The 20 Best Last-Minute Groomsmen Gifts for a "Thanks" on the Fly

Your groomsmen don't have to know you procrastinated.
Four last minute groomsmen gift ideas
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Colleen Zewe - The Knot Contributor.
Colleen Zewe
Colleen Zewe - The Knot Contributor.
Colleen Zewe
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Oct 24, 2023
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You've got the tuxedo, the rings and your vows. Wedding ready, right? Not so fast. You don't want to forget a gift to show appreciation to your groomsmen. If finding their gifts fell to the wayside during wedding prep, you may be on the hunt for last-minute groomsmen gifts.

It's important to gift something to your wedding party. While the timing of when to give wedding party gifts can vary, it's customary to have at least something small to give each member at the rehearsal dinner or the morning of the big day. After all, they've dedicated time, energy and money to stand by your side during one of the most important celebrations of your life.

But if you find yourself on the hunt for something to give them right before the big day, have no fear. We've rounded up the best last-minute groomsmen gift ideas for your very best guys, from instant-delivery gift cards to same-day shipping saviors. Even the worst case of procrastination can be solved with these options that your groomsmen are sure to love.

1. Whiskey Gift Set

Whiskey gift set for groomsmen
Photo: Amazon

Tumblers? Check. Whiskey stones? Check. Coasters? Check. One day shipping? Check! Ship your groomsmen a kit that has everything they need to enjoy a glass of whiskey (or a bourbon-based cocktail) faster than you can say "cheers."

2. Groomsmen Socks

Black and white polka dot dress socks gift for groomsmen
Photo: Amazon

Who doesn't love fun socks? These dotted socks are classy enough for formal events, but still add a touch of fun. You can get a multipack set and pass out one pair to each of your groomsmen (and get them fast with Amazon Prime).

3. Spotify Digital Gift Card

Spotify gift card for groomsmen
Photo: Target

Digital gift cards are a great way to get them something useful fast. This Spotify gift card can cover their premium subscription. Maybe they can use the ad-free music to practice their moves for the reception dance floor.

4. Groomsmen Sunglasses

Groomsmen black sunglasses gift
Photo: Amazon

Looking for a gift you can all wear in photos for the big day? This set of sunglasses comes with a pair labeled "groom," a pair labeled "best man" and several labeled "groomsman." You can all pop them on for a few fun group shoots. Say cheese!

5. Digital Cocktail Mix Gift Set

Cocktail mizers gift set for groomsmen
Photo: Sugarwish

This gifting company sends an email to your groomsmen asking them to choose from a variety of mixers for a custom gift set that'll be shipped right to them. Since they get to pick, they're guaranteed to get a gift they love. These mixers can also be used for mocktails or mixed into sparkling water for those who don't partake in alcohol. And since there is an element of choice, it totally makes sense for these to arrive sometime after the wedding so you're off the hook.

6. Dopp Kits

Leather toiletry bag gift for groomsmen
Photo: Amazon

Your groomsmen are going to need a bag to keep all their wedding day essentials in. This fast-shipping set comes with six bags in a variety of leather hues. This bag can travel with your guys from the wedding to the gym, to the campsite, to the hotel.

7. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift Card for groomsmen
Photo: Target

Streaming service gift cards are easy wedding party gifts, but always appreciated. After all, who doesn't like to binge a good show? This digital gift card can be in your groomsmen's inboxes within minutes.

8. Solid Cologne Set

Solid cologne gift set for groomsen
Photo: Amazon

Cologne is fancy, but you know what feels extra fancy? Solid cologne. Solid cologne feels vintage and classy. This set comes with sample sizes of four colognes. Pass out the samples to your groomsmen or order multiple sets so that they each can have a few to try.

9. Digital Xbox Gift Card

Digital xbox gift card for groomsmen
Photo: Microsoft

Do the guys like to game on the weekends? Consider an Xbox gift card. They can use it to buy games digitally or order products from the Microsoft store. When you're all enjoying a round of gaming together, your groomsmen will agree this is the gift that keeps on giving.

10. Custom Golf Balls

Personalized golf ball gift for groomsmen
Photo: Amazon

If Saturday morning tee times and evenings at the driving range define your friendship, consider these useful golf balls as last-minute groomsmen gifts. Stamped with the "groomsman" logo, your besties will remember your fun wedding day every time they pull these out on the green.

11. DoorDash Gift Card

Doordash gift card for groomsmen
Photo: Amazon

Nothing says, "I appreciate you standing beside me" like a hot meal. And they can get almost any hot meal they want delivered with DoorDash. Send the gift card by email for a fun surprise in their inboxes.

12. Stainless Steel Tumbler

White YETI Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler gift for groomsmen
Photo: Amazon

Water, beer, soda, coffee—if you can drink it, you can keep it in this tumbler. This double-walled tumbler keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Anyone can appreciate its sleek design and you can order your friends' favorite colors. This is a practical, but thoughtful gift your groomsmen will love.

13. NFL UNO Game

UNO NFL Card Game gift for groomsmen
Photo: Amazon

If you're looking for something small to round out your wedding day or groomsmen proposal gift, consider this fun, NFL-themed UNO game. It's classic UNO with a twist – the colors and numbers have been replaced with all 32 pro football teams. It's a collectible card game football fans will be excited to break out during game nights in.

14. Coffee Club Subscription

Atlas coffee club gift subscription for groomsmen
Photo: Atlas Coffee Club

Ok, so this gift won't instantly ship. But it does continue to give gifts to your groomsmen even after the wedding. With this coffee subscription gift, they'll receive a unique coffee, tasting notes and details about where it's from every month for three months. Pair it with a mug given on the wedding day for a warm and caffeinating groomsmen gift.

15. Apple Gift Card

Apple gift card for groomsmen
Photo: Target

From app store purchases to fancy new tech, there's (almost) nothing you can't buy with an Apple gift card. With this digital-delivery gift card, they can grab in-app games, movies and music, as well as physical purchases such as new devices or accessories. This card does it all and then some.

16. One Dozen Cookies

One dozen gourmet cookies

Mmmm, cookies. Who doesn't love a food gift? This set of one dozen cookies come in a variety of flavors, from classic chocolate chip to red velvet, and can be delivered at their door on the same day. A surprise batch of cookies waiting at their doorstep sounds like a great groomsmen gift to us.

17. Movie Night Gift Set

Popcorn movie night supplies gift for groomsmen
Photo: Amazon

When it comes to planning a fun night in, popcorn and a movie always feels just right. This fast-shipping set includes a variety of popcorn seasonings, such as white cheddar and garlic parmesan, as well as unique and colorful kernels. Their couch will feel just like a theater once the aroma of freshly popped popcorn fills the room.

18. Body Care Gift Set

Every man jack bath and body gift set for groomsmen
Photo: Amazon

When it comes time to get ready for the wedding, your groomsmen will want quality and warm-scented products to help them feel confident for the big day. This hair wash, face wash, deodorant and body wash set comes in a warm, manly sandalwood set and packaged neatly. All you need to do is hit "add to cart."

19. Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card

Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card for groomsmen
Photo: Target

A digital gift card to your favorite restaurant is a giftable way of treating everyone to a fun meal. Whether they use it for dinner with their family or to stock up on apps come game day, this will surely be a hot pick for a last-minute groomsmen gift. Just save us some wings, okay?

20. Virtual Experience

Uncommon Goods virtual experience class gift for groomsmen
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Sometimes, experiences really do make the best gifts. Instead of a physical item, gift your groomsmen one of these virtual classes. Options range from cooking, to mixology, to beer tasting. Pick a date and time sometime in the future, and know your groomsmen can reschedule for a different slot after receiving the gift, if needed. Ahead of the class, they'll receive everything they need in the mail, then they'll just open their computer, turn on the camera and get ready for a fun afternoon.

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