Why Are Lily of the Valley Wedding Flowers So Costly?

by The Knot

My wedding is in June in New York City. I really want lilies of the valley for my wedding bouquet and to decorate the church, but my wedding florist says it'll cost more than my wedding budget (which is somewhat conservative) because he would have to special order them from Holland. I have found a few sources that classify this wedding flower as "all seasonal," so why is it so difficult to get them in the United States?


Lily of the valley is a beautiful flower, and is very often associated with weddings. They are very difficult to get however, as they are only available outside of greenhouses for two to three weeks in May. Even when they are in season they are quite expensive to use for wedding bouquets and decorating since the flower itself is so small that large numbers of them are needed to make even a small bouquet. They also droop very quickly and the stems are quite fragile -- not exactly the most practical wedding flower. But if you have your heart set on them, consider using just a few in your pew markers or bouquet, and supplementing them with other flowers, such as freesia or Casablanca lilies. Stephanotis is a flower that could also be substituted for lily of the valley if you like the look of small blooms.

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