared to be taken from Chrishell's Los Angeles home. After the couple shared plenty of flirty comments on each other's pictures, fans were convinced they were in a relationship.

May 2022: Chrishell Confirms Her Relationship with G Flip on Selling Sunset

Finally, Chrishell Stause confirmed she was dating G Flip on the Selling Sunset Season 5 reunion, which aired on May 6, 2022. When asked by host Tan France if she was "seeing anyone special," Chrishell said, "I recently have been spending a lot of time with someone that's very important to me. Their name is G Flip. They're non-binary, so they go by they/them," Stause said. "And they are an extremely talented musician."

She added, "It started because I was just going to be in their video. And it's about this chaotic love story. I come from soaps, I love acting. And with the job that we have, I don't always get to do it. At first of course, I was like yes, let's do that."

May 2022: Chrishell Appears in G Flip's "GET ME OUTTA HERE" Music Video

A few days later, Chrishell appeared in the music video for G Flip's song "GET ME OUTTA HERE." In the short film, the couple engaged in heavy PDA—and fans went wild. "Thank you to sweet @chrishell.stause for being a part of this, everyone send her all the love in the galaxy ✨," G Flip wrote on Instagram. Chrishell wrote back, "You are insanely talented & well I'll keep the rest off the gram😉 For IG: Was so fun! 😜😎😘"

June 2022: Chrishell Opens Up About G Flip at MTV Movie & TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED

When Chrishell Stause won "Best Reality Star" at the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED show, she opened up about the welcoming reception she received after going public with her sexuality. "Just really quick, I knew about this nomination before I had said anything about my sexuality," she said. "I'm not trying to get really deep with you guys, but the fact that this was voted on after means so much to me because I wasn't sure how that was gonna go."

March 2023: G Flip Releases a Song About Chrishell Stause

On their first dating anniversary, G Flip released a love song titled "Be Your Man" in honor of their partner. "We started dating 1 year ago today," they said in a TikTok video. "So I wanted to show her the first song I ever wrote about her. I'm not what you planned. I'll be your man." The lyrics include emotional verses like "I understand, because I get you emotionally, I'm not a man, but I can if you want me to be / I know how you think, what you like and what your body needs / Convinced you should run from me. I'm not what you planned, I'll be your man."

May 2023: Chrishell and G Flip Get Married

In May 2023, Chrishell and G Flip got married at a Las Vegas chapel. They opted to host a private vow exchange and confirmed the news in an Instagram Reel promoting the official release of "Be Your Man" a few days later. "Love doesn't always go as planned…Sometimes it's immeasurably better," Chrishell captioned the big reveal. "Be Your Man is out now & linked in stories. If you ever get the pleasure of meeting G, know that you are meeting one of the kindest, funniest & most talented hard working people out there. Please go stream! I love you so much @gflip ❤️‍🔥"

Chrishell and G Flip's Wedding Details

Although not much is known about Chrishell and G Flip's wedding, the couple gave a few details about the intimate affair to People. "It was a very small group there with us and some friends and family watching on a live stream," the real estate agent told the outlet. The couple wanted to keep their nuptials on the down low, so they notified their guests just a few days before so they could tune into the video broadcast.

Chrishell Stause's wedding dress was a luminous white floor-length belted gown by Gemeli Power. G Flip opted for a classic black suit by Melbourne-based designer E Nolan. As seen in clips shared on Instagram, flower petals covered the red-carpeted aisle and an Elvis impersonator presided over the vow swap.

Once the formalities were over, the newlyweds embarked on a photoshoot on the Las Vegas strip, posing under the iconic lit-up sign and a graffiti wall covered in the phrase "Will you marry me?"

November 2023: Chrishell Confirms She and G Flip Had a Vow Renewal—And Emma Hernan Officiated!

Chrishell and G Flip's wedding fun was far from over. During the Season 7 reunion of Selling Sunset, the realtor confirmed that she and her partner hosted a vow renewal over the Fourth of July weekend—and her co-star Emma Hernan officiated in a denim bikini! After the episode aired, Hernan shared a photo dump of memories from the wild party, which was attended by fellow Oppenheim Group agent Chelsea Lazkani. "If you don't marry your best friend in a denim bikini with matching hat and boots are you even best friends?!? 💍… Another HUGE congratulations to my fav couple @chrishell.stause & @gflip , honored to officiate your beautiful wedding, best weekend ever!!!! Love you both so much😍😍😍😍😍," she wrote on Instagram.

Chrishell Stause's Dating History

Chrishell and G Flip's relationship has made headlines and garnered plenty of buzz since 2021, thanks in part to Chrishell's role on Selling Sunset. Her personal relationships have been a focus throughout the show's six seasons, including her former marriage to actor Justin Hartley and her brief romance with The Oppenheim Group co-founder and president Jason Oppenheim. Here's what to know about Chrishell Stause's dating history.

Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim: 2021

Prior to her relationship with G Flip, Chrishell Stause dated Jason Oppenheim, her coworker and Selling Sunset costar. Viewers watched as their romance blossomed (and ultimately fizzled out) during seasons five and six of the show. It was a source of drama in the series, as some of Chrishell's fellow agents believed her romance with Jason led to unfair treatment in the workplace. After debuting their relationship in July 2021 while on a group vacation with friends, they stayed together until December of that year. One of their main reasons for breaking up, as chronicled on the show, was their view on children: while Chrishell was adamant about becoming a mom, Jason maintained that he wasn't ready to start a family.

Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley: 2013-2019

The early seasons of Selling Sunset followed Chrishell Stause's marriage to Justin Hartley, as well as its demise. She began dating the This Is Us star in 2013, and he proposed in 2016. They got married in October 2017, and their romance captivated fans in season one of Netflix's reality series. But in November 2019, the actor filed for divorce from his wife, letting her know about his decision by text less than an hour before the news publicly broke. The aftermath of the divorce was heavily followed in subsequent seasons of the show.

Chrishell Stause and Matthew Morrison: 2006-2007

Did you know Chrishell Stause also dated Matthew Morrison? The couple's romance began in 2006 and they got engaged the following year, but they ultimately broke off their courtship in December 2007. Although Chrishell had some choice words for her ex in one Selling Sunset episode, she wrote in her 2022 memoir Under Construction that they can "laugh about it all now."

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