13 Bridal Braided Updo Ideas With Flowers

Sweep your hair back in one of these chic updos.
by Andrea Fowler

If you’re looking to sweep up all your locks and tuck them away in a chic, totally trendy 'do, braids are where it’s at. A braided updo can be as formal or boho as you want, but in any case we always vote "yes" on the addition of flowers, from small blooms like baby’s breath to exotic orchids.

Flowers can be swapped in place of a traditional veil or styled in addition to a veil. Or, you could accessorize with a veil for the ceremony and switch things up with a flower crown for the reception. Get inspired by our 13 favorite looks. 

  1. Low Bun With Baby's Breath

    Braided updo with baby's breath flowers
    Lewchan Photography
  2. Thick Braid With Pink Ranunculus

    Wedding updo with a thick braid and ranunculus flowers
    The Nichols
  3. Chic Bun With a Tucked Veil

    Wedding updo with braids, baby's breath and a classic veil
    Votive Photography
  4. Headband French Braid With White Orchids

    Bridal updo with a braid and white orchids
    Luminaire Foto
  5. Messy Braids and White Wax Flowers

    Messy wedding updo with braids and white wax flowers
    Kismet Visuals
  6. Messy Dutch Halo Braid

    Wrap around Dutch braid wedding updo idea
  7. Dutch Braid with Wavy Tendrils

    Sleek Dutch braid wedding updo idea
    Laura Marchbanks Photography
  8. Twisted Braid and Small Yellow Flower Crown

    Twisted braid bridal updo with yellow flowers
    Katelyn James Photography
  9. French Crown Braid

    Wedding updo with small pink and white flowers
    Audra Wrisley Photography
  10. Messy Bun With White Ranunculus

    Loose bun and braid updo with white ranunculus
    Emily Steffen
  11. Braid Halo With Baby's Breath

    Wedding updo with braids and baby's breath
    KT Merry Photography
  12. French Braid With a Low Chignon

    Boho wedding updo with a Dutch braid and low chignon
    Jen Lee Light
  13. Diagonal Dutch Braid

    Dutch braid wedding updo idea with baby's breath
    Smile Peace Love Creative
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