9 Items to Include in an Indian Reception Program

Don't forget live musical performances and Bollywood-inspired dances.
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Updated Feb 01, 2018

Indian weddings are filled to the brim with vibrant, colorful events that last over the course of a few days. As the grand finale to the festivities, an Indian reception program is bursting with a multitude of dazzling performances. Read on for some key ingredients to include in your reception program that'll get your guests' blood pumping.

1. The Wedding Party Entrance

After guests have been seated, anticipation will be buzzing as the DJ announces the arrival of the wedding party. This is a fun time for your wedding party and/or immediate family members to enter the reception hall to an energetic song with a funny dance or synchronized action that gets guests amped up for your grand entrance.

2. The Newlyweds' Grand Entrance

We're in awe of that moment when the now-married couple sashays in for their grand reception entrance. It's the newlyweds' time to shine, and they should play around to make the moment their own. We've witnessed some couples get really creative—everything from riding in on a rickshaw to being carried in by their respective wedding parties. So fun!

3. The First Dance

After your grand entrance, all eyes are on you, so it's a perfect time to go straight into your first dance as a married couple. There's perhaps no moment more romantic or personal than a newlyweds' first dance. Whether your dance is choreographed or it's just sweet swaying to a sentimental song, this is your moment to bask in the love you share together.

4. Bollywood-Inspired Dances

Indian wedding functions are never complete without high-energy Bollywood performances. Have your maid of honor round up the ladies in your bridal party to perform a high-octane, choreographed Bollywood number. There's tons of inspiration on YouTube to get your creative juices flowing. Trust us, the perfect Bollywood song will have guests tapping their toes and itching to shake it on the dance floor.

5. A Bhangra Groomsmen Dance

Adding a bit of bhangra to your reception festivities is a surefire way to spice things up. Bhangra is a colorful and energetic dance form originating from Punjab, India, but bhangra beats now have people dancing all over the world. To pump guests up, have your groomsmen choreograph a dance to a banging bhangra tune. There are some amazing East-meets-West bhangra songs featuring popular musicians such as Jay-Z and Missy Elliott that'll exhilarate the crowd.

6. A Dance Medley to Your Favorite Retro Hits

For some major crowd-pleasing nostalgia, have your friends choreograph a lighthearted number to your favorite blast-from-the-past hits. Tunes from TLC, The Backstreet Boys and Michael Jackson always get the crowd going wild. Plus, for your less experienced dancer friends, performing simple steps to these classic, Western numbers is a fun, less intimidating way to partake in the reception program.

7. A Massive Family Number

We love it when we see everyone from tiny nieces to respectable great-grandpas shaking their thing in a giant family dance performance. Have a designated cousin round up the rest of the family and teach them a few simple steps to a classic Bollywood song. The performance doesn't have to perfectly coordinate—simply having the entire family share the stage will be such a powerful moment.

8. Live Musical Performances

Add in an extra-special musical number to your reception program performed by your musically inclined family or friends. We love when singers are accompanied by live instruments and perform a medley of the newlyweds' favorite songs. This is always such an emotional highlight of the reception.

9. The Welcome Speech and Toasts

Now that you and your forever love have sealed the deal, it's time for both of you to thank your guests for coming. Your parents, siblings, best man and maid of honor should then give their toasts and share some special stories about your journey to get to this amazing night.

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