22 Gorgeous and Unique Gothic Engagement Rings

These edgy jewels are a whole mood.
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Updated Dec 20, 2023
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We've officially entered our "gloomy girl" era. From the runway to real life, soft goth glamour is having a moment right now, and gorgeous gothic engagement rings are on the rise. And TBH, we're all for it. Think mysterious but enchanting vibes, eerily elegant monochromatic 'fits, and moody makeup paired with devilishly dark romantic jewelry. Whether you're more of a Wednesday Addams, a Kourtney Kardashian, or are just looking for an edgy ring that's as unique as you are, we've rounded up the most interesting and alluring gothic engagement rings for the bride who dares to be different. Tap into your dark side with black roses, chic salt and pepper diamonds, blood-red rubies, unconventional chain and knot details, coffin-cut gemstones, and more.

What is a Gothic Engagement Ring?

A gothic engagement ring is generally used to describe any nontraditional diamond or gemstone ring that's dark and moody with edgy, vintage-inspired details. "Gothic engagement rings have emerged as a trend following the Wednesday Addams mania of 2022/2023," explains Grace Barretti, Senior Marketing Manager at Greenwich St. Jewelers. "Going 'gothic' resonates with clients who embrace their darker side or those who have an affinity for symbolic designs and diamonds rich with history," she says. "When thinking of Gothic architecture you imagine the defining designs of the time, like iconic flying buttresses, pointed arches, and dramatic, dark interiors. A ring design that evokes this era would include similar vintage-inspired accents such as claw prongs, intricate milgrain details, an oxidized finish, and a center stone with mystery, like salt and pepper diamonds, old European cuts, or rose-cut diamonds, one of the oldest diamond cuts."

Where to Buy Gothic Engagement Rings

Shopping for gothic engagement rings for her? Peep our list of the best places to browse online or shop in person for a wide selection of gothic-style engagement rings in every cut, color, style, and budget. You can also check out The Knot Vendor Marketplace to find a jewelry store near you.

Greenwich St. Jewelers: This Latinx, women and second-generation family-owned NYC jewelry boutique specializes in ready-to-buy engagement rings from notable up-and-coming designers, as well as exquisite custom jewelry. They have the most stunning selection of gemstone and salt & pepper diamond engagement rings that would appeal to any goth girl looking for something nontraditional but with plenty of bling.

Erstwhile: This vintage NYC jewelry brand was founded in 2010 by fifth-generation jeweler Jared Klusner and his wife, Alisa Klusner. It's the place to go if you're seeking an authentic antique gothic engagement ring with rare vintage, heirloom-quality gems, and old European, mine, and rose cuts. They have plenty of Victorian gothic engagement rings, Art Deco pieces, and moody jewels with a story behind them.

Jennie Kwon: Handmade in LA, Jennie Kwon embraces the quiet luxury trend with unique gemstone and diamond engagement rings that span a wide variety of styles, gothic included, to reflect the diversity of the city she lives in. Here, you'll find some of the chicest, vintage-inspired black diamond rings, dark red rubies, and more in the coolest cuts and shapes with magnificent milgrain details and edgy accents. Everything is priced super reasonably too as far as gothic engagement rings go.

Marei New York: With a celebrity following that includes the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Alicia Keys, this fearless and seductive fine jewelry brand is daring, dark, powerful, and elegant all at once. Each piece is infused with the spirit of the designer's diverse Egyptian-Dominican background and the fierce energy of her New York home. "Her jewelry designs are unique symphonies of mystic and enigmatic luxury."

Catbird NYC: One of our favorite places to shop for unique gothic engagement rings, Catbird NYC offers some of the coolest, most interesting jewelry pieces from well-known and emerging designers, as well as their private label. If you're in the market for a gemstone gothic ring at a great price, definitely check out Catbird, either in person or online.

Gothic Engagement Rings to Shop Right Now

Turns out, black is the new black! Whether you're just looking for a little inspiration to create your dream ring or are ready to pop the question now, we've curated an epic selection of gothic engagement rings, from mysterious and moody to antique and avant-garde, for the bride with a dark side.

Jared Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Jared black diamond gothic engagement ring
Photo: Jared

Black diamonds are forever! This bold oval-cut ring features a striking 1-carat black diamond surrounded by delicate diamond-filled rosettes and intricate milgrain trim on a durable 14K white gold band.

Marei New York Oceanna Ring

Marei New York garnet and black diamond gothic engagement ring
Photo: Marei New York

This glamorous gothic engagement ring is a play on light and darkness, contrasting an 18-karat yellow gold band with an exotic, deep Red Mozambique Garnet and brilliant black diamonds. It's devilishly divine and an instant conversation starter, taking inspiration from the Nubian Ibex, a unique wild-horned, desert-dwelling goat native to North Africa.

Marei New York Pythia Serpentine Coil Ring

Marei New York serpentine coil gothic engagement ring
Photo: Marei New York

She's not a snake, but this killer black gothic engagement ring is sure to charm her. Seductive and slightly masculine, it features a small round white diamond set on a solid 18K blackened gold band that wraps around her finger like a coiled serpent.

Erstwhile Art Deco Diamond Dragon Ring

Erstwhile art deco gothic engagement ring
Photo: Erstwhile

What's old is new again! For the edgy bride who is drawn to vintage gothic engagement rings, this antique Art Deco Diamond dragon sparkler is truly a treasure. You can't help but stare at the fiery 2.56-carat transitional-cut diamond in a unique light brownish and yellow color, helped by the mouths of two 14K yellow gold dragons to symbolize grace and strength.

Erstwhile Georgian Old Mine Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring

Erstwhile diamond gothic engagement ring
Photo: Erstwhile

With an ultra-rare old mine cut and a lace-like presentation, this exquisite antique Georgian three-stone ring is equal parts goth and glamour. We especially love the mixed yellow gold and silver metals. It's perfect for the feminine bride with a dark side who's been obsessing over unique gothic engagement rings.

Black Diamonds New York Till Death Do Us Part Rings

Til Death Do Us Part black diamond engagement ring
Photo: Black Diamonds New York

Make it official with this badass gothic engagement ring set she'll cherish forever. The center ring features a killer coffin-cut moissanite (or EVN stone) flanked by a "Till Death Do Us Part" ring and a curved crown ring. You choose your metal and diamond type.

Greenwich St. Jewelers Emerson Kite Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

Greenwich St. Jewelers salt and pepper diamond gothic engagement ring
Photo: Greenwich St. Jewelers

There's something so enchanting and hauntingly beautiful about this unique salt & pepper kite diamond engagement ring. The slim band gives it a magically modern vibe and the petite round brilliant diamonds add some extra sparkle.

Brent Neale Knot Ring

Brent Neale gold and black diamond gothic engagement ring
Photo: Brent Neale

What better way to ask her to tie the knot than with a diamond knot ring? This gothic engagement ring leans a little more masculine with two tiny pear cut black diamonds on a chunky 18k yellow gold band that twists around her finger.

Anna Sheffield Bea Arrow Ring

Anna Sheffield quartz gothic engagement ring
Photo: Anna Sheffield

This golden rutilated quartz engagement ring is unlike anything you've ever seen, with sparkly white diamonds that form arrows on each side. It's perfectly imperfect with its angel hair-like lines and whisps and is an alluring alternative for the goth bride who isn't set on black. Each stone is utterly unique and will vary in both shade and appearance.

Sophia Zakia Diamond Cosmic Witch Ring

Sophia Zakia diamond gothic engagement ring
Photo: Sofia Zakia

She'll be over the moon, quite literally, to receive this cool cosmic ring encrusted with bewitching diamond stars and a full moon as the center rock. It's extra delicate and would love stunning stacked with more gothic diamond engagement rings.

Zales Enchanted Disney Villains Evil Queen Engagement Ring

Zales disney villain gothic engagement ring
Photo: Zales

The goth Disney princess in your life will be swept off her feet by this beautiful black and white diamond double-collar engagement ring, inspired by the Evil Queen herself. It's wicked awesome.

Signed Fred Leighton Pave Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Signed Fred Leighton gothic engagement ring
Photo: Fred Leighton

The future is bright! This cool contemporary bombe ring is giving us major crystal ball vibes. It features a plethora of paving rose cut diamonds set in silver topped 18K yellow gold and is a gothic engagement ring goal.

Dana Bronfman Constellation Coin Band Round Solitaire Ring

Dana Bronfman black diamond gothic engagement ring
Photo: Dana Bronfman

Put a black diamond gothic engagement ring on it. This moody ring is reminiscent of the night sky with a dark center diamond and white diamonds sprinkled around the band to symbolize the stars. It's made of 18k reclaimed yellow gold and can be customized or engraved.

Erstwhile Ruby Wings Ring

Erstwhile ruby wing gothic engagement ring
Photo: Catbird

She'll be flying high when you propose with this unique ruby gothic engagement ring. A traditional antique old European cut diamond sits in the center with ruby red wings on either side to bring the fire. Handmade in New York using rare vintage stones, this ring is truly one of a kind.

Satomi Kawakita Hexagon Ring

Satomi Kawakita hexagon gothic engagement ring
Photo: Catbird

Not your grandma's goth ring. This dark, dainty hexagon ring is small but mighty with an effortlessly cool heirloom feel. It showcases a conflict-free brilliant cut champagne diamond center stone available in sizes ranging from .1 up to 1 carat, depending on how big she wants to go.

Mociun Vega Ring

Mociun black gothic engagement ring
Photo: Mociun

Goth, but make it girly. This nontraditional black gothic engagement ring gives us all the feels, with six beautiful black diamonds and three bright and brilliant-cut natural white diamonds to contrast. It's seriously spectacular.

Jennie Kwon Designs Square Garnet Deco Ring

Jennie Kwon Designs square garnet gothic engagement ring
Photo: Jennie Kwon Designs

Make a statement without breaking the bank with this gorgeous goth square garnet ring, featuring Jennie Kwon's signature milgrain texture to give it that classic, old world essence. The three small white diamonds on each side add an air of elegance.

Capucinne Tonya Hexagon Moss Agate and Emerald Ring

Capucinne moss agate and emerald gothic engagement ring
Photo: Capucinne

This mesmerizing moss agate and emerald engagement ring will put a love spell on her! We're swooning over the sharp geometric shape and the smoky green hues in the center stone. Green baguette-cut emeralds on both sides make it even more magical.

Catbird Wedding Midnight Hour Ring

Catbird gold gothic engagement ring
Photo: Catbird

Make it a midnight proposal with this drop-dead gorgeous ring. While light in color, the unusual shape and the antique-inspired cluster setting, give this engagement ring an eerily ethereal feel. With ethically sourced round rose-cut diamonds in the shape of a clock, it's an ode to both the past and the future.

Leah Hollrock Until Death Do Us Part Ring

Leah Hollrock gothic skull engagement ring
Photo: Leah Hollrock

If she's dying for a gothic skull engagement ring, we've found the one. This spectacular ring is sure to give her a good kind of chills, with a statement skull in the center that can be customized with a ruby, blue sapphire, or black or white diamond. Choose between natural, lab-grown diamonds or moissanites to surround it.

Leah Hollrock Aviator Ring

Leah Hollrock gothic engagement ring
Photo: Leah Hollrock

This gorgeous grey antique-inspired moissanite ring is dark and dreamy all at once. From the grand pear shape to the surrounding natural diamonds, it's sheer perfection. Handcrafted in Denver, it's also completely customizable so you can pick the perfect gemstones or diamonds for her.

Greenwich St. Jewelers Degraw Grey Diamond Engagement Ring

Greenwich St. Jewelers grey diamond engagement ring
Photo: Greenwich St. Jewelers

If she's into diamond gothic engagement rings, go 50 shades of grey with this seductive grey rose-cut diamond juxtaposed by two round brilliant diamond accents on the side to make it pop even more. A diamond pavéd gold band will help her whole hand sparkle.

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