The Best Groom Emergency Kit Ideas for a Mishap-Free Wedding Day

Be wedding-ready with these handy kits.
What to put in a groom's emergency kit
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Updated Nov 28, 2023
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When it comes to wedding planning, it's important to prepare for anything. That's why a groom emergency kit is a must-have in your wedding day arsenal. A groom emergency kit is a small pouch or bag filled with all the essentials, from extra deodorant to safety pins. Let's look at what you need to include in your kit and how you can even buy pre-made ones to save yourself some extra time.

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Groom's Emergency Kit Checklist

Not sure what you should include in your emergency kit? Don't worry because we've got you covered. Here are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling, as well as some expert tips from Laura Montorio of the Paris Officiant, a pro on wedding must-haves to keep your day running smoothly.

Groom's emergency kit checklist
Design: Natalie Romine

"His" Travel Bag to Collect Everything

"His" embroidered bag for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Target

Why do you need a bag for all of these items? Montorio explains, "Grooms should not put all these items into the pockets of their suit jacket or pants. It looks bulky and not great on the wedding photos." Invest in a bag that you'll use for many more adventures to come, like this convenient travel bag.

Mini Sewing Kit to Save Rips and Tears

Sewing kit for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Walmart

Clothing mishaps can happen at any time, but preparing for them is key. A miniature sewing kit in your emergency bag is great for those unexpected rips, tears or holes.

Get Cozy With an Extra Pair of Socks

Personalized 'Cold Feet' Men's Socks Wedding Gift for groom's emergency kit
Photo: The Knot Shop

An extra pair of socks can help keep your feet feeling fresh, especially when you've been tearing it up on the dance floor. And these personalized socks come in just about any color to easily match your color palette.

Freshen Up With Fragrance Spray

Travel cologne for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Sephora

Pro tip: Wear a special fragrance for your big day so that scent is always associated with your wedding. Tuck a travel-sized bottle of cologne into your emergency kit to keep the scent lasting all day.

Finesse Your Look With a Miniature Lint and Hair Roller

Miniature lint roller for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Target

You don't want to look back at your wedding photos and see a bunch of stray lint and hair. This tiny lint roller will come in handy, especially if you plan on incorporating your fur babies into the wedding.

Dry Spray Deodorant to Combat Anxiety Sweat

Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray
Photo: Walmart

Whether it's the layers or excitement of the day, you might be sweating more than usual. That's why a dry spray deodorant is your new best friend, ensuring you stay fresh and clean from the ceremony to your big exit.

Save Your Smile With Fresh Breath Mouthwash

Travel sized mouthwash for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Ulta

Fresh breath is a must throughout the day. You'll be greeting a lot of guests and kissing your new spouse, so a bright smile and fresh mouth are essential.

Oil Blotting Sheets to Get Photo-Ready

Blotting papers for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Sephora

Our expert, Laura Montorio, adds, "Any skin quickly gets oily and shiny when temperatures rise… Blotting paper is discreet and does the trick perfectly." Thankfully, this item won't take up too much space in your kit, but it can definitely come in clutch during those photo ops.

Pucker Up With Moisturizing Lip Balm

Lip balm for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Kiehl's

Get your lips ready for the first kiss with this fragrance-free lip balm. The paraben-free formula contains squalane, aloe vera and Vitamin E to help you achieve a soft, supple pucker.

Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Mist to Stay Safe

Hand sanitizer mist for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Touchland

Keep germs at bay with this pocket-sized hand sanitizer spray made of 70% Ethyl Alcohol, aloe vera, radish root ferment and lemon essential oil. Available in a variety of scents, from unscented to sandalwood, lavender and citrus, there's a formula to fit everyone.

Power Up With a Lightweight Portable Phone Charger

Portable charger for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Clutch

When your battery is dwindling below 10%, this portable charger comes in clutch, literally. The slender design is barely larger than a credit card and can magnetize to iPhone and MagSafe phone cases.

Electrolyte and Hydration Powder

 Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Amazon

Did you over-imbibe at the rehearsal dinner? Don't let dehydration ruin your wedding. These single-serve electrolyte powder packets are the perfect addition to a bottle of water.

Pre-Made Emergency Kits for the Groom

For the busy groom, these pre-made emergency kits have it all. From travel-sized toiletries to first aid essentials, these kits are ready to take with you for any wedding day mishap.

Mini Emergency Kit for Grooms in a Pinch

Mini Emergency Kit for Grooms
Photo: Amazon

Consider this your tool bag full of wedding day must-haves for any potential mishap. You'll be better prepared with this pint-sized kit that can easily be tucked away in your pocket.

The Essentials Groom Kit for Every Possible Scenario

Pre-made groom's emergency kit
Photo: Amanda Mae Studio

If you need a kit that has enough for you, your wedding party and even your S.O., then this is the one for you. This kit is packed with multiples of handy items to help your wedding day go just as planned.

Travel Toiletries Kit to Prevent On-the-Go Disasters

Travel toiletries groom's emergency kit
Photo: Walmart

Freshen up with this handy kit of travel toiletries that will have you smelling and looking your absolute best. And it can even be reused for your future travels, making this one seriously versatile emergency bag.

Thorough Groom Kit to Get Wedding Day Ready

Groom emergency kit
Photo: Kenzies Kits

Here's a fun emergency kit that has just what you need to enjoy your day without a hitch. You get a variety of goodies in this bag, like pain relievers, bandages and things to freshen up.

So Fresh and So Clean Groom Emergency Kit

Groom emergency kit
Photo: Amazon

Prepare for any possibility and be ready to tackle it head-on with this kit. You've got a ton of must-haves for your day, like a comb, lip balm and extra deodorant.

Pint-Sized Emergency Groom's Kit

Groom's emergency kit
Photo: Amanda Mae Studio

This is another miniature kit that can fit in your pants pocket or jacket. You can even tuck this into your favorite customized bag.

Pocket Kit for the Grooms on the Go

Groom's emergency kit
Photo: Amazon

This kit's a wonderful mix of pocket-sized goodies with still enough of what you need to have your best day ever. It even has extra buttons and a mending kit, should there be any wardrobe malfunctions.

Groom Emergency Kit Essentials: Editor's Picks

Though you can't pack up everything for your big day, there are some must-have items you should have on hand at least. These are some of our favorite products that seriously come in clutch during your wedding and reception.

Customizable Men's Travel Bag

Personalized Men's Travel Toiletry Bag
Photo: The Knot Shop

This versatile travel bag is perfect for the wedding emergency kit and even the honeymoon. Use this to store all of your must-haves, and then bring it with you for any holiday mishaps that could use some extra safety pins, tissues and other everyday items.

Tissues for Happy Tears

Travel sized tissues for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Amazon

"Having a couple of tissues on them is not only great for their own happy tears, but also to help out their bride - as most brides don't have pockets," says Montorio. You can keep these in your kit or pocket for when those happy tears start rolling.

Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Toothbrush travel kit for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Walmart

You don't want to hear the officiant say, "You may now kiss each other," and you're worried more about your breath than the big moment. That's where this travel toothbrush and toothpaste comes in before your ceremony.

Handy Repair Hand Balm

Travel Size Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm for groom's travel kit
Photo: Ulta

You'll be wearing a new ring soon, which means some repair lotion will seriously come in handy. (No pun intended.) This hand balm will keep you feeling smooth and looking good for the big day.

Everything But the Bag Emergency Bundle

Groom's emergency bundle
Photo: Victoria Lea Design

Don't have the time during wedding planning to buy all the little things? Then, you might want this handy bundle that has just what you need to fill your emergency kit so you can focus on your best day ever with your future spouse.

All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes

Wet wipes for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Target

We've got another pro tip from Montorio about this unexpected must-have: "Wet wipes are in general useful for grooms who plan to be outdoors at some point of their wedding day. It's the quickest and easiest way to make your shoes shine again." These also come in handy for any unexpected spills or dirt.

Energizing Snacks

Energizing nut mix snack for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Amazon

Any energizing or protein-packed snack is going to keep you feeling your best on this big day. Pack a few of your favorites in your kit, and maybe even some in your pocket for your future spouse in case their stomach starts rumbling, too.

Stains No More Pen

Tide to go stain pen for groom's emergency kit
Photo: Walmart

Montorio adds, "Grooms easily get makeup stains on their suits when taking couple photos and posing with their bride or when guests congratulate and hug them after the ceremony." That's why something like this Tide pen is an essential item in your emergency kit.

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