Divorced Parents: Invite Dad's Girlfriend to Wedding?


My mom and dad are recently divorced and my father wants to bring his new girlfriend to the wedding. I don't want my mother's feelings to be hurt. What should we tell him?


First, as a couple, decide for yourselves whether you wish to invite your newly single parents with or without a guest (we definitely suggest inviting them with). The only exception: If the new girlfriend was in any way involved in the divorce (in other words, if there was an "other woman" or "other man" situation happening), strongly consider asking your father to respect your mother's feelings and not bring someone who is likely to re-open unhealed wounds. If that's not the case and you do choose to invite your parents with guests, make sure it's clear on your invitations that each parent is welcome to bring someone (whether a new love interest or a friend). What happens after that is out of your control. It becomes each parent's decision whether to attend the wedding with someone or to go solo. Your parents are adults and will (hopefully) act as such on the day of your wedding. Any hurt feelings will be superseded by the joy of seeing their daughter getting married to the man of her dreams.

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