The Top 8 Prettiest Wedding Flower Trends for 2024

We've got our sights set on these budding ideas.
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Updated Dec 30, 2023

At the start of every year, one of our favorite things to do is scout out the newest wedding trends, from decor and color palettes to cocktails, entertainment and more. The wedding flower trends for 2024 are already giving us plenty to be excited about, and they come with an added bonus—they're just so pretty to look at. To get the scoop on the most popular wedding flower trends for 2024, we reached out to pro wedding florists and planners for their input on how they're getting creative with their designs in the year ahead.

"Maximalism is not only having a moment but I would argue it's here to stay!," says Kelsea Olivia, founder and creative director of East Olivia, a floral design-focused creative agency based in New York City. "While simplicity will never go out of style, we're definitely in our 'more is more' era in floral and overall event design. However, this is not for the sake of opulence—instead, this maximalist approach can allow for countless opportunities of narrative/story expression for a couple or client."

From energetic pops of color and larger-than-life floral installations that will stop you in your tracks, the 2024 wedding flower trends are shaping up to be beautiful. Trendy arrangements or not, remember that an experienced wedding florist will help make your bouquet and centerpiece inspo photos a reality, so head to The Knot Vendor Marketplace to find and hire a florist. Below, we're sharing our favorite expert predictions for 2024 wedding flower trends and how to use them for your own special day.

In search of wedding flower inspo? Here's your first look at what's trending for the year.

1. Wispy Florals

Inspired by wildflowers and untamed gardens, this design style will be the standard for wedding flowers in 2024. Bouquets, centerpieces and other arrangements will have a loose, wispy look, created by using flowers like poppies, ranunculus, cosmos and other blooms that are known for their spindly, floppy stems. Along those lines, these wispy floral arrangements won't be packed with filler flowers or greenery either. Instead, the goal is to intentionally leave open space in the arrangements to create asymmetrical shapes and movement in a way that feels organic and natural, like you just happened to pick the flowers on a walk through the countryside.

2. Bright & Boldly Colored Blooms

Put the pastels on hold for a minute, because in 2024, the trending wedding flowers are all about saturated, eye-catching blooms that make a statement. "We are seeing more and more clients be more daring with their color decisions," says Julie Guinta, founder and creative director at Little Sister Creative, a floral design and creative event concierge service in Brooklyn, New York. "Plus, your color palette is an easy way to have a connective thread throughout your entire event and its a ton of fun!"

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If this year's trending wedding colors are any indication, pink, green and saturated blue tones are just some of the floral hues on our radar. A major perk you have when opting for a bold color palette: more variety with your wedding flowers. When you're not limiting your florist to just white or soft pink, it opens the door to dozens of other flowers and accents they can include, which helps them flex their creative muscles and push the boundaries.

3. High-Impact Floral Installations

Going beyond the standard bouquets and centerpieces, one of the biggest wedding flower trends of 2024 will have blooms showing up in unexpected ways as part of the decor. "These are bold, dramatic arrangements or scenes that pack a visual punch," says Guinta. "They demand attention and wow your guests! We love flexing our floral creative muscle in this way. [Couples] are wanting to transform special spaces within the event to transport their guests to a floral dreamworld—a nautical-themed photobooth, an epic disco karaoke moment, a garden path to their chuppah, large unique floral sculptures." Whether it's a halo of flowers enveloping your venue entryway or a flower-covered wedding cake table, think about how you can use flowers to create a focal point that really wows your guests.

Your color palette is one way to create visual impact, but unique ceremony florals (instead of basic pillars or arches) and ceiling installations are two other options, says Alyssa Pettinato, owner of Alinato Events in New York, New York. "Pricey, yes, but the best way to jazz up a venue," says Pettinato.

Exactly how dramatic you can go with your floral installations will depend on your wedding venue, including the existing structures and what is or isn't permitted in terms of decorating. But don't be afraid to think outside the box for your wedding day, and remember that you can bring in rental structures to cover with flowers and really customize the space if necessary.

4. Long-Stemmed Designs

Along the same lines of wispy, loose arrangements, long-stemmed flowers and designs will be another wedding flower trend to watch in 2024. These flower arrangements give off the illusion that they were put together without too much thought (even though behind the scenes, we know that's not the case)—think bouquets of long-stemmed roses or a centerpiece filled with towering calla lilies or gladiolus. Another key element of this up-and-coming trend: the arrangements use almost little to no greenery, which creates a clean, simplified look.

5. Minimal Greenery

Speaking of simplified, greenery will take a backseat to flowers as the focus shifts to bouquets, centerpieces and other arrangements that are more structural and impactful. Greenery has long been a go-to for filling out floral designs, especially for boho and garden-style arrangements, but florists won't be relying on it as much in 2024. Instead, the flowers themselves will do most of the talking, with statement blooms and bright color palettes steering designs. Greenery won't be going away entirely, but the type of greenery that's being used is changing too.You'll see fewer ethereal elements like silver dollar eucalyptus and bay leaves, and more botanicals that you could forage from your own backyard, like ivy, mint sprigs and strawberry vines.

6. A Bigger Focus on Non-Floral Wedding Details

"We've seen this trend in recent years, and it is becoming more popular, particularly for more relaxed, outdoor summer weddings or at wedding welcome parties," says Kelsey Connely, owner, creative director and principal planner and designer at Downey Street Events in San Francisco, California. "At our own events, we have incorporated fruits like grapes, strawberries, and lemons into the floral design to add an interesting and fresh element to the tablescape or arrangement."

The East Olivia team, who have created designs for Netflix, La Croix, Anthropologie, Google and other notable clients, seconds this wedding flower trend as one to watch for 2024. "Luxe ribbons and bows, crystals, pearls—you name it," says Olivia. "I love seeing how creative floral and event designers are getting these days by adding different colors, textures, shapes and movement to your standard florals or even weaving into table top decor items like taper candle holders, candelabras, stems of a wine glass."

Wedding centerpieces get a lot of attention, but the reality is that they're only one part of your reception tablescapes. In 2024, more consideration will be given to the tabletops as a whole rather than just the flowers. Formal place settings that complement the centerpieces (think flowers that match your plates and vice versa) create a maximalist look to contrast the waning trend of super-minimalist tables. "These highly personalized moments are so fun for guests and are a way to plus-up your table decor," says Guinta. "We love storytelling when it comes to our designs, so these non-floral moments allow us to inject a little more fun and personality into each unique design," she says.

7. Cascading Amaranthus Arrangements

We love a good cascading bouquet, but one very specific wedding flower will be key to recreating the waterfall-inspired look this year. Be on the lookout for amaranthus as a popular wedding flower trend in 2024. This flower, which grows in long, hanging strands depending on the variety, will be everywhere from bouquets and centerpieces to ceremony arches and accent arrangements. And since amaranthus naturally blooms in bright, statement colors like fuchsia and bright green, you'll tap into two wedding flower trends at once.

8. Petite Wedding Bouquets

Oversized wedding bouquets have been the norm for a few years—that is until now. In 2024, bouquet trends will shift in favor of smaller, more effortless arrangements that don't detract from the rest of your wedding look and feel a little more toned-down. What we love about this 2024 wedding bouquet trend is that you can embrace it no matter your wedding theme or the time of year that you're getting married. Just be sure to keep simplicity in mind: limit the bouquet to just a couple of colors and flower types, and downsize the whole thing so that it's easily carried in one hand.

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