The Best Wedding Proposal Videos Ever

These amazingly creative videos are our top picks for the best proposals because they literally brought tears to our eyes. A word of advice, you'll want a box of tissues on hand while you watch.
A Macklemore "Bling Shop" music video marriage proposal
  1. A Macklemore Thrift Shop Proposal Video

    Well it's not exactly a proposal video. This Oklahoma City couple got engaged and then taped this video just minutes later with all of their closest friends. Not going to lie -- we'd like to be friends with them too!

  2. A Lip-Sync Proposal

  3. A Long-Distance Proposal

  4. A Movie Trailer Proposal

  5. A Creative Graffiti Proposal

  6. A Flash Mob Proposal

  7. A Nostalgic Video Proposal

  8. A Surprise Film Set Proposal

  9. A Planned-in-Advance (Way Advance!) Proposal

  10. An Internet Meme Proposal

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