New Wedding Flower Ideas from A to Z

Not to put the pressure on, but flowers are kind of a big deal -- they can set the tone for your entire party. So before you make any quick decisions, take a little time to explore what’s hot. We promise it’s as easy as ABC!
by Jaimie Dalessio
  1. A is for Anemones

    Agnes Lopez Photography

    These blooms come in lots of jewel tones, but it's the white ones with black centers that are becoming a top bouquet choice. Anemones are chic and go with any gown style or dress hue.

  2. B is for Birch

    Perez Photography

    Whether you want a rustic vibe or a romantic log-cabin effect, birch is the answer. We love the way it looks wrapped around a candle, or even large branches of it used as a base to a huppah.

  3. C is for Craspedia

    Anna Kuperberg Photography

    These mod members of the daisy family are also called billy balls or billy buttons. You can also substitute the gray version of craspedia, silver brunia (pictured here). Thanks to their round shape and the fact that even guys don't feel too girlie wearing them, craspedia make great boutonniere blooms. They also look rad packed tightly in a bouquet or a pomander.

  4. D is for Delphiniums

    Artisan Events

    Towering spires of delphiniums (and their sisters, larkspurs) stand tall in any centerpiece. While they provide drama, delphiniums also exude a country-garden feel. Put them in a high vase for some glam or lay them in a basket.

  5. E is for Effortless

    The Nichols

    Pull off the just-picked look with carefully chosen (a florist can help) wildflowers, or turn it more traditional with peonies. Tip: Exposing the middle to the bottom of the stems looks less formal than wrapping them up tightly.

  6. F is for Feathers

    Kristen Taylor Photography

    To get glamour without going bling crazy, just add feathers. Blend white and gold ones into a romantic bouquet, or add black ones for a bigger statement. For something exotic, go with peacock feathers. We love a mix of textures.

  7. G is for Grounded

    Genevieve Nisly

    Blooms on the floor attract as much attention as ones on the tables. For a lawn ceremony, instead of hanging flowers from the chairs, line up flower balls (pomanders without a ribbon for hanging) on either side of the aisle. Then arrange a few near the altar as well.

  8. H is for Hands-free

    Alswang Photography

    A bouquet is still the most popular bridesmaid accessory. But brides are opening up to new ways of distinguishing their girls from the other guests, such as a pinwheel, a single bloom, a dolled-up corsage or a flower in the hair.

  9. I is for Indigo


    Bring something blue into the bouquet, be it a lush bunch of blue hydrangeas or just a few hypericum berries painted turquoise.

  10. J is for Jars

    Jodi Miller Photography

    Mason jars dominate the vintage, homespun-style wedding scene (hey, they're easy to find and collect). But jars of various shapes and sizes are showing up everywhere. Mix things up by filling them with sand or a candle.

  11. K is for Kale

    Leo Patrone Photography

    We're all about foliage in bouquets right now, and the cool thing about kale is that it looks like a regular flower. Pair it with blooms for a fun, organic look. The leaves are a great addition to any arrangement. Keep them au naturel or ask your florist to paint them a metallic color.

  12. L is for Limes

    Brad and Nicole Wolf/SOTA Dzine

    Limes work well as an overall wedding motif or a nice floral accent. Drop them into a vase to make a base for an arrangement; slice them in half to stack them up. Or line your aisle with them.

  13. M is for Monochromatic

    Nick Brown Photography

    Sticking to one color makes for a chic look that brides are digging right now. While it may be difficult to get the shade exactly the same when using different types of flowers, bouquets all in the same color family really are impressive.

  14. N is for Nonfloral

    Melissa Schollaert Photography

    As much as we love flowers, we can't help but admire bouquets of paper blossoms or even buttons or vintage brooches. They're so cool!

  15. O is for Overhead

    Allan Zepeda

    Drape flowers from the ceiling for a surprise when guests look up. Paper lanterns, step aside. We love seeing balls of moss and other floral arrangements suspended from a tent ceiling. You can also decorate your venue's chandeliers with flowers for a different look.

  16. P is for Peonies

    Christine Gallagher Photography

    These spring flowers are the new classics and look gorgeous paired with anything. Plus, although the price per stem falls in the higher range, peonies stand out enough that you can order just a couple and mix them with other blooms.

  17. Q is for Quirky

    Marie Labbancz Photography

    Throw a fiddlehead fern in your bouquet for a bit of whimsy or a cockscomb for something unexpected. Use striped fabric to wrap the stems.

  18. R is for Runners

    Continuum Photography

    Dot arrangements down the center of a long dining table with space in between each for a clean look. Or pack them together for a garden feel. If less structure is more you, a blanket of petals running down the center is also lovely.

  19. S is for Succulents

    Erin Hearts Court

    Modern and fun yet ultra-natural, succulents make a statement. Plop a few mini ones in your bouquet, and go all out with full-size ones in your centerpieces. Or give them out as favors.

  20. T is for Terrariums

    Hoffer Photogoraphy

    We love terrarium-inspired centerpieces. Think: an apothecary jar filled with soil, plants and cute knickknacks.

  21. U is for Underneath (the cake)

    Versluis Photography

    Flowers, everywhere -- seriously. Put some beneath the cake stand to jazz up the display.

  22. V is for Vegetables

    Erin Johnson Photography

    Artichokes are an easy choice, but radishes and squashes are also gaining in popularity. Whether you have a garden wedding or a tented affair in a field, veggies add an organic feel to the tables.

  23. W is for Wildflowers

    Erin Hearts Court

    Mixing and matching led the way to wildflower acceptance. Varied colors and textures with a natural, just-picked look; it's all en vogue.

  24. X is for XL flowers

    Stephanie Williams Photography

    Dinner-plate sunflowers or dahlias are seriously some of the prettiest things ever. They're as big as a plate (or the size of your face). The best part? You really only need one or two per arrangement.

  25. Y is for Yellow

    Stephanie Williams Photography

    This punchy color rocks it. Our favorite flowers in yellow: roses, chrysanthemums, spider mums (can you tell we like mums?) and calla lilies. Mix them with chocolate cosmos for a modern black and yellow combination.

  26. Z is for Zinnias

    Blue Castle Photography

    These summer flowers pack in lots of texture for little expense. Not only are we seeing them in floral arrangements, but they're also popping up in fabric patterns and invitation designs.

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