Try On Wedding Dresses Without Leaving Your House? You Can

by Simone Hill
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Did you know you can try on rings, wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses without stepping foot into a bridal salon or jewelry store? It's true! A few wedding companies have started programs where you can choose a few of your favorite designs, have them delivered to you, try them on, return them and then order the one you love! It's kind of like Warby Parker of glasses for wedding dresses and rings. New companies are popping up all the time — below are a few of the latest to join the try-at-home club. To Try On Wedding Dresses At Home

Wedding dress designer Kirstie Kelly's “Borrow Me" program lets you borrow gowns for two days while you try it on for friends and family without dragging them all to the bridal salon with you. There's nothing scarier than buying a wedding dress online and not knowing what you'll get once you've already put down money, so this is the perfect way to scope out the gown ahead of time.

> To Try On Bridesmaid Dresses At Home

For just $10, recently launched bridesmaid dress retailer Brideside will send your favorite styles to your house, plus they have fit videos so you can find looks that work on different body types. Here's an idea: Have your bridesmaids order samples and have an in-home fashion show brunch! This service is super convenient if you have bridesmaids who live far away and can't come shopping in person!

> To Try On Engagement Rings At Home

You can choose up to six rings to try on and they'll send replicas of your choices, because sometimes you just have to see what it looks like on your hand before you decide. Plus, is there any better way to drop ring hints than have them delivered to your house?


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