This Is Why Wedding Flowers Are So Expensive

It actually makes a lot of sense.
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Updated Mar 05, 2019

According to our 2018 Real Weddings study—for which we surveyed more than 14,000 US newlyweds married in 2018—the average cost of wedding flowers was $2,411 in 2018.

Might seem like a hefty fee for a few blooms, right? Well, there are actually several reasons why wedding flowers are so pricey—check them out below.

You're paying for a product and a service.

Crafting your dream centerpieces requires an extensive amount of time, thought and care on the part of your florist. You're not just paying for the final product—you're paying for the labor that goes into it. It's worth it, though! Your florist's expertise is invaluable—they're called "pros" for a reason.

Don't forget the other things that go into running a floral business too, like storage, supplies and transportation, all of which are included in the overhead cost as well.

The type of flower matters.

While some blooms can cost one to two dollars a stem (chrysanthemums, for instance), others can cost five or more (like garden roses). No matter how luxe the most expensive flowers look, you can definitely find something just as beautiful that fits your budget. (We promise, chrysanthemums are still gorgeous.)

Also, consider that often flowers need to be special-ordered from different parts of the world—for example, lilies of the valley are difficult to obtain in the US since they're only available outside of greenhouses for two to three weeks in May. (Even when they're in season they're expensive to use for wedding bouquets and decorating since the flower itself is so small that large numbers of them are needed to make even a small bouquet.) They also droop super quickly and have fragile stems—so, they're not the most practical flower, to say the least. But if you have your heart set on them, consider using just a few in your pew markers or bouquet and supplement them with more affordable flowers like Casablanca lilies, Stephanotis or freesia.

...And so does the season.

Not only do you want the freshest blooms for your wedding, but in-season flowers will almost always be more affordable. Not sure which flowers are in-season when? Check out our guide to the best flowers by season.

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