The Top Wedding Trends of 2020

Looking for something totally fresh that will bring your big day to the next level? We've got you covered.
by Lauren Kay

With the arrival of the New Year comes a fresh crop of accompanying 2020 wedding trends. The Knot Editors are seeing bold pops of color and serious statements touch everything from inventive ceremony aisle ideas to food and beverage to the invitation suite. The best reason of all? Couples are making each aspect of the wedding uniquely their own, meaning sentimental color palettes that extend beyond your Something Blue to inventive themes that reflect your one-of-a-kind love story. Welcome to a dazzling new decade. After all, it's time for 2020… weddings, that is.

bride and groom wearing rings
Kelley Raye Photography, LLC

1. Green Vibes

Sustainable weddings are on the rise and we're here for it. Consider "upcycling" your wedding, by committing to zero waste or a reduced carbon footprint. A lighter version of this 2020 wedding trend includes resetting a family stone or heirloom engagement ring, repurposing ceremony florals, sourcing locally grown food or hiring vendors who also prioritize sustainability (psst: we know tons! Check out our Local Marketplace!).

outdoor micro wedding
Perry Vaile Photography

2. Micro Weddings 

This wedding trend is by invite only—think 40 people or less. But like any exclusive party, a celebration of this kind delivers big. The budget per guest is higher, which means your very nearest and dearest are treated to bespoke touches, elaborate meals (tasting menu anyone?) and tons of personalization. This style soiree is perfect for introverts or people hoping to celebrate with a smaller group of loved ones.

table with candles and crystals
Forged in the North

3. Magical Mysticism 

If there's one theme you need to know about 2020 wedding trends, this is it: mysticism is in. This spiritually charged vibe combines all the things: crystals, saging, palo santo, even aura photobooths. Don't force this though, make it work for your unique couple style—send guests home with a rose quartz crystal, the classic stone for love, or ask your guests to pass around your wedding rings during your ceremony, imbuing them with good energy and well wishes.

Wedding menu
Kate Supa Photography

4. Inclusive Menus 

Couples are being more thoughtful about inclusivity when it comes to every aspect of wedding planning, reception menus notwithstanding. Eats are going to check all the boxes in 2020. Vegetarian? No problem. Vegan with a nut allergy? We got you. Be considerate of all your guests by offering up a variety of cuisines and sips too (delicious non-alcoholic drinks are being crafted with care by mixologists too).

Bride wearing embellished headband
Jessa Schifilliti

5. Barrettes and Combs

Veils aren't going anywhere, but tiaras have given way to the latest in hair jewelry—barrettes and combs. These wedding hair accessories are often adorned in pearls, rhinestones and colorful enamels. They're great for holding back natural curls or creating a second style for your wedding reception. 

Bride and bridesmaids
Mann and Wife Photography

6. Trending Hues

You probably didn't start planning your wedding with a color scheme in mind, right? Settle on your vibe or style first (take our Wedding Style Quiz) and then find a way to add a serious pop to your celebration. Color is one of our favorite 2020 wedding trends. Expect to see a lot of neo mint, a.k.a. the new millennial pink; cassis, not quite pink, not quite purple; yellow, a mellow, rich hue with earthy undertones; and faded denim, a blue that equally fresh and serene.

Wedding reception venue
Laffler Photography

7. It's Lit 

Good lighting is the surest way to get those 2020 wedding decor trends noticed. From hanging installations to tube lighting and LED bars, the options are endless. Change up the feeling of your party from dinner to dancing with a light show or add strings of fairy lights to a concentrated space, like above your cake table for maximum effect. And fret not, candlelight is still on trend for creating an intimate and romantic vibe. 

Wedding cake with colorul flowers
Erin L. Taylor Photography

8. Edible Florals 

Frozen in ice-cubes, tossed in salads, sprinkled on tops of dessert, edible flowers are a big wedding reception trend for 2020. This pretty extra is perfect for floral-loving duos and an easy way to elevate virtually anything from infused water to classic vanilla cake. Florals and weddings are synonymous so pair your edible petals with dried flowers for a romantic effect (think: pressed in invites, or as confetti after I do). 

Wedding reception tables
Emily Tebbetts Photography

9. Table Remix 

As far as wedding reception trends go, this one is budget friendly: instead of only ten-top rounds or a long farmhouse table, opt for more artful settings. Winding tables—multiple tables pushed together to create a design—add an extra element to reception set ups. Not enough room to snake your seating? Configure your long rectangular tables into a fun design (think: X marks the spot). 

Champagne on tap
Jessa Schifilliti

10. Self-Serve Refreshments

We're not talking a cooler full of cold ones, this wedding trend dresses up the actual serving of a signature sip. An artfully created wall-mounted dispenser, a tricked out bar of pour-over drinks, or a slew of specialty garnishes allows guests to create their perfect cocktail. Bonus: you'll need one less bartender to pull it off.

Wedding decor
Jenny Fu Studio

11. Statement Wedding Decor  

Go for the wow-moment. Instead of stretching your decor budget to include many things, narrow in on one or two true statement moments, like hanging florals over dining tables, a neon installation that doubles as a ceremony altar or an explosive firework sendoff. Your guests will be sure to remember a real standout detail, especially if it feels very "you guys."

Bride and groom
Elizabeth Wells Photography

12. Dressed To Impress 

Black is taking a backseat to blue. Navy, teal and cobalt hued jackets are trending when it comes to tuxedos and suits, while accessories of all kinds continue to be the favored way to really personalize a look. Unique wedding dress codes (think: white party!) are also on the rise. 

Meat and cheese charcuterie spread
Judy Pak Studio

13. The Cheese Hour 

Think of this 2020 wedding trend as the savory twist on the Viennese Hour (traditionally an opulent dessert display following the cake cutting). Instead of tables of sweets, wheels of cheese, crackers, nuts and fruit are piled high. This lux charcuterie board can also check the box for end of night nibbles for your guests—win-win!  

Hand-letter wedding sign
Rachel May Photography

14. Charity Check 

Instead of dolling out party favors at the end of the night (or in addition too!) thank your guests for celebrating with you by making a donation to a charity that means something to you as a couple. One of our favorite 2020 wedding trends is giving back, in all forms. You can also link a charity to your The Knot Wedding Registry—with every purchase guests make, you'll be doing some good. 

Personalized wedding stationery
The Teagues

15. Personalized Paper 

Your wedding invite can set the tone for your whole celebration—but it doesn't have to. Lean into the wedding trends of 2020 with something that speaks to you as a couple, like using recycled paper and soy based inks for eco-friendly correspondence. Opt for a modern vibe by embracing bold colors, pattern and texture in your wedding invites. Or delight a more intimate guest list with a pop-up or acrylic invite that will really wow.

Mini burger sliders
Roey Yohai Studios

16. Interactive Eats

Donut walls are giving way to more interactive (yet equally delicious) culinary moments. Conveyor belts doll out appetizers, while molecular gastronomy shows up at dinner. It's all about the presentation and the flare factor. And flavors are getting an update too. Opt for a moment of fusion cuisine on your wedding reception menu (like: Mexican ravioli, pastrami egg rolls, or breakfast dumplings at the after party).

Wedding bouquet
Our Love Is Loud

17. Spray Painted Stems

Greenery is still hip, but this year's wedding decor trend is getting a colorful makeover. Spray-painted greens, branches, and grasses are adding texture and pops of unnatural color (think neon, frosted pastels and metallics) to arrangements and bouquets. Dip dyed petals are also hot and a fun way to add an unexpected pop of color into the decor mix.

Bride and groom vows
Emma Cleary Photo and Video

18. To-The-Max Fashion

Our favorite 2020 wedding trends extend to fashion too, and this craze speaks to the classic loving crowd. Big ball gowns, exaggerated sleeves, embellishments and lace—a big departure from the sleek and sexy gowns of years past—are very now. There's a regal undertone to these looks that feels uber romantic and classic without being expected. More is more when it comes to the 2020 wedding dresses.

Signature wedding cocktails
Grant Daniels Photography

19. Spirited Sips

Mocktails aside, there are a few trending spirits for 2020. Gin is all the rage with no slowdown in sight—it's perfect for mixing simply or for creating an elaborate, multi-ingredient cocktail. Mezcal is also trending with many new varietals to explore. Lastly, the addition of fizz (sparkling water, champagne, anything with bubbles really) continues to delight partygoers for its celebratory nature.

Tarot card reader
The Gold Collective

20. The New Amenity Basket 

Think of this as the ultimate wedding trends #extra. Instead of treating guests to just mints and hairspray (psst, here's what else to include in a wedding bathroom basket), make their trip to the loo more memorable. Stationing tarot card readers, magicians and champagne stations just outside restrooms ensuring the party doesn't stop, even if you leave the dance floor. Want to really go all out? Stock up on dozens of tubes of drugstore lipstick and watch the ladies go wild.

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