50 Favorite Wedding Details of 2010

Another year is over, with many more wedding details added to our growing list of faves. Flip through to see what we obsessed over in 2010.
by The Knot
  1. 1. Cutout Photo Props

    Susan Pacek Photography

    In 2010, the photo booth solidified its spot as a wedding staple, and we love this little twist on it. Use it as inspiration. You don’t have to have a bride and groom. Think: a muscle man or something that ties into your theme. Tip: When posing, stick your head all the way through the hole if it’s big enough. The picture will look more animated that way.

  2. 2. Veggie Centerpieces

    Erin Johnson Photography

    Vegetables add a farmer's market, rustic-style look to any pretty little centerpiece. This year, we saw the artichoke rise to fame, and the radish is coming up behind as the breakout star for next year.

  3. 3. First-Dance Song Lighters

    Adi Nevo Photographers

    We nearly died of excitement when we saw this couple’s idea: handing out lighters for guests to wave during the first dance, totally ’90s-concert-style. It’s cute, romantic and gets everyone involved. It also makes for a great photo op.

  4. 4. Decked-Out Escort Cards

    Becky Young Photography

    We’ve seen so many creative and cool escort card displays this year, it was tough narrowing them down for this slideshow. One of our top picks was this sewing-inspired display complete with spools, and the cards were decorated with vintage buttons and pins.

  5. 5. Fabric-Inspired Decor

    Leigh Miller Photography

    This bride found a few fabrics she loved and then used them all over the reception, from the table linens to the custom-made wine bottle stickers.

  6. 6. Dressed-Up Pets

    Brooke Mayo Photography

    For one, we love these two pups and how they look like BFFs in this photo. We also love that they’re wearing amazing collars of pretty fabric and ribbon.

  7. 7. Untraditional Altars

    Elizabeth Lloyd Photographer

    We could not get over the surfboard altar this couple had for their beach wedding. A couple of simple flower arrangements in mismatched vases perfectly finishes the casual look.

  8. 8. Flowers From the Ceiling

    Allan Zepeda

    We definitely love traditional on-the-table arrangements, but spice things up with some centerpieces from above. They look best lined up over long dining tables like this one.

  9. 9. The Hangover Kit

    Brian Phillips Photography

    Thinking ahead, this couple gave guests hangover kits as favors. We wish we’d been invited to that wedding.

  10. 10. Genius Ceremony Chair Ideas

    Artstar by Lauren Stone

    Simply placing a single gerbera daisy on the back of each white ceremony chair makes this space look like a blooming garden.

  11. 11. Way-Cool Groom’s Cakes

    Graceology Photography

    Groom’s cakes make us smile every day, and we love how detailed the baker got with this replica of a Mini Nilla Wafers box, right down to the cookies tumbling out the side.

  12. 12. Deconstructed Tents

    Stephanie Williams Photography

    We still can’t get over this beach wedding. Birdcages hung from the exposed tent’s frame -- so cool!

  13. 13. Getaway Cars

    Jesse Leake Photography

    We fell in love with this convertible decked out in DIY decor, perfect for a first romantic drive as a married duo.

  14. 14. Shoe Tables

    Jen Kroll Photography

    Whether you’re having a ceremony on sand or soft grass, let guests know it’s okay to kick off their heels and hit the ground running with their feet au naturel -- or in a pair of flip-flops.

  15. 15. Ranunculus Made of Sugar

    Vue Photography

    We’re total suckers for sugar flowers, and these true-to-life sugar ranunculus add some extra dimension to this fresh cake design.

  16. 16. Table Number Displays

    Studio 222 Photography

    With buttons, sewed numbers and pieces of tree wood, this table number successfully mixes rustic and homespun.

  17. 17. Smart Seating

    Studio Atticus

    We’re not sticklers on who sits where, but if you’re unsure how to show guests to the proper side of the ceremony aisle, consider hanging a silhouette image from the first pew (or row of chairs). This couple happened to have a silhouette theme that they carried through here, but these signs can stand alone as well.

  18. 18. Mailbox Guest Books

    Michele Andersen Photography

    We love the idea of dropping notes into birdcages or wooden boxes, but setting out postcards (we’re also postcard-obsessed) for guests to slot into a mailbox is just too cute for words.

  19. 19. Bringing Inside Outside 2.0

    Stephanie Fay Photography

    Comfy chairs, couches and rugs look great when set up outdoors in a lounge-type arrangement. This couple took it a step further with a full-on doorway marking the entrance to their spacious lawn ceremony.

  20. 20. Mini Desserts

    Sam Hughes Photography

    Desserts guests can enjoy while mingling are all the rage, and they’re getting more and more interesting. Take these doughnut shooters, for example. Fried dough on a stick? Yes, please.

  21. 21. Craspedia Accents

    James Christianson Photography

    This usually yellow or red bloom has been popping up in boutonnieres and bouquets everywhere this year. We especially love the flower’s texture and circular shape.

  22. 22. Books as Favors

    Julia Newman Photography

    Looking for a personal favor guests will actually use? Give out your favorite book. Wrap it in kraft paper, tie with string and add a mock library check-out card for an extra touch.

  23. 23. Paper Flowers

    Ali Walker Photography

    They’re great in bouquets, centerpieces and decor in general. Now brides are wearing paper flowers in their hair, and we’re loving it.

  24. 24. Stand-Up Candy Bars

    Megan Sorel Photography

    Instead of displaying candy on a table, create a customized candy stand. No matter where you place it (outside in a garden or inside a ballroom), guests get the feeling they’re in a mom-and-pop candy shop. So cool!

  25. 25. Untraditional Aisle Decor

    Lisa Lefkowitz

    Flowers aren’t the only thing you can use to decorate the aisle. Think outside the box and go with limes or another colorful fruit that ties into your theme.

  26. 26. Playing With Envelopes

    Flory Photography

    This crafty bride lined plain-old envelopes with patterned paper and then stuffed handkerchiefs inside for guests to dry their tears at the ceremony. For anyone not as DIY-inclined, prettily lined envelopes are super-easy to find.

  27. 27. Edible Favors (That Come in Kits!)

    Vue Photography

    Think: hot cocoa mix or your favorite cookie recipe. And we’re really into this s’more kit as a favor. All guests need to do is assemble and add fire (or more likely, the microwave).

  28. 28. Legos

    Michelle Walker Photography

    This staple of childhood is making new waves as wedding decor. We’ve seen grooms wear Lego cuff links, and this year, we took a liking to Lego bride and groom cake toppers. Whether you’re a collector or just played with them as a kid, it’s a little way to add a lot of personality to your cake.

  29. 29. Hot Monograms

    Melissa Schollaert

    Have you ever seen chili peppers strung together to form an initial? Neither had we! We love the idea.

  30. 30. Team Spirit

    Christian Oth

    If you need a way to subtly incorporate your favorite sports teams into the wedding, go with bottle openers like these.

  31. 31. Toss It

    He and She Photography

    Instead of flower petals, pom-poms, or blowing bubbles, have guests throw paper airplanes your way as you walk back down the aisle.

  32. 32. The Parasol

    Jamie Hammond Photography

    We’ve always loved the parasol as a fun photo prop and for its real purpose (shielding guests from the sun), but now we’re loving it in a whole new way -- as table decor. It’s unexpected and supercute.

  33. 33. Venue-Inspired Invitations

    Ray Soemarsono

    Take an architectural detail from your venue and work with an invitation designer to incorporate it into your invite.

  34. 34. A Rice Krispies Cake

    Lucida Photography

    One word: genius.

  35. 35. Cake Platters: The New Vase

    Kristen Taylor Photography

    Give your centerpiece a completely different spin by setting it on a cake plate.

  36. 36. Little Tikes

    Jenny Bedard Photography

    When we heard that the child attendants at this wedding rode in on this toy version of the groom’s pickup truck, we were sold on what a brilliant idea it was.

  37. 37. Crazy-Big Seating Charts

    Artisan Events/Amanda Sudimack

    If escort cards aren’t your thing, try a taller-than-you seating chart. We just can’t get enough of them. It’s probably the first thing that guests will see when they walk into the reception, so wow them.

  38. 38. White-on-White Cakes

    Paul Johnson Photography

    If you have lots of 3-D action on your cake, you don’t necessarily have to go all out with color. We actually love the monochromatic look when it’s done this way.

  39. 39. Photo Signage

    Dan & Anne Almasy

    We know and love wedding welcome signs and ones that direct guests to different parts of the reception, but as an alternative, ask your photographer to turn your engagement photos into pop-art-style posters to let guests know where the party is.

  40. 40. Non-Girly Bouquets

    Erin Hearts Court

    Brides are leaning toward cool, chic bouquets. We love this one because it’s modern and cool (check out that black-and-white-striped wrap), but still elegant.

  41. 41. Glammed-Up Lamp Shades

    Roey Yohai Documentary

    Lamp shades are showing up on reception tables these days, and it’s pretty interesting to see how different couples dress them up. We love this glam one, decked out in beads.

  42. 42. Fabric-Covered Escort Cards

    Tanja Lippert Photography

    This bride had the idea to match each table to a different fabric. After guests picked up their escort cards, they went off in search of their coordinating table.

  43. 43. Cigar Stations

    Matthew Tennison Photography

    Going along with the trendy whiskey and mixology bars at receptions, cigar stations are gaining popularity. We love how this couple added some fresh (and upside-down) flowers to brighten up the area.

  44. 44. Chalkboard Ceremony Programs

    Elizabeth Walker Photography

    Save a little paper and put all your wedding information on a big chalkboard for a fun, nontraditional twist on the classic.

  45. 45. Non-Cheesy Halloween Wedding Decor

    Lisa Rigby

    We’ve seen some really great (read: subtle) decor at Halloween weddings lately. One of our favorites: this couple, whose theme was ’til death do us part.

  46. 46. Decorating With Quilts

    The Nichols

    We’ve seen lots of quilt-decorating lounges set up at receptions. Try topping the tables at cocktail hour with quilts for that at-home vibe.

  47. 47. Patterned Aisle Runners

    Stephanie Williams Photography

    As long as you keep the other decor simple, a patterned aisle runner is a fabulous idea. Most people are expecting a solid, simple color, so this adds an instant wow factor.

  48. 48. Dessert Towers

    Jocelyn Filley Photography

    Watch out, cupcake tower. Other desserts can rack it up too. We love this strawberry shortcake tower, topped with a tiny cake for cutting.

  49. 49. Vinyl Designs

    Laffler Photography

    Skyline illustrations can personalize any wedding. This couple took their skyline theme further than just putting it on the invitations -- they had a custom skyline decal attached to the wall at their venue. It was eight feet tall!

  50. 50. A Smashing Detail

    Jenna Walker Photography

    A pinata? Okay!

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