25 Paper Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your Unique Love Story

Take note—these paper gifts are worth their weight in gold.
paper anniversary gifts
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Updated Jan 22, 2024
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In terms of anniversary gift themes, paper is an accessible and versatile material that offers a ton of possibilities. As the designated symbol for one-year anniversary gifts, this everyday material is layered with meaning, representing so much more than it may seem at first glance. Paper anniversary gifts aren't just for the first wedding anniversary, though—even if you're a few years (or decades) into your marriage, you can still shop these symbolic presents to mark your latest romantic milestone. From fancy journals and sentimental wall art to romantic poetry books and unique jewelry (yes, really!), we've got you covered with our list of paper anniversary gift ideas.

Before you start shopping for paper anniversary gifts for your husband or wife, you can learn all about the sweet sentiment behind this particular theme. We'll share some interesting info about the history and symbolism of paper gifts so you can tell your partner exactly what your present signifies. Check out this fun trivia about paper anniversary gifts below, then shop our list of themed picks for your special someone.

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Paper Anniversary Gift Meaning

Paper is so much more than a material that makes up everyday items like books, letters, notepads and bills. When it comes to wedding anniversaries, it has a unique and special meaning that relates to love. Learn more about the symbolism of paper gifts below.

What does a paper anniversary gift symbolize?

By nature, paper is delicate and fragile—it can rip easily and wear with age, but it also doesn't take much to repair or restore. For this reason, paper can be interpreted as a symbol of resilience and flexibility, but that's not all it represents. Just like a new marriage, paper is a blank canvas and a story that has yet to be written, with so much excitement, promise and potential to be fulfilled. If you and your spouse are in the early stages of your married life, a paper anniversary gift is especially meaningful and a great way to embrace the next chapter in your ever-evolving love story.

Which anniversary is associated with paper gifts?

Paper is synonymous with the one-year wedding anniversary. With each year of marriage, traditional anniversary gifts become more and more elaborate—starting with paper and continuing right up to diamonds (as a 60-year anniversary gift). You might feel like paper—in the form of a "Happy Anniversary" card or a handwritten love letter—is right on target, especially if the year you got married was a flurry of fanfare, gifts and grand gestures. But far from being ordinary and unexciting, the symbolism of paper wedding anniversary gifts can make even the simplest present feel super meaningful and memorable.

The Best Paper Anniversary Gifts

Here's the thing: You can give a paper anniversary gift whenever it feels right, even if you're far beyond the first marriage milestone. From printed photo books showcasing your favorite memories to unique jewelry and accessories your spouse can wear, we've found the best paper anniversary gifts on the market.

1. Custom Anniversary Portrait

personalized anniversary portrait gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

When shopping for paper wedding anniversary presents, it's hard to resist something personalized. This custom portrait of you and your spouse is a lovely way to acknowledge the paper theme and reflect on your relationship thus far. You can play around with different personalization options like hair type, skin color and a variety of outfits to match your appearance—you can even choose a landscape background to represent your favorite place. Add your names, anniversary date or special note for the perfect finishing touch.

2. Adventure Challenge Bundle

Adventure Challenge Bundle for the best paper anniversary gift
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

Paper anniversary gifts don't have to be boring. In fact, they can be the perfect excuse to spice things up with your partner, both in and out of the bedroom. This bestselling bundle from The Adventure Challenge includes two books crammed with ideas—the Couples Edition and the In Bed version—to help you create memorable date night experiences and embark on intimate adventures with your partner. Trust us, it's a romantic gift that'll help you reconnect and bring you two even closer together.

3. Vintage Paper Earrings

paper anniversary gifts
Photo: BallardDecor

Jewelry gifts make great anniversary presents, but can they be made out of paper? Yes, they can! These statement earrings are crafted from vintage maps dating back to the 1920s in muted shades of blue, blush and red. Each floral pair is handmade to order and comes in a sleek black tin for a thoughtful presentation.

4. Romantic Mapmaking Experience

Romantic Mapmaking Experience for the best paper wedding anniversary gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Looking for unique paper anniversary gifts to wow your spouse? This online Romantic Mapmaking class is a creative way to nod to the theme and spend time with the one you love. The 90-minute virtual workshop is led by a talented artist who will help you draw a love map inspired by milestones in your very own relationship (think your first date, engagement or wedding). Cue lots of heartfelt nostalgia! Bonus: All the materials you need to participate will be sent to you in advance (like a frame and good-quality paper), so you won't have to worry about prep.

5. Printed Photo Book

Personalized photo book for the best anniversary gift
Photo: PikPerfect

If you've yet to get an album printed of your wedding photos, the paper anniversary is an excellent opportunity to do just that. PikPerfect offers tons of options, including digital photo books and lay-flat albums, so you can show off your favorite snapshots and relive your big day all over again. Choose from several materials for the cover (like linen or vegan leather) and add your names and wedding date for a more bespoke finish.

6. First Dance Lyrics Art

first dance art paper anniversary gifts
Photo: Studiojones1

Throw it back to one of your most romantic moments as a married couple—your first dance—with wall art that features the lyrics of your wedding song. This one-of-a-kind piece is modeled off a photo of you and your spouse and created using only the words from your chosen tune. You'll get to see a proof of the design beforehand to ensure everything looks right, and the finished piece is printed on high-quality card stock paper. Just a note: The picture is unframed, so you might want to leave some extra time to get it framed before handing it over.

7. National Parks Poster

Post of the US National Parks for the best anniversary gift
Photo: Amazon

If you and your partner both enjoy exploring the great outdoors, this National Parks poster will provide plenty of inspo for your next hike. Each arrow-head motif hides a color illustration of a famous park—like Mount Rainier, Denali and White Sands—that you can scratch off to reveal the next location on your bucket list. It's a really cool paper anniversary gift that'll encourage you and your spouse to spend more time doing what you love most: Exploring together in nature.

8. Anniversary Material Art

Paper wedding anniversary art gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If you're looking for a gift that really gets behind the sentiment of the paper wedding anniversary theme, this personalized artwork is an excellent choice. The framed piece features an origami heart motif above a short message about the symbolism of paper as a traditional gifting material. You can add your names and wedding date to make this cute keepsake even more meaningful.

9. Poetry Anniversary Book

Poetry Anniversary Book for the best paper anniversary gift
Photo: Wonderbly

Married to someone who appreciates all things literature-related? Thanks to Wonderbly, you can create a personalized poetry anthology to reflect your spouse's favorite verses and quotes. The book is filled with pages of well-loved poems from various themes (including memories, laughter, love and family) and even allows you to write your own dedication for an ultra-romantic touch. Add your partner's name to the cover for a sweet paper anniversary gift that may provoke a few happy tears.

10. Paper Origami Rose

Paper rose anniversary gift
Photo: TheOrigamiBoutique

Whatever anniversary you're shopping for, you'll always spark a smile with wedding vow art or a bouquet of flowers. Get the best of both worlds with this gorgeous paper origami rose. It's handmade from recycled paper and can be personalized to include the vows you exchanged on your big day (or other sentimental prose, like your wedding speech or first dance lyrics) for a memento of a special moment in your marriage. And, since it's made entirely from paper, it'll last so much longer than a bunch of fresh blooms.

11. Historic Recipe Subscription

Historic Recipe Subscription anniversary gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

One of the best ways to find great paper anniversary gift ideas is to take a cue from your partner's interests. If they love cooking or learning about history, we've found just the thing to spark their curiosity. With this unique recipe subscription, they'll receive printed replicas of handwritten recipes from well-known figures in history, like Thomas Jefferson's ice cream and Rosa Parks' pancakes. All you have to do is pick the subscription duration (six months or a year) and tell them something special is coming in the mail.

12. BestSelf Relationship Gift Set

BestSelf Relationship Gift Set for the best anniversary present
Photo: BestSelf

Want to show your partner just how committed you are to always investing in your relationship? This gift set from BestSelf is the perfect way to do so. Designed especially for couples, it comes with everything you need to strengthen your relationship and build intimacy, including a relationship journal, a date night notebook and four decks of cards with prompts to spark deep, memorable conversations with your other half. It's a really good paper anniversary gift that's sure to help you create an even better romantic connection.

13. Personalized Love Letter

personalized love letter for your paper anniversary
Photo: Personalization Mall

Feeling super in love and grateful for your special spouse? Let them know with this personalized love letter in a bottle. Your heartfelt message comes printed on paper that's then rolled up, tied with a ribbon and presented in a silver confetti-filled vessel. You can even add your names to a heart on the bottle for an extra thoughtful touch. Simple yet sweet, it's easily one of the most sentimental paper anniversary gifts for him or her.

14. Fill-in-the-Blank Book

Fill-in-the-Blank What I Love About Us Book
Photo: Knock Knock

If you're shopping for paper anniversary gifts on a budget, there's no reason to panic. You don't always have to splurge to show your spouse you care. With this fill-in-the-blank book, you can speak from the heart and remind your partner of all the things you love about your life together. Just complete each prompt (designed to showcase how well you two work as a team) and get ready to pat yourselves on the back for being such an awesome pair.

15. Recipe Cards

recipe cards for the perfect paper anniversary gift
Photo: Rifle Paper Co.

Have a spouse who thinks they're a "Top Chef" contestant? Snag these printed recipe cards to give your culinary confidante a place to dream up new recipes and scribble down the secrets to their signature dishes (because someone needs to ensure they're preserved for future generations). If you're feeling creative, help them get started by sharing one of your favorite family recipes (or a cheeky suggestion about what you'd like them to add to their weekly dinner repertoire).

16. Folded Book Art

paper anniversary gifts
Photo: Booksandtimbers

When your other half is a bibliophile, a paper anniversary gift will always be one for the books. Have important details like their name or your wedding folded into the pages of this "bookami" for a unique keepsake they'll treasure forever. You can choose from a generic hardback novel or make a special request for the Etsy seller to source a book of your choice. Just be aware if you're making a more bespoke order, you'll have to pay extra for the service.

17. Baseball Book

Baseball Ballparks book for the perfect gift
Photo: Personalization Mall

Here's a paper anniversary gift for the sports enthusiast in your life: A fancy leather-bound book filled with historical facts about all the Major League ballparks. This tome is bursting at the seams with trivia, photos, stories and stats that'll impress any dedicated baseball fan, but that's not all—it also includes a tear-out checklist where they can cross off different ballparks on their bucket list. Add their monogram to the bottom right corner for a personalized finish.

Paper cufflinks gift for your paper anniversary
Photo: PaperAnniversaryLove

Chic cuff links are a great gift for any occasion, but we've found the perfect version for your paper wedding anniversary. These unique accessories feature your wedding vows printed on paper, which is then inlaid in tarnish-resistant metal for a dressy (and durable) finish. They're a super thoughtful (not to mention creative) way to commemorate your vows and relive your lifelong commitment to each other. There's also an option to add a matching tie bar so your spouse is ready to go out for a fancy anniversary dinner.

19. Cute Coffee-Inspired Print

coffee kissing art print gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Paper anniversary present ideas can be cute and funny too, so it's totally okay if you want to give the mushy sentiments a break. If your spouse never starts their day without a caffeine fix, this coffee-inspired print is a playful gift you can hang on your kitchen wall. It features an illustration of two coffee cups "embracing" and a short (and cheeky) message reading "So Hot" in the bottom corner. Bonus: It comes in a pinewood frame, so it's ready to display right away.

20. Mindfulness Journal

mindfulness journal for your paper anniversary
Photo: Nordstrom

Encouraging your spouse to make time for self-care is one of the best gifts of all, especially if they're always juggling their priorities. This mindfulness journal will help them develop daily habits like journaling, practicing gratitude and focusing on their goals. It's packed with helpful prompts they can fill out in just five minutes, making it a great choice for anyone with a hectic schedule.

21. Origami Craft Set

origami craft set paper anniversary gift
Photo: FloradoreUK

Perhaps you're married to someone who loves to relax with crafty projects or enjoys learning a new skill. Either way, this origami craft set is an inventive take on the paper gifting theme. It comes with everything they'll need to learn the art of paper folding, including 30 sheets of floral-patterned paper (with six different designs) and a guide with instructions for three beginner-level origami designs. Fun and affordable, it's one of our favorite creative paper anniversary gifts for her or him.

22. Beaded Wish Bracelet

beaded wish bracelet gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

While all your wishes probably came true the day you married your spouse, it doesn't hurt to help them dream a little bit about the future. This beaded bracelet has a secret compartment where you can hide a romantic note or wish for your spouse to discover. Whether you want to suggest your next vacation destination or simply express your excitement at having them by your side, the choice is yours. Pick from five different gemstones for a stylish (and cute) gift they can wear anytime.

23. Personalized Love Coupons

customized couple's love coupons
Photo: Personalization Mall

How about a cute gift they can "cash in" for a reward at a later date? These personalized love coupons offer a fun twist on the paper anniversary theme and are sure to win you some serious brownie points. The set comes with 12 customized vouchers they can trade in for fun experiences, like breakfast in bed or a last-minute weekend getaway. You can also add your own ideas, so if there's something in particular you know they love (or loathe), you can give them a free pass for a day.

24. Monthly Book Subscription

monthly book subscription gift
Photo: Cratejoy

While anniversary gifts that can be enjoyed together are great, sometimes the perfect present is one that your better half can enjoy all on their own. If your significant other loves nothing more than curling up with a good book for an hour (or three), a monthly book subscription is a thoughtful paper gift they're sure to appreciate. Just pick their favorite genres (like romance, suspense or sci-fi) and the subscription length to suit their preferences. If you feel like spoiling them even more, there's an option to add in extras, like candles and coffee, to each delivery.

25. Murder Mystery Game

Hunt A Killer Murder Mystery Game
Photo: Amazon

If your other half loves playing detective, this murder mystery game will definitely bring out their inner sleuth. The aim of the game is to collect clues to solve the crime and convict the murderer in the fictional case. It's suitable for one to six players, so they can enjoy it solo (if that's their thing) or break it out the next time friends come over. Fun and easy to play, it's one of the best paper anniversary gifts for a wife or husband who loves putting their problem-solving skills to the test.

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