Here's How to Write the Best Wedding Party Bios For Your Wedding Website

Give your besties the intro they deserve.
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Updated Jun 16, 2021

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will be standing by your side on your wedding day, so it's only fitting that you feature them on your wedding website. Your custom site is a valuable tool for guests, as it includes must-know details like the wedding date and time, dress code details, RSVP guidelines and travel arrangements. But beyond that, your wedding website can be a creative outlet during the planning process, and writing fun wedding party introductions is a great way to show off your best friends. Since they're in your bridal party, they hold a meaningful place in your life—and what better way to honor your friendship by highlighting it alongside all your other wedding details?

As you build your wedding website, don't overlook including biographies for your wedding party. Doing so is a great way to personalize your site while also giving your guests a peek at what's to come on your wedding day. They'll love to read why your maid of honor was given the role, or how one of your groomsmen introduced you and your fiancé. While the wedding party introductions on your website don't have to be long, they should be informative. Here, we break down how to write the best groomsmen and bridesmaid bios, along with five wedding website bio examples you can copy.

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Wedding Party Bio Examples

Not sure how to write wedding party bios? Let us take the guesswork out of it. Below, find five bridal party bio templates you can copy word-for-word on your wedding website. Simply add in your personal details and customize it to feel personal and unique to your crew.

Fast Facts

Keep it short and sweet by listing quick facts about your wedding party members. At a glance, wedding guests will learn all they need to know about your friends.

Alex. Best Man. Groom's older brother. Introduced the happy couple. Coffee connoisseur and unapologetic Philadelphia sports fan.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Have a great story behind how you met each wedding party member? Give a nod to your early beginnings in your wedding party welcome messages.

Maid of Honor: Megan

I met Megan on the first day of high school because our lockers were next to each other. We went from talking about biology homework to being best friends in virtually no time at all. Now, I can't imagine my special day without her standing by my side—just like she did on the first day of school all those years ago.

Sweet and Sentimental

Go ahead and get sappy on your wedding website if you want. Your wedding party members are incredibly special, after all, so now's the time to share exactly why they mean so much to you.

Bridesmaid: Ashley

Growing up as cousins, Ashley and I were never not laughing or scheming against our siblings. Our parents called us long-lost sisters, and she's been part of so many of my best memories. It's only fitting that she'll join me as a bridesmaid on my greatest adventure yet.

Comic Relief

Who says wedding planning has to be serious all the time? If you and your S.O. are full of jokes, weave your humor into your own wedding website to give guests a laugh as they read up on your wedding party members.

Groomsman: John

If you've ever seen John and [groom] together in person, you know their bromance runs deep. (So deep, in fact, that [spouse's name] tries not to be jealous.) Who knew Little League rivals would turn into best friends years later? The wedding day wouldn't be complete without John's unforgettable presence.

The Basics

This simple wedding website bio example covers the bases and shares just enough information about your crew. Plus, it'll help guests feel comfortable striking up a conversation with them on the big day.

Bridesmaid: Maria

After meeting in college, Maria and [bride's name] have been inseparable ever since. At the wedding, you'll find Maria tearing up the dance floor or taking Instagram photos for anyone who asks. (Seriously, you can trust she'll capture your best angles.)

How to Write Wedding Party Introductions on Your Website

Looking for even more wedding party bio wording tips? Before you start writing, brush up on exactly how to write a wedding party introduction below. Writing wedding party introductions isn't like writing formal wedding invitations or wedding ceremony programs. Here, you're encouraged to flex your creative muscles and personalize your site as much as possible. Not only are wedding party bios a sweet way to give your crew the attention they deserve, engaging introductions will keep wedding guests on your site for a long time.

Make It Personalized

First and foremost, your bridesmaid and groomsmen biographies should be personalized. Instead of just writing their names and their wedding party roles, make the biography unique by sharing funny stories or sweet memories. There's a reason why they're included in your wedding party, so share it! Whether you've been besties since kindergarten or you were roommates throughout college, write a few personal anecdotes about your relationship.

Include Must-Know Fun Facts

Your wedding party will be chatting it up with loved ones at every wedding event, from the bridal shower to the reception after-party. Help inspire conversations by including a few fun facts about your bridesmaids so that your guests can chat comfortably with them. Whether they're a die-hard football fan or a self-proclaimed Taco Bell aficionado, include a few fun facts in the introductions on your website. Not only will your guests feel like they know your wedding party a little better, it'll make their biographies fun to read.

Reminisce on Your Favorite Memory Together

Take a walk down memory lane and add your favorite story involving each bridesmaid. Getting creative is one of the best ways to personalize your wedding website, so reflect on your favorite moments together and include it in your bridesmaid introduction on your website.

Turn it Into a Q&A

Looking for wedding website biography examples? Consider shaking up the style by giving it a Q&A format. Not only is this unique, it's significantly easier than writing a paragraph or two on your own. Take five minutes to sit down with everyone in your wedding party and ask them a few questions (like their hobbies, favorite movie, go-to snack and their favorite memory with you). You'll get to spend some quality time with your friends and it'll make for a fun addition to your wedding website.

Let Them Write It

If you feel like you're hitting a creative wall, let your wedding party members write their own biographies. Doing so will let them show off their personal flair, and it'll take one more thing off your wedding checklist (since you've already got so much on your mind). Set a few guidelines (like the desired length and what info to include) and give them the freedom to share why they're excited to help you celebrate this milestone in your life. After all, they'll be the ones standing beside you on your wedding day.

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