Easy Ideas to Throw a Dazzling Pink Bridal Shower

Make the to-be-wed feel pretty in pink.
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Updated Aug 31, 2023
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Pink is often symbolic of sweetness, charm, romance and femininity. If any of these traits remind you of your bestie, or if pink is simply their favorite color, consider throwing them a pink bridal shower. Have fun as the bridal shower host picking out everything you need for this fun bridal shower theme. Include a few accent pieces in pink or go for an all-pink theme. Choose a whimsical cake, adorable decor and vibrant centerpieces in pink to tie everything together. Need a little help coming up with bridal shower ideas? Keep reading for inspiration and what you need to throw a stellar pink bridal shower.

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Pink Bridal Shower: What You Need

Deck out your tables, backdrop and even your menu cards in festive shades of pink. Here's what you need for a pink bridal shower theme.

Whimsical Pink Bloom Shower Invitation

Pink floral bridal shower invitations
Photo: Simply to Impress

Bridal shower invitations set the mood for your event and inform guests of the shower theme. These pink bridal shower invitations feature big, beautiful blooms and pink text. Customize the text and choose your card shape to make the invitation unique to the event.

Boho Pink Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Blush Lavender Dried Flower Arrangement for pink bridal shower
Photo: Booksandetcetera

Top your tables with bridal shower centerpieces that match your theme. This miniature boho pink bridal shower decoration includes dried pink flowers mixed with lavender and baby's breath in a sleek white vase.

Pink Bridal Shower Cake Decorations

Pink Boho Bridal Shower Cake Topper Decorations
Photo: Amazon

Adorn your bridal shower cake with a stunning cake topper that will get everyone's attention. This kit includes silk pink flowers, pink palm leaves, tail grass and eucalyptus leaves.

Delicious Pink Candy Buffet

Pink candy bridal shower buffet
Photo: Just Candy

Fill your dessert table with a buffet of pink confections. Perfect for an all-pink bridal shower, this assortment includes lollipops, mints, rock candy and taffy.

Modern Bridal Shower Menu

Modern Pink Bright Floral Bridal Shower Roses Menu
Photo: Zazzle

A decorative menu card provides an extra touch to your place settings. These modern menu cards include a blush and hot pink design with clusters of roses.

Pink Tulle Table Skirt

Rose Quartz 4 Layer Tulle Tutu Pleated Bridal Shower Table Skirt
Photo: Tablecloths Factory

This eye-catching table skirt features layers of rose quartz tulle for a playful effect. Attach it to your dessert or gift table to make it stand out.

Pink Flower Bridal Shower Sign

Petals Prosecco Pink Floral Bridal Shower Welcome Foam Board
Photo: Zazzle

Greet guests with a bridal shower sign that fits your theme. This pink bridal shower decoration features a cluster of pink blooms with the words "petals and prosecco" which is fully customizable. Change the text to match the vibe of the shower.

Soft Pink Balloon Garland

Soft Muted Pink DIY Balloon Garland Arch Kit
Photo: BalloonVillaCo

Accent your dessert table, entryway or photo station with decorative balloon garland. Baby pink and blush balloons are the perfect addition to a pink bridal shower. Add greenery, tinsel or other decor to level up your garland.

Pink Bridal Shower Favor Vases

Pink Floral Vintage Creamer Assortment Favor Vase for bridal shower
Photo: The Knot Shop

Treat your guests with one of these adorable vintage creamer favor vases. Perfect for a bridal shower tea, each vase includes a unique design so guests can choose which one they love best.

Pink Chiffon Bridal Shower Backdrop

Dusty Rose Chiffon Backdrop Curtain
Photo: Amazon

Set up a fun and fancy place to take photos with a bridal shower backdrop. This stunning chiffon backdrop in dusty rose is perfect for a pink bridal shower and can be dressed up with decorative accents.

Crystal Pattern Pink Wine Glasses

Pink Patterned Plastic Wedding Wine Glasses
Photo: Walmart

Raise a glass to the to-be-wed with these adorable pink wine glasses. The elegant crystal pattern gives them an upscale feel on your tablescape.

Perfectly Pink Bridal Shower Games

Red pink bridal shower games bundle template
Photo: Kartustelle

These printable bridal shower games aren't just pink, but are also a blast to play with your family and friends. The ring game and bridal shower bingo are just a couple of the bridal shower game ideas in this set. Don't forget to award the winners with bridal shower games prizes they'll be excited to take home.

Bride to Be Pink Shower Banner

Rose Pink Glitter Sign For Wedding Engagement Party Decorations
Photo: Amazon

Hang a fun pink party banner to tie together your bridal shower theme. This rose-pink banner features the words "Bride to Be" flanked by two diamond rings.

Blush Pink Dinner and Dessert Plates

Pink Scallop Disposable Plastic Bridal Shower Plates
Photo: CVLinens

Complete your table decor with pink dinner and dessert plates. These sturdy plates include a gold trim which gives them an elegant look at your place settings.

Festive Pink Edible Glitter

[Image - pull from the product page]

Dust cupcakes, cookies or cocktails with festive edible glitter. There is no taste or texture so the flavors of your refreshments still shine through. The rose gold shade is the perfect addition to a pink bridal shower.

Diamond Table Decorations

Blush & Rose Gold Table Decorations
Photo: Party City

Dot your tables with diamond-shaped decor reminiscent of the to-be-wed's stunning engagement ring. These pink bridal shower table decorations look great throughout your guest tables.

Pink Bridal Shower Ideas

From bridal shower foods to centerpieces and more there are lots of fun ways to include pink in your event. Find loads of inspiration with these 16 pink ideas.

Bright Pink Tablescape

Bold shades of pink command attention in this stunning tablescape. From the bright blooms in the centerpieces to the menu cards, all of the colors coordinate beautifully for a cohesive look.

Playful Pink Bridal Shower Cake

Perfect for a whimsical event, this pink bridal shower cake features a unique design for each layer. A teacup cake topper and detailed pocket watch complement the molded florals and ruffles throughout the design.

Pink Floral Garland Backdrop

Pose with your favorite people in front of a creative pink photo backdrop. This beautiful backdrop features flower garlands and pink ribbons.

Edgy Pink Lounge Seating

Treat bridal shower guests to comfy seating via plush pink couches and chairs. Bright pink tables and drapery tie everything together.

Tropical Pink Flower Shower Decoration

Welcome guests with decorations of pink tropical florals, feathers and boho pampas grass. Or set up this stunning display at your photo station to beautifully frame your guests.

Pretty-in-Pink Dessert Table

From decor to sweet treats, fill your dessert table with shades of pink to fit with your theme. We love these adorable pink paper cone donut holders and the pink frosting dolloped on delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Pink Carpet Bridal Shower Guest Entrance

Have your guests walk the pink carpet as they arrive at the shower or line up to take photos. This fun detail will make everyone in your group feel like a celebrity.

Pink Flamingo Cake Topper

These two love birds look so sweet on a bridal shower cake. This flamingo cake topper is a great choice for pink bridal shower with a tropical vibe.

Hoop Centerpiece With Pink Roses

Complete your table decor with stunning centerpieces your guests might ask to take home. This hoop design includes roses and peonies in shades of blush to vibrant pink.

Pink Bridal Shower Cocktail

Add a signature cocktail to your shower menu that also fits in with your theme. These refreshing pink drinks are topped with a sprig of thyme for extra flavor and visual appeal.

Tea Pot Pink Centerpiece

If you're planning a bridal shower that includes a spot of tea and dainty finger sandwiches, continue that theme into your centerpieces as well. Pink and blush peonies and nestled into a white teapot in this creative centerpiece.

Pink Acrylic Bar Signs

Show off the names and ingredients of your signature bridal shower cocktails with a custom pink acrylic sign. Complement the decor with blush candles and a backdrop of flowers.

Pink Cotton Candy Station

Whip up batches of fluffy pink cotton candy to serve to your guests during the shower. Or send family and friends home with bags of the bridal shower dessert as a sweet favor.

Romantic Pink Velvet Tablecloth

This velvet tablecloth brings a touch of luxury to any table. The pink bridal shower decoration also fits in with a fall or winter event.

Pink Balloon Bridal Shower Decor

Drink Station with Pink Balloons
Photo: Divya Pande

Accent your drink station with a decorative balloon arch. Balloons in shades of blush, pink and hot pink are a great addition to a pink bridal shower theme.

Dessert Table With Pink Cupcakes

Top mini cupcakes with vibrant pink frosting to temp your guests' sweet tooth. Cupcakes are a fun and easy-to-eat option if you don't want a multi-tiered cake.

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