41 Unexpected Flower Ideas

Read on for our favorite floral details you haven’t already seen at every other wedding.
  1. Unlikely Pairings

    Photo by Meg Perotti

    You're more likely to see kale on your plate than in a bouquet, but it adds a unique and full look that's not your typical greenery, and is perfect if you want to incorporate a green color palette.

  2. Hanging Pomanders

    Photo by Cameron Ingalls

    Hanging floral pomanders are the new hanging tissue pomanders. Just be careful to use extra supports when you hang them. They're heavier than paper ones!

  3. Fruit Accents

    Photo by Meg Perotti

    Thanks to their bright green hue, grapes are an easy-to-incorporate non-floral accent.

  4. An Animal Topiary

    Photo by Jess + Nate Studios

    Add a playful touch of humor and whimsy to your wedding day with a fun animal to accompany your escort cards or as a centerpiece alternative. Plus, this conversation piece serves as the perfect ice breaker for your guests!

  5. Mum Clusters

    Photo by Erin Johnson Photography

    Button mums' puffy, round shape make for perfect pomanders and small, compact arrangements. Their bright colors add a striking complement to a neutral centerpiece.

  6. Lush Lanterns

    Photo by Christine Farah Photography

    Hanging lanterns from the trees at your outdoor venue is a nice touch, but take it a step further by having them decked out in flowers for added color and texture.

  7. Spiky Protea Settings

    Photo by Antonis Achilleos

    Make a statement with structured flowers like this cluster of exotic orchids and protea. An added protea at each guest's place setting is a nice surprise.

  8. Lampshade Centerpieces

    Photo by Erik Ekroth Photography

    Put a twist on the submerged-flower centerpiece and have your florist top off a tall vase with a chic lampshade.

  9. Under-the-Table Centerpieces

    Photo by Antonis Achilleos

    Want to really surprise guests? Keep the tablescape super-simple and have your florist decorate put a vase under the table. Submerged flowers or hanging pomanders will work best.

  10. Floating Florals

    Photo by Gertrude & Mabel Photography

    If your venue has a pool, floating decor is a must. Your guests will never expect bright floating pomanders.

  11. Feather Bouquet Accents

    Photo by Nadia D Photo

    Add personality without losing the classic bouquet look by asking your florist to incorporate a few feathers around the outside of your bouquet.

  12. Parrot Tulips and Table Number Centerpieces

    Photo by Rita Maas
  13. Potted Succulent Centerpieces

    Photo by Trent & Dara of Trent Photography

    You'd expect to see them in the southwestern states but succulents are a fun centerpiece twist, especially when they're paired with a unique containers like this bell jar. (They're also an easy way to dress up bridal shower and rehearsal dinner tables!)

  14. A Patterned Petal Ceremony Aisle

    Photo by Jennifer Bowen Photography

    Instead of scattering ceremony aisle petals here and there, ask your florist to arrange them in a fun design like this swirl pattern. (Petal circle designs look cute too!) Word to the wise: Block off the center aisle with ribbon so that guests don't step on your florist's work before the procession.

  15. Grassy Garden Centerpieces

    Photo by The Youngrens

    Give each table its own little garden by adding a square of wheatgrass to the usual flowers. Just make sure to keep the stems on the shorter side so guests can see over them.

  16. Blue Bouquet Accents

    Photo by Priscila Valentina Photography

    Blue flowers are harder to come by than other colors (like pink and white), so use them as an accent to an all-white bouquet for an unexpected twist. Our favorite blue flowers: thistle for rustic and hydrangeas for romantic.

  17. Escort Flowers

    Photo by Erin Hearts Court

    Miniature potted plants, like these adorable succulents, make for escort "cards" that double as favors and look beautiful on display.

  18. An Inverted Centerpiece

    Photo by Tennison Photography

    Flowers and escort card or favor tables go hand in hand, but try this wow-worthy idea: have your florist hang a planter filled with lush blooms above the table. Prop up a white backdrop behind it and guests won’t even see the strings keeping it suspended. Double wow.

  19. Petal Signage

    Photo by Woodward + Rick Photographers
    Sure, you've seen flower petals at a wedding ceremony before -- but not like this. We love the idea of modeling them into a fun shape for a twist on the wooden wedding sign. Order petals from your florist and make it a DIY project. This one points guests toward the wedding, but you can make them into your initials or, if you're really ambitious, your silhouettes. If you don't associate with glue guns, ask your florist or planner if she's up for the task.
  20. Pretty Trimmings

    Photo by Jasmine Star Photography

    Ribbon hanging anywhere (chairs, ceilings, tables) is hot right now. Add some lacy ribbon to the flowers decorating the ceremony chairs for a romantic touch.

  21. Mug Vases

    Photo by Rachel Robertson Photography

    Think beyond the bud vase. Fill anything from coffee mugs to teapots and other small pitchers with flowers.

  22. Chair Garland

    Photo by Hudson Nichols Photography

    Whether you want to distinguish your own chairs or a few VIP guest chairs at the reception, flowers are an obvious way to go. But mixed blooms with loads of leaves can feel extra romantic.

  23. Mini Tree Centerpieces

    Photo by Brandy J Photography
    Who says you can't top your tables with entire trees? Instead of leaving it au natural, spray-paint them gold (a fun DIY project) for a modern look.
  24. Lush Monograms

    Photo by Leah Haydock

    Get personal and ask your florist to turn your monogram (or just your new last initial) into a floral sign to decorate the door to your ceremony entrance.

  25. Funky Vases

    Photo by Sargeant Photography

    Choosing flowers is an important decision to make, but choosing vases is just as big. These colored-glass vessels with room for only a single stem make a mod, non-traditional statement.

  26. Reinvented Centerpiece Vessels

    Photo by Millie Holloman Photography

    Ditch the standard table, vase, and flower combo. Instead, hit flea markets and vintage shops for vintage kitchenware items, like this rusted pitcher, for a rustic look.

  27. Craspedia Arrangements

    Photo by Ron B. Wilson Photography

    Use Craspedia (otherwise known as "billy balls") to capture a seriously modern and funky vibe.

  28. Clustered Pomanders

    Photo by Anna Kilbridge Photography

    If you're not into hanging pomanders from chairs or the ceiling, ask your florist to set them atop candlesticks (it works for both vintage and modern styles) and arrange them on the tables for a not-often-seen look.

  29. Flower-Accented Napkins

    Photo by Kristin Taylor Photography

    Welcome each guest to their place at the table with a flower wired to their napkin ring. They don't even have to be fresh: DIY options fashioned out of paper or fabric are just as pretty.

  30. A Floral Ceremony Wreath

    Photo by Marie Labbancz Photography

    Dress up a backyard ceremony beneath a tree with a cleanly constructed, all-floral wreath to mark the spot where you'll exchange vows.

  31. Floral Favors

    Photo by Photography by Verdi

    Send guests home with potted flowers or plants. Add a tag with their names and table numbers so they double as escort cards.

  32. Props as Vases

    Photo by Verite Boutique Photographers

    If you love the look of a candelabra overflowing with flowers, put a creative spin on it and prop your tables with antique items. Have your florist set flowers inside, around or on top.

  33. All-Fruit Centerpieces

    Photo by Elizabeth Messina Photography

    Wooden boxes of apples or oranges feel straight from the farmers market -- a nice rustic touch for your tables.

  34. Vintage Book Accents

    Photo by EE Photography

    Let your hobbies inspire your wedding centerpieces. Pile up vintage books or board games to serve as a base for the flowers, and make them extra eye-catching with bold, monochromatic arrangements.

  35. Birch Vases

    Photo by Jared Wilson Photography

    Swap out standard centerpiece vessels for birch-made ones to give your tables a rustic look. Have your florist fill them with lush flowers like roses and hydrangeas to maintain an element of elegance.

  36. Exotic Centerpieces

    Photo by Mira Mamon

    Tall green shoots and hot pink orchids are a modern mix, and a mirrored table runner makes for an even more dramatic look.

  37. Flower-Accented Serving Trays

    Photo by Cappy Hotchkiss

    A little goes a long way here. Just a single stem is really all you need on a tray of passed hors d'oeuvres.

  38. A Ton of Candles With White Flowers

    Photo by Kiernan Conroy Klosek Photography

    White flowers on a table: pretty. White flowers on a table, bathed in candlelight: really pretty, and romantic. Get creative with the containers for the flowers and candles; instead of just plain votives, go with fluted ones and cylinder vases.

  39. Sweet Centerpieces

    Photo by Kimberly Potterf Photography

    Setting a one-tier cake at each table is a trendy alternative the traditional mult-tiered confection. Instead, offer guests a sweet surprise with different fun desserts like key lime pie or s'mores.

  40. Tiered Plexiglass Centerpiece Vases

    Photo by Andrew McCaul

    For a truly modern (and unique!) look, ask your florist to layer plexiglass boxes -- each filled with a different flower -- and top it off with funky flowers like these orange dahlias.

  41. Wristed Blooms

    Photo by Kristen Edwards Photography

    Instead of bouquets, order your girls corsages that look more like bracelets with ribbon and a mix of fun flowers. We're not talking about the cheesy ones you wore to your high school formal.

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