15 Barware Registry Essentials

Barware accessories you need in order to host (and toast at) any party!
by the knot

If you're a party planning couple, make sure your registry covers all your entertainment needs. From water goblets to martini glasses and mixologist essentials, start planning your registry picks here!

  1. Classic Coffee Mugs

    While your “Queen for a Day” mug is great for your daily joe, it’s nice to serve guests coffee in coordinated mugs. Don’t worry, you can still hang on to your mismatched mugs!

    Register for: 4

    Everyday Mug, $3, CrateandBarrel.com
  2. A Stylish Carafe

    A thermal carafe is a much more elegant way to serve coffee or tea than bringing the coffeepot or kettle to the table. Some models will keep your beverage hot for eight hours!

    Register for: 1

    Thermal Mirror Carafe, $40, CrateandBarrel.com
  3. Juice Glasses

    Shorter and narrower than a water glass, juice glasses are perfect for, well, juice! They can also do double duty as cafe-style wine glasses, if you’re serving a casual meal.

    Register for: 12

    Cafe juice glasses, $24/set of 12, PotteryBarn.com
  4. Water Goblets

    Your rule of thumb is to register for a dozen of each item you’ll need for a dinner party. You may think that sounds like a lot now, but when it comes time to throw your first Thanksgiving, you’ll be glad you did. A footed water goblet is a chic vessel for water (or iced tea) at the dinner table.

    Register for: 12

    Water goblet, $5, CrateandBarrel.com
  5. Red Wineglasses

    Glasses designed for red wine have a wide, round bowl to let the wine breath. Register for 14 wineglasses to allow for breakage.

    Register for: 14

    Riedel O syrah/shiraz tumblers, $30/set of 2, Bloomingdales.com
  6. White Wineglasses

    Unlike red wine, it’s not desirable for most white wines to oxidize, so white wineglasses are designed with a smaller mouth to preserve the crisp flavor of the wine. Like red glasses, you’ll want to register for a few extra, in case some break.

    Register for: 14

    Riedel Vinum sauvignon blanc stemware, $50/set of 2, Williams-Somona.com
  7. Champagne Flutes

    Sparkling wine deserves a tall, slender flute to preserve its natural carbonation. Depending on your entertaining style, register for these in glass or crystal. Use glass for entertaining and crystal for special occasions.

    Register for: 12

    Champagne Flute, $20, Tiffany.com
  8. Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

    Register for specialty glasses in line with your favorite beverages. If anyone asks for a drink “on the rocks,” this is your go-to glass.

    Register for: 12

    Waterford Lismore Essence double old-fashioned glasses, $125/set of 2, MichaelCFina.com
  9. Margarita Glasses

    Whiskey drinks are not to everybody's taste, but almost everyone likes a margarita. If you're likely to shake up some lime-and-tequila cocktails, these glasses should be in your collection.

    Register for: 12

    Classic margarita glasses, $5, CrateandBarrel.com
  10. Martini Glasses

    Martini glasses are a must for martinis and other cocktails that are served “up.” You can also use them to serve dessert or appetizers at dinner parties!

    Register for: 12

    Felix martini glass, $10, CrateandBarrel.com
  11. Pilsner Glasses

    If you or your partner is a beer aficionado, you'll want to register for a dozen pilsner glasses. They're a slightly smaller version of a pint glass -- the perfect size for a standard bottle of beer!

    Register for: 12

    Spiegelau tall pilsner glasses, $22/set of 2, Williams-Sonoma.com
  12. A Cocktail Shaker

    The purpose of a shaker is to get your cocktails icy cold. Opt for a sleek version to display in your home bar.

    Register for: 1

    Stainless Steel Shiny cocktail shaker, $15, CB2.com
  13. Highball Glasses

    These tall and narrow glasses are used to serve mixed drinks like rum and Cokes, vodka tonics and screwdrivers. They're also the perfect size for seltzer or "mocktails" for teetotalers and pregnant friends.

    Register for: 12

    Luigi Bormioli Strauss highball glass, $7, Bloomingdales.com
  14. A Set of Bar Tools

    Register for the complete set of bar tools now, so you won't be missing one later on while you're mixing a complicated cocktail.

    Register for: 1

    Bar tool & ice bucket set, $50, CrateandBarrel.com
  15. Ice Bucket

    At first glance, an ice bucket might seem like a dust collector, but boy, does it come in handy when you are hosting a party. A silver model makes a great engagement or shower gift.

    Register for: 1

    Nambe Mikko ice bucket, $130, Bloomingdales.com
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