21 Unique Ceremony Ideas You Haven't Seen Before

Personalize your ceremony with one of these details.
by Andrea Fowler

It's becoming increasingly common for modern couples to forgo the traditional church wedding and personalize their ceremony to fit their own beliefs and personal style, and with that comes a whole wave of personalized wedding ceremony details. 

Sure, the reception is where the party is at, but that's not to say you can't have fun with the decor at the ceremony area, surprising your guests with an unexpected song while walking down the aisle or a unique unity ceremony idea. There are so many way to make your ceremony truly your own. Here are 21 totally unique ceremony ideas to inspire your day. 

  1. 1. Unique Ceremony Seating

    Unique wedding ceremony idea with circular seating
    photo by Blume Photography
  2. 2. DIY Petal Toss Station

    Cute ceremony idea with a DIY petal toss station that guests can put together
    photo by onelove photography
  3. 3. A Surprising Ring Bearer

    Unique wedding ceremony idea with an elephant ring bearer
    photo by Gina Smith Photography
  4. 4. Upgrading Outdoor Wedding Furniture

    Unique outdoor wedding ceremony seating idea
    photo by Luxury Estate Wedding + Events
  5. 5. Flower Girl Blowing Bubbles (Instead of Tossing Petals!)

    Bubble Girl instead of a wedding ceremony Flower Girl
    photo by Nine Photography
  6. 6. One-of-a-Kind Ceremony Entrance

    Unique wedding ceremony idea with a one-of-a-kind bridal entrance
    photo by Turnquist Photography
  7. 7. Unique Ceremony Program Display

    Unique wedding ceremony program display
    photo by Christina Lilly Photography
  8. 8. DIY Paper Bouquet

    Unique DIY paper bouquet alternative to flowers
    photo by Randy + Ashley
  9. 9. A Non-White Wedding Gown

    Unique wedding ceremony ideas
    photo by Q Weddings
  10. 10. Including Pets In the Ceremony

    Unique wedding ceremony idea including family pets
    photo by Fairy Tale Photography
  11. 11. Exchanging Vows Over Water

    Unique wedding ceremony on a suspended platform over water
    photo by Cory Ryan Photography
  12. 12. Outdoor Ceiling of String Lights

    Unique outdoor ceremony idea with a ceiling of string lights
    photo by Willow Noavi Photography
  13. 13. A Matromonial Rug

    Unique ceremony idea: Getting married on a rug that can be used in your home afterward
    photo by The Nichols
  14. 14. Chic Sun Hat Bridal Accessory

    Unique bridal fashion idea with a chic sun hat
    photo by Heather Waraska
  15. 15. Musical Vow Exchange

    Unique wedding ceremony idea with live music during the vow exchange
    photo by Love Roots Photography
  16. 16. Outdoor Nighttime Ceremony

    Unique nighttime wedding ceremony idea
    photo by Emily Wren Photography
  17. 17. Pajama Party-Themed Ceremony

    Pajama party-themed wedding ceremony
    photo by Lauren Brown Photography
  18. 18. Thank-You Cake for a City Hall Wedding

    Unique wedding ceremony idea; giving your city hall officiant a thank-you cake
    photo by Powers Studios
  19. 19. Asking a Friend or Family Member to Officiate

    Personalized wedding ceremony with a family member officiant
    photo by HIbben Photography
  20. 20. Custom Built Wood Ceremony Platform

    Unique ceremony idea with a custom wood platform
    photo by Ryan Zarichnak Photography
  21. 21. Lightsaber Ceremony Exit

    Star Wars lightsaber wedding ceremony exit
    photo by SO Photography
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