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Here's How Much Couples Spend on Wedding Flowers

Find out what you should expect to budget for your blooms.
sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
by Sarah Hanlon
sarah hanlon associate editor the knot
Sarah Hanlon
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Updated Apr 01, 2020

Whether you want ranunculus, roses or peonies in your floral arrangements, wedding flowers can get expensive. You'll likely have to allot a decent part of your budget to blooms if you envision them playing a significant role in your wedding ceremony or reception décor. Of course, when it comes to the average cost of wedding flowers, factors like your venue and time of year will affect the price. For instance, honeyworts and hydrangeas are both seasonal in the winter, and thus cheaper at that time—but if you want them for a summer wedding, you'll have to pay a bit more. So, if you're ready to start searching for your florist and you're wondering, "How much wedding flowers actually cost?" we have the answer. 

According to an internal study that surveyed over 27,000 couples who got married in 2019, the average cost of wedding flowers is $2,000. This number serves as a general basis to help you decide how much to budget for your wedding blooms. But, remember that the average price of wedding flowers will fluctuate based on the kind of florals you get and the way you arrange them. 

Some couples choose to line their ceremony aisle and reception venue with hundreds of fresh flowers. If that's the look you envision for your wedding, expect to pay well over $2,000. But if fresh blooms aren't on the top of your must-have list, there are plenty of alternatives to decorate your space without going over your budget. Trendy options like branches or pampas grass (or even spray-painted greens) can transform any venue, and they'll come at a fraction of the cost of traditional flowers. 

The majority of couples hire a floral professional to decorate their space regardless of the aesthetic. Our survey found that 70 percent of respondents included a florist in their lineup of pros. The remaining couples either went for floral packages offered by their venue, or they likely took care of their flowers on their own, which has its own base cost. If you're curious to know what to budget for professional services, the average cost of florists for a wedding depends on the individual vendor. Resources like The Knot Marketplace are ideal for sourcing vendors based on location, price estimates and services offered.

Thirty percent of couples are also willing to increase their budget for upgrades, especially for flowers. Though it would be an added cost to decorate with exotic florals instead of traditional roses, for example, those small details will make your wedding feel personalized. If you want to throw a celebration that's unforgettable, don't forget to pay attention to the small details to make it look like you thought of everything. It's for this reason that couples are willing to increase their spend when it comes to wedding flowers. 

Keep in mind that this is a national average, with an emphasis on both words. If you're having a luxury wedding, the price will likely multiply. The average price for wedding flowers also varies based on different packages offered by vendors and venues. Some may create corresponding centerpieces, boutonnieres and decorative arrangements as part of their price offering. The same can also be true for bridal bouquet costs. While $2,000 serves as a general price, the average cost of wedding flowers can fluctuate based on volume of stems and the complexity of your order.

The average price for wedding flowers has generally remained the same since 2017, so while select décor trends come and go, one thing is certain: Wedding flowers will remain in style.

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