The Best 5-Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Spouse or Favorite Couple

Looking for the perfect fifth wedding anniversary gift? Find out what the traditional and modern presents are, then check out our top picks.
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Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
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Updated Apr 29, 2022
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Five years of marriage is an incredible achievement, and one that's deserving of a meaningful five-year anniversary gift. Looking for ideas? There are so many ways to commemorate the special occasion. Some couples celebrate year five by planning a party with their nearest and dearest, while others prefer something a little more private (think: dinner at a nice restaurant or a romantic weekend break). Regardless of the celebration, buying a thoughtful gift for your spouse or the happy couple is a lovely gesture that'll show them just how much they mean to you. That said, finding the right present isn't always easy. To help you out, we've listed all our favorite fifth anniversary gift ideas right here—just take your pick! But before you dive headfirst into shopping, brush up on your knowledge of the traditional and modern presents for this unique milestone, also known as the wood anniversary.

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    What Is the Five-Year Anniversary Gift?

    The traditional five-year anniversary gift is wood, a symbol of strong roots and an enduring relationship. There are actually lots of really cool presents made out of natural wood, but if it's not really their thing, don't worry. Try turning to the modern fifth anniversary gift, which is silverware. (And trust us, that goes way beyond simple forks and knives.)

    If you're not sold on either of those ideas, feel free to take inspiration from the traditional gemstone, color or flower associated with five years of marriage instead. The fifth anniversary gemstone is sapphire, a symbol of wisdom and fidelity. When it comes to colors, there are actually three for this special milestone—blue, pink or turquoise—giving you plenty of opportunities to find a colorful and symbolic present. Finally, the fifth anniversary flower is the daisy.

    Of course, you don't really have to go with any of the traditional or modern themes if you don't want to. We've included plenty of alternative ideas at the bottom of our list that'll work for pretty much anyone.

    Wood Anniversary Gift Ideas

    At first, wood may not seem like the most romantic choice for such an important milestone. But take our word for it, there are some amazing options out there—you just need to think outside the box a little. Lucky for you, we're total experts. Ready to check out some of our favorite traditional fifth anniversary gift ideas? We've got something for everyone—from beautiful handmade jewelry to sentimental keepsakes—as well as some tips from gifting experts.

    Tree-Inspired Anniversary Artwork

    Personalized arboreal wood artwork five-year anniversary gift

    When it comes to five-year anniversary gifts made out of wood, this might just be the most sentimental. Shaped like a heart, but fashioned to look like the concentric circles of a tree, this personalized wooden wall art helps tell the story of your marriage. Your initials are carved in the middle and then you can choose up to eight notable moments from your relationship to add to each ring. From there, pick between a navy, burgundy or taupe finish to match your home decor.

    Whiskey Barrel Anniversary Watch

    Bourbon barrel wood watch five-year anniversary gift

    We couldn't write a roundup of our favorite wood gifts for your five-year anniversary without including an Original Grain watch. Made from reclaimed whiskey barrels and espresso-colored stainless steel, this rustic timepiece is a beautiful testament to your five-year milestone.

    Custom Couple's Four-Across Game

    Wooden four-across game personalized with couple's names and wedding date five- year anniversary gift

    While there are plenty of fun games for couples to choose from, this one really takes the cake when it comes to a romantic and stylish anniversary gift. Personalized with two names, the wedding date and lots of adorable hearts, the wooden four-across game doubles as a meaningful keepsake.

    Etched Sound Wave Art

    Fifth anniversary wood wall art gift personalized with sound wave

    This Etsy shop lets you record a sweet message—a private joke, a line from your other half's favorite song or simply, "I love you"—and have that unique sound wave etched onto birchwood. Every time your spouse sees it, they'll be reminded of just how much you love them.

    Personalized Wood Cutting Board

    Custom wooden cutting board with couple's names five-year anniversary gift

    Couples who love to cook always need new cutting boards—and we bet they don't have one with their names carved into the top. This one also doubles as the ultimate presentation board, perfect for parties. It's a unique five-year wedding anniversary gift that'll get tons of use.

    Black gift box with wood cuff links and tie bar five-year anniversary gift

    Whether you're going out to celebrate or staying home, getting dressed up is a simple way to make the occasion feel all the more special. The perfect finishing touch to your spouse's suit? A pair of elegant wooden cuff links personalized with the year you tied the knot. "There are so many ways to make a gift personalized," says Kathryn Money, Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Retail at Brilliant Earth. One of the most popular ways of all? Adding an engraving.

    Wood City Map Coasters

    Wood coasters engraved with different city grids five-year anniversary gift

    What could be more meaningful than a set of eye-catching coasters engraved with the grid of the city where you and your partner met, got married or even reside now? These cedar coasters are excellent wood anniversary gifts for him or her, especially if you've moved around during your relationship.

    Meaningful Painted Heart Pendant

    Wooden heart necklace five-year anniversary jewelry gift

    Want to buy your S.O. a romantic necklace? "It's important to evaluate what kind of jewelry your partner wears the most often as well as style preferences," says Money. Carved in the shape of a heart and crafted from wood then cast in sterling silver, this doubly symbolic pendant is perfect for anyone who appreciates dainty, meaningful accessories. If you have children, add up to five small heart charms along the chain to represent each little piece of your partner's heart. Who knew wood anniversary gifts could be so wearable?

    Symbolic Wood Cuff Bracelet

    Wood and gold-plated brass interlocking bangles five-year anniversary jewelry

    Expertly crafted by artisans in Kenya with ethically sourced wood and gold-plated recycled brass, this chic bracelet is a great gift for your fashion-forward other half. The unusual teak bangle gives this piece a unique edge, while the classic 24-karat gold-plated brass feels timeless. The interlocking design is a meaningful nod to your intertwined lives after five years of marriage.

    Handmade Wooden Roses

    Elegant wood roses with wood stems five-year anniversary gift

    Fresh flowers are great, but what if we told you your spouse could have blooms that'll last forever? This wood rose bouquet is ultra realistic and beautifully handcrafted. Choose from three, six or a dozen handmade roses so their flower vase is never empty. You can leave the roses natural or have them painted in one of the fifth anniversary's traditional colors: pink.

    Wooden Heart Serving Spoons

    Fifth anniversary gift heart-shaped wooden serving spoons

    Both traditional and modern, these wooden serving spoons shaped as hearts are a symbolic fifth anniversary gift. They're handmade in Kenya from African wild olive, a hardwood that's beautiful and durable just like your love. Use them to dish out a homemade dinner for your anniversary celebration.

    Engraved Keepsake Collar Stays

    Custom wood collar stays engraved with wedding date five-year anniversary gift

    Personalized wood collar stays are the perfect way for your spouse to carry a little piece of you with them wherever they go. Your partner will smile every time they think of the sweet souvenir hidden within their dress shirt. (And that's not to mention how sharp they'll look!)

    Chic Wood Desk Clock

    Wooden clock with rose gold fifth anniversary gift

    "Giving a clock for an important milestone is similar to giving a watch," says Susan Chandler, Chief Merchandising Officer, Citizen Watch America, representing both Citizen Watch and Bulova. "Watches mark the passage of time and remind us that time is precious, just like our lives and relationships," she says. If your S.O. has a home office, give them this chic desk clock made of chestnut wood with a rose gold finish for a practical fifth anniversary gift.

    Stained Wood Photo Frame

    Framed photo art fifth anniversary gift idea

    It's not a coincidence this wooden frame holds five pictures… Take a walk down memory lane and choose five of your favorite moments together to display in this custom photo collage. Then add your wedding anniversary date and names to the matting for an extra-personalized fifth anniversary gift.

    Silverware Anniversary Gift Ideas

    If you want to hand over something a little shinier than traditional wood, consider honoring the fifth year of marriage with silverware. The best part? You don't have to break the bank to present your loved one(s) with some dazzling new dinnerware. There's no hard rule that your gift actually has to be made out of silver (or meant for the dining table). Instead, opt for some hand-stamped stainless steel coffee spoons or a set of handy barbecue utensils. Don't be afraid to put your own spin on things—it all comes down to what the recipient would prefer.

    Matching Travel Flatware Sets

    Five-piece cutlery set in multicolor fifth anniversary silverware gift

    Shopping for a partner or couple who loves spending time outside? Grab a two-pack of portable silverware in the anniversary colors of pink and blue. These matching couple's sets come with all the must-haves: reusable knives, forks and spoons, plus chopsticks, straws and cleaning brushes. They're the perfect accoutrements to an anniversary picnic!

    Durable Steel Barbecue Tools

    Stainless steel barbecue toolkit fifth anniversary gift idea

    If your other half prefers cooking outdoors, ditch the traditional flatware for a set of sleek stainless steel barbecue utensils. This complete set includes a meat fork, basting brush, slotted turner, tongs and a convenient and sturdy storage case. You could even plan a fun anniversary barbecue to celebrate!

    Personalized Silver Serving Tray

    Aluminum serving tray personalized with family name five-year anniversary gift

    The fifth-year anniversary is undoubtedly a big one. If you're looking to really impress the couple with something silverware-inspired, have an elegant serving tray personalized with their family name or monogram. This stunning serveware is made from recycled aluminum, which is a little more affordable than silver (but just as shiny).

    Colorful, Casual Cutlery

    Multi-colored 5-piece cutlery set for fifth anniversary gift
    Rocky Luten

    This one's for the trendsetters. These blue-hued utensils will add a retro touch to any table setting. Made from durable stainless steel with vibrant resin handles, they should keep their shine for years to come. Just make sure to get two sets.

    Punny Coffee Spoons

    Set of four hand-stamped coffee spoons with puns fifth anniversary gift

    "Anniversary gifts don't always have to be serious," says Krissy Osborne, Associate Buyer, Art at Uncommon Goods. "If the couple you're gifting to is light hearted, maybe a gift that will make them laugh is a better fit." Enter: a set of punny coffee spoons. Upgrade their daily caffeine ritual with these stainless steel spoons that are hand-stamped with fun phrases like "rise and grind" and "whole latte love."

    Silverware-Inspired Jewelry

    Upcycled silverware earrings five-year anniversary jewelry

    We bet you didn't expect to find jewelry on our list of silverware-themed presents! Made from upcycled silver-plated spoon handles and affixed to silver studs, these dangly earrings will be a unique fifth anniversary gift and statement accessory. Bold earrings not your S.O.'s style? This shop also sells necklaces, rings, bracelets and charms made out of antique-style flatware.

    Sleek Place Settings

    Modern black silverware set five-year anniversary gift idea

    Flatware doesn't get much more fabulous than this contemporary collection inspired by cut diamonds. Treat your loved one(s) to a complete cutlery overhaul by gifting them a 20-piece set containing four dinner forks, salad forks, soup spoons, teaspoons and knives. The icing on the cake? They're made with dishwasher-safe stainless steel for easy cleanup and extra durability.

    Vintage-Style Spreading Knife

    Selection of vintage-style hand-stamped spreading knives with cute phrases

    If your other half is always reaching for the peanut butter jar, here's a thoughtful five-year anniversary gift for him or her. Each of these vintage-style spreading knives is stamped with a cute quip like "you're the PB to my J" and "we're butter together." How cute!

    Silver Daisy Cheese Knives

    Set of three silver and stainless steel cheese knives fifth anniversary gift

    Shopping for someone who makes a mean cheese board? A set of ornate cheese knives made with stainless steel and sterling silver is the flatware of their dreams—and appropriately detailed with the anniversy's flower: daisies. This set of three even comes in a gift box with a storage pouch. One thing to keep in mind: While dishwasher safe, you'll want to take them out before the drying cycle.

    Engraved Chopsticks Gift Set

    Wooden gift box with two pairs of silver and ebony chopsticks five-year anniversary gift

    Looking for more five-year anniversary gift ideas? If your S.O. loves Asian cuisine, prepare their favorite dish at home served alongside a set of custom chopsticks. Each pair can be engraved with your names, the date of your nuptials or another meaningful message. The best part? They're made out of silver and ebony wood, honoring both the modern and traditional gifts for this milestone.

    Alternative Five-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

    Five years of marriage is a special milestone, and that means celebrating with something you know they'll enjoy. If the traditional and modern presents just don't tick all the boxes, that's okay. We've got plenty more thoughtful gift ideas that'll work for any spouse or couple. Keep reading to find out our top picks.

    MasterClass Subscription

    MasterClass lesson gift cards advertising Gordon Ramsay and Annie Leibovitz five-year anniversary gift

    Stuck on what to give your other half for the fifth anniversary? Osborne believes that some of the most memorable anniversary gifts are experiences. While hotel breaks and photo shoots are excellent options, we've got something a little more out of the box: a MasterClass subscription. It'll give them access to a whole host of new experiences, from photography classes to mindfulness courses. There's something for everyone, whether you're shopping for a five-year anniversary gift for your wife, husband or the couple.

    Anniversary-Themed Candle

    Five-year anniversary gift candle with personalized map, date, names and year

    Trying to impress a Bridgerton fan? A milestone anniversary candle will let them know just how much you burn for them. This unique candle comes personalized with your names, a meaningful date and a special location. You can also give a nod to the year you met or tied the knot on the lid, which reads "burning bright since..."

    Portable Pizza Oven

    Ooni portable pizza oven fifth anniversary gift idea

    Sometimes, unusual fifth wedding anniversary gifts are the best of all. This portable wood-fired pizza oven gives a subtle nod to the year's traditional material, and it'll make planning an outdoor celebration easy. Who doesn't want to have an anniversary pizza party?

    Dainty Daisy Necklace

    Gold daisy charm necklace fifth anniversary flower gift

    As we mentioned earlier, the flower associated with the fifth anniversary is the daisy. A symbol of fidelity, these pretty blooms have a mesmerizing structure. Each petal reaching out from the center is indicative of the experiences you and your S.O. have shared and have yet to share. With that in mind, this gorgeous gold necklace is a lovely way of celebrating past memories and toasting what's yet to come.

    Mini Fire Pit

    Mini concrete fire pit with flame five-year anniversary gift
    Rocky Luten

    If your spouse is more interested in cool gadgets than keepsakes, use that as inspiration! We're obsessed with this convenient miniature fire pit, and if your S.O. has ever dreamt of roasting marshmallows from the couch, they will be too.

    Gourmet Candy Gift Box

    Customizable candy box fifth anniversary gift idea

    Candy is the sweetest anniversary gift you can give! Customize your own Sugarfina gift box with gourmet candies you know your wife, husband or favorite couple will like. Our personal favorites—which just so happen to come in romantic shapes—are the Peach Bellini Hearts and But First, Rosé Roses. Other options include Sugarfina's signature Champagne Bears or an assortment of chocolates.

    Fancy Wine Subscription

    Wine tasting fifth anniversary gift idea
    Wine Access via Facebook

    Sure, a bottle of wine is a great gift, but if you really want to leave an impression, try giving them a subscription instead. In fact, why not plan an elaborate wine tasting on your anniversary to celebrate? Then, you can recreate the experience every few months when your next delivery arrives. Choose between a selection of six classic and new-wave bottles, or a set of two luxury red wines.

    Sapphire Eternity Band

    Sapphire tiara stacking ring fifth anniversary gift for her

    Another five-year anniversary gift tradition? Jewelry—specifically sapphires. Make your spouse feel like royalty with a ring featuring Duchess Kate's engagement stone. If you choose a sapphire-studded band like this one, it'll look great stacked next to their wedding and engagement rings. "Colored gemstones are a vibrant and distinctive choice, and have been sought after for centuries," says Money.

    Sapphire Signet Ring

    Silver and black titanium ring with three rows of sapphires fifth anniversary gift for him

    Here's another gorgeous accessory in line with the five-year anniversary theme of sapphires. Money believes that "an anniversary gemstone is a great way to commemorate the date," and what better way to do just that than with this bold signet ring? The dazzling blue gemstones add a colorful twist, while the mixture of black titanium and sterling silver results in a polished yet moody look.

    Romantic Cabin Getaway

    omantic cabin in the woods Getaway gift card fifth anniversary gift idea

    Getaway encourages people to unplug, spend time in nature and enjoy the company of those who matter most. They have cozy, secluded cabins just a few hours outside of major cities so even the busiest couples can plan a restorative trip together. Thoughtful, unique and easily pulled together at the last minute, give your partner or friends a Getaway gift card so they can book a romantic escape.

    Innovative Indoor Garden

    Smart-technology indoor garden fifth anniversary gift

    No green thumb required! This smart-technology indoor garden has an automated watering and light cycle so you can grow fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables or flowers all year long, no matter where you live. The innovative device comes with three basil plant pods (you can also buy starter seeds for over 75 different plant varieties) perfect for a homemade pizza night to celebrate your fifth anniversary.

    Fresh Flower Delivery

    Bouquet of pink flowers last-minute 5-year anniversary gift

    Looking for last-minute five-year anniversary gifts? Check with your local florist to see what they can do. Alternatively, UrbanStems offers next-day flower delivery from Tuesday to Saturday. Choose from a range of beautiful bouquets like this romantic bunch of pink blooms, including roses, ruscus, hypericum berries and cocculus. Add a vase to your order so your spouse can put it on display instantly, or select other cute add-ons like champagne gummy bears or bath bombs.

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