The 16 Best Engagement Rings for Men, From Classic to Edgy

If you're putting a ring on your partner or on your own finger, these are some of the best options to commemorate your engagement.
The 16 Best Engagement Rings for Men
Photos, left to right: Staghead Designs, Mejuri, David Yurman
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Updated Sep 13, 2023
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We're firmly of the opinion that wedding traditions are what you make of them, and there's no reason grooms-to-be can't commemorate their impending nuptials with an engagement ring of their own. The world of engagement rings for men has been rapidly expanding over the past few years, with more exciting jewelry brands in the space offering trendy options or more classically-inclined pieces. There's something for everyone, from simple bands to blinged-out stunners, diamonds to gold. Whether you're thinking about putting a ring on it or thinking about putting one on your own, these are the best engagement rings for men.

Our Favorite Engagement Rings for Men

From designer gems to simple bands, we're obsessed with engagement rings for men these days. No matter what you're looking for–shopping recs or just some inspiration in finding the right piece for you or your partner–we've got you covered. Here are some of our favorite men's engagement rings.

Tiffany & Co. Men's Engagement Ring

Classic engagement ring from Tiffany & Co.
Photo: Tiffany & Co.

There are few names more synonymous with luxury jewelry than Tiffany & Co. Their take on a classic engagement ring for men consists of a platinum band and an elegant diamond in the center. Your spouse will thank you for slipping this one on their finger.

Brilliant Earth Adreas Diamond 5mm Wedding Ring in Rose Gold

Rose Gold engagement ring from Brilliant Earth
Photo: Brilliant Earth

Rose gold adds a pop of lucious color to any piece of jewelry. It's perfect for someone who wants an engagement ring that's simple but still stands out. With its pinkish hue and subtle diamond placement, it'll tick all their boxes (plus it's the perfect size for engravings).

Eternate 6mm Beveled Edge White Gold Engagement Ring

White Gold Engagement Ring from Eternate
Photo: Eternate

White gold is another understated but luxe touch for an engagement ring. This one from Eternate features subtle grooved detailing, a beautiful diamond, and comes in at a sturdy 6mm. It's also available in a number of carats and can be customized accordingly with different metals.

Angara Arrow Pattern Milgrain Wedding Ring

Braided gold wedding band from Angara
Photo: Angara

Patterned rings aren't to be overlooked when shopping for men's engagement rings. Angara's arrow patterned ring is one of the coolest we've seen, with a classic 14k gold band and incredible detailing.

Grown Brilliance Channel Set Wedding Band

Handsome engagement ring from Grown Brilliance
Photo: Grown Brilliance

Who says diamonds are only a girl's best friend? Grown Brilliance lets guys have some of the fun with this beauty, featuring a 14k white gold band and a row of stunning channel-set diamonds.

Ridge Gunmetal Beveled Ring

Gunmetal Beveled Engagement Ring from Ridge
Photo: Ridge

There's nothing wrong with taking the tried and true AC/DC route with a men's engagement ring and getting back in black. For the guy who isn't necessarily in his jewelry era just yet, go with Ridge's simple black gunmetal ring.

Miansai Lennox Jasper Ring

Lennox Jasper Ring for your engagement from Miansai
Photo: Miansai

Miansai has been one of the hippest names in cool, accessible jewelry for guys for a minute now. Their offerings are affordable but don't skimp on style, quality, or great design work. This one features a sterling silver band with a beautiful jasper center.

Hatton Labs Baguette Eternity Silver Cubic Zirconia Ring

Baguette Cubic Zirconia engagement ring
Photo: Mr. Porter

Breaking away from traditional gemstones like diamonds and sapphires can make for an exciting engagement ring swerve. This piece from Hatton Labs features rows of beautiful cubic zirconia and is set in a silver ring.

Mejuri Slim Rectangular Gold Signet Ring

Rectangular Gold Signet Ring from Mejuri
Photo: Mejuri

Signet rings are a classic piece of men's jewelry that will never go out of style. Commemorate your engagement with this one, a beautiful take on the staple from Mejuri.

Clocks and Colours Relic Ring

Cool Clocks and Colours Engagment Ring
Photo: Clocks and Colours

The folks at Clocks & Colours make rings for guys who want people to know they're wearing rings. Subtlety isn't the name of the game here–for an engagement ring that makes a statement (and a loud one at that) go with their Relic ring, which features a beautiful agate stone center and a beefy detailed sterling silver band.

Grown Brilliance Emerald Lab Grown Diamond Polished Solitaire Ring

Emerald and Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Ring
Photo: Grown Brilliance

We're all about the world of lab-grown diamonds these days and the folks at Grown Brilliance do them beautifully. Take this Solitaire ring, for example–it comes in a classic emerald cut and a gorgeous band you can customize in yellow, rose, or white gold.

Versace Nuts & Bolts Medusa Ring

Nuts and Bolts Medusa Engagement Ring
Photo: Versace

There's nothing wrong with going the noticeably name-brand route for an engagement ring. Plenty of high-fashion brands run their own jewelry lines, and Versace's is unmistakably Versace. Engagement rings might not usually be this bold, but if you're equally bold you won't let that stop you.

David Yurman Two Row Band Ring Black Titanium with Pavé Black Diamonds

Engagement Ring with Black Titanium with Pavé Black Diamonds
Photo: David Yurman

David Yurman has become one of the more notable names in the men's jewelry space in recent years thanks to his deft blend of iconic tenets of luxury and more traditionally masculine design elements. This black titanium engagement ring is finished with luxe black diamonds, a striking piece sure to look great on your finger or your partner's.

Staghead Designs Helios Whiskey Barrel Oak and Silver Mountain Range Band

Whiskey Barrel Oak and Silver Engagement Ring
Photo: Staghead Designs

Looking to eschew traditional engagement ring design altogether? Give Staghead Designs a shot–their Helios ring foregoes precious gems in favor of whiskey barrel oak and a cool mountain skyline inlay.

Thorum "The Freya"

A gold engagement ring from Thorum
Photo: Thorum

Made of eternal tungsten carbide, Thorum's Freya ring is an homage to the Norse goddess of love, beauty, battle, and gold. With a unique texture and slim width, it's a subtle stunner perfect for an engagement.

Shane Co. Channel-Set Halo Men's Engagement Ring

Channel-Set Halo Men's Engagement Ring from Shane Co.
Photo: Shane Co.

If you're all about the gemstones, this is the one for you. Shane Co.'s channel-set halo ring comes with a circle of twenty small diamonds surrounding a second stone in the ring's center. You can customize the type of stone and the cut on your own, with everything from rubies to lavender sapphires being available.

What to Consider When Buying Engagement Rings for Men

Buying an engagement ring–whether it's for you or your partner–is a decision that draws on a number of factors and details. From personal taste to sentimentality to a realistic budget, here's what you need to know before going ring shopping.

Set a budget

It may seem redundant to note but the reality is that this is an important factor to consider. The amount of money you're able to spend on a ring will affect the rings you're able to realistically consider. If you're buying a men's engagement ring to propose to your partner there are certain adages about what your budget should be, but ultimately it comes down to what's most realistic for you. The role of your budget also changes if the context of the purchase is different–maybe you're buying an accompanying ring to go with the one with which you'll be proposing to your partner, or maybe your partner is looking to buy you a ring to commemorate the engagement after the proposal. There are no real rules in place for how much a ring should cost here, so go with whatever suits your needs. In any case, knowing your budget ahead of ring shopping gives you a comfortable frame of reference to draw from when you start looking.

Decide if you're going with gemstones or not

While engagement rings for men tend to not come with the diamond settings of traditional rings, they generally fall into two subcategories: gemstone or no gemstone. Because there aren't set traditions surrounding men's engagement rings, you have a lot of freedom here. Go with what feels right to you, whether it's a proper diamond or a stone commemorating your or your partner's birth month. You can also leave the stone out entirely–there are plenty of stunning men's engagement rings that don't have them.

Do you want it engraved?

Engravings are an important factor to consider ahead of buying an engagement ring for men. Whether it's a sweet message between you and your partner or the date of your engagement, an engraving can add a level of personalization to an engagement ring that makes it all the more special. The reason this is important to consider ahead of ring shopping is because not every ring is going to be engraving-friendly. Thinner bands will offer less room for any sort of engraved script, while hyper-detailed rings may create complications due to uneven surfaces or preexisting engravings. Knowing in advance whether or not this is something you'd be interested in ensures that you and your partner will be happy with the ring forever.

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