These 5-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas Are Destined to Delight

Wood you believe it's been half a decade?
Collage of four five year anniversary gift ideas: couple's bucket list journal, interlocking bangles, custom four-across game, tree-inspired artwork
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Updated May 30, 2024
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Give your partner a high-five and a kiss: You've successfully reached your fifth wedding anniversary. After half a decade of navigating life's challenges together, your love has grown even more since you exchanged vows. We wood say that deserves a five-year anniversary gift to celebrate. A fifth anniversary gift should symbolize the solid roots and strong branches you've grown together and honor the memories that have led to this milestone. Are you catching our drift? We've rounded up the best five-year anniversary gifts, encompassing both the hinted-at traditional and modern material themes, along with unique alternatives sure to delight your husband, wife, partner or friends.

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    Traditional Five-Year Anniversary Gifts

    Still unclear about the theme for the five-year anniversary gift? It's wood! This natural material symbolizes the strength, durability and growth of your enduring relationship, reflecting a marriage that has stood tall and weathered many storms, much like a sturdy tree. Wood anniversary gifts come in all shapes and sizes, including beautiful handmade jewelry, sentimental wall art and even practical kitchen tools. Shop our top traditional fifth anniversary gifts below.

    Tree-Inspired Artwork

    Heart-shaped wooden tree-ring art five-year anniversary gift
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    This personalized anniversary gift is one of our top traditional picks for celebrating a five-year anniversary with your wife, husband or partner. Shaped like a heart with concentric circles like a tree, it tells the story of your marriage. Your initials are carved in the middle, then you can choose up to eight notable moments from your relationship so far to add to each ring, like the day you met, the proposal, your wedding date and the day you bought your first home. Pick between a navy, burgundy, gray or taupe finish and two size options to suit your home decor preferences.

    Interlocking Bangles

    Gold plated and wood interlocking bangle bracelets for five-year anniversary gift
    Photo: SOKO

    Jewelry is an excellent choice for any occasion, and your fifth wedding anniversary is no exception. Any fashion-forward spouse will love these beautiful bangles, expertly crafted by artisans in Kenya using ethically sourced wood and recycled metals. The teak and 24K gold-plated brass materials give these accessories a unique edge, while the interlocking design nods to two lives coming together as one, akin to marriage.

    Sound Wave Art

    Five-year anniversary wood wall art gift personalized with sound wave
    Photo: ArtsyVoiceprint

    This Etsy shop lets you record a sweet anniversary message—like a private joke, a line from your spouse's favorite song or simply, "I love you"—and have that unique sound wave printed onto birchwood. Every time your partner sees it, they'll be reminded of just how much you love them. (Psst, take it to the next level by adding a scannable QR code that lets them actually hear the sound wave on their phone.)

    Custom Four-Across Game

    Wooden four-across game personalized with couple's names and wedding date five- year anniversary gift
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    Still trying to figure out what to do for your five-year marriage anniversary? Celebrate by inviting loved ones over for a fun game night (or keep it low-key and romantic with just the two of you). Either way, this beautiful reinvention of the classic four-across game will be a stunning centerpiece for the occasion. Instead of the usual circular shape, the holes are in the shape of romantic hearts surrounding your names and the all-important date you said: "I do."

    Whiskey Barrel Anniversary Watch

    Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel watch for five-year anniversary gift
    Photo: Original Grain

    We couldn't write a roundup of gifts for the fifth wedding anniversary without including an Original Grain watch. This striking timepiece is made from reclaimed whiskey barrels, perfectly encapsulating the traditional five-year anniversary gift for him, her or them. Espresso-colored stainless steel adds a subtle shine that blends in beautifully with the wood for a stylish (and symbolic) five-year anniversary gift they can rock daily. Best of all, you can have the back engraved with a custom message!

    Black gift box with wood cuff links and tie bar five-year anniversary gift
    Photo: PaperAnniversaryLove

    Whether you're going out to celebrate or staying home, getting dressed up is a simple way to make your five-year wedding anniversary feel all the more special. The perfect finishing touch to your spouse's suit? A pair of elegant wooden cuff links personalized with the year you tied the knot. You can also add a tie bar to take this traditional anniversary gift to the next level.

    Personalized Cutting Board

    Personalized wooden cutting board with couples name for five-year anniversary gift
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    Uncommon Goods has several cool five-year anniversary gift ideas that celebrate tradition in fun and creative ways. This personalized wooden cutting board is a winning present for any couple who loves to cook or entertain at home. It's made from maple wood and features their names carved into the top for a thoughtful finish. There's even an option to add mineral oil to preserve the wood so they can enjoy this thoughtful present for years to come.

    Stained Wood Photo Frame

    Couples wedding pictures collage in wooden frame five-year anniversary gift
    Photo: inspireddecorco

    It's not a coincidence this wooden frame holds five pictures. Take a trip down memory lane and choose five of your favorite moments together from each you've been married to display in this custom photo collage. Finish off the gift with your wedding date and names for a thoughtful five-year anniversary gift for your husband, wife or partner that'll give them all the feels.

    Anniversary Material Art

    Five-year anniversary wooden heart framed art gift
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    Here's another meaningful anniversary gift for him, her or them that they'll want to hang up immediately: A framed keepsake representing the traditional five-year anniversary material. This piece of art features six small wooden hearts alongside your names, wedding date and a message about the sentiment behind the theme. It's a lovely way to pay tribute to your thriving relationship and your deep-rooted affection for one another.

    Wood Burning Kit

    Wood burning kit 5 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Amazon

    Surprise your hobbyist spouse with a wood burning kit so they can learn the art of pyrography, transforming ordinary pieces into cherished keepsakes. This one comes with a 30W burning pen with 36 tips for various strokes, a safety stand, a metallic alphabet and number stencil, pliers and a comprehensive guidebook, all neatly organized in a wooden box. You'll just need to add the wood like this walnut plank with natural edges that'll make a beautiful canvas for their future artwork. Hands down, this is the most unique fifth anniversary gift idea on our list.

    Modern Five-Year Anniversary Gifts

    Silverware is the modern five-year anniversary theme. While it might seem mundane at first, it actually carries a sweet meaning. This practical gift nods to the small, but cherished moments between couples that help them bond, like the act of sharing a meal together. Furthermore, since traditional flatware was crafted from silver, it also symbolizes the brilliance and radiance that marriage adds to life. There are a few different ways to give silverware as a five-year wedding anniversary gift. You could choose a new set of forks, spoons and knives that reflects your spouse's taste such as ones with colorful handles for their dopamine decorating style or a hardy gold collection for the modernist. Alternatively, shop serveware like salt and pepper shakers or salad tongs, cooking utensils like whisks, spatulas or even a cheese grater, and bar tools like a cocktail shakers, strainers and muddlers. And if you aren't sold on kitchen gadgets as a five-year anniversary present, it's okay to gift items simply made from silver too!

    Ornate Silver and Gold Flatware Set

    Ornate silver and gold flatware set 5 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Anthropologie

    First on the list, we have to suggest a classic flatware set in a silver hue for a five-year anniversary gift that is perfectly on theme. Enter this Golden Juilliard flatware from Anthropologie. Featuring an ornate golden accent, this set sparkles with elegance and modern charm making it a dazzling addition to celebratory dinners and everyday meals alike. It includes four dinner forks, four salad forks, four dinner knives, four dinner spoons and four teaspoons, all crafted from durable stainless steel and dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.

    Engraved Baking Utensils

    Love Birds Personalized Wooden Utensils for five-year anniversary gift
    Photo: Personalization Mall

    Here's a gift idea that combines both five-year anniversary symbols: wood and silverware. The cooking utensils—a serving spoon, slotted spoon and two spatulas—are made from birchwood (and silicone) and, best of all, are custom engraved with the couples' names. Each is also topped with a romantic motif like hearts or lovebirds. It's the perfect combination of practicality and sentimentality for a fifth anniversary gift that'll be cherished by anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

    Custom Silver Chopsticks

    Engraved chopsticks with wooden case for five-year anniversary gift
    Photo: iWoodShop

    If your spouse enjoys Asian cuisine or cherishes their heritage, this is a thoughtful five-year anniversary idea. Prepare their favorite dish at home and serve it alongside a set of custom chopsticks. Each pair can be engraved with your names, the date of your anniversary or another meaningful message. The best part though is that this is another gift that honors both the modern and traditional materials for this milestone highlighted by the silver and rosewood handle, matching chopstick rest and the bamboo storage case.

    Silver-Dipped Forever Rose

    Silver dipped forever rose for five year anniversary gift
    Photo: The Forever Rose

    Feel free to treat the modern five-year anniversary theme as a helpful guideline rather than a hard-and-fast rule. For an ultra-romantic gesture, why not swap the silverware for something that's just silver? This stunning (and very real) rose has been carefully preserved and dipped in the precious metal to produce a gorgeous, shiny bloom. Up the ante by having the stem engraved with a special message. Even though it's not functional, it'll still look great in a vase in the kitchen.

    Shiny New Bar Tools

    Shiny new bar tools five year anniversary gift
    Photo: Pottery Barn

    Toast to your five year wedding anniversary with homemade cocktails. This bar utensil set includes a jigger, strainer, bar spoon and muddler, each neatly hung on a stand for practical use and visual appeal. Crafted from recycled steel, brass and aluminum, the set exudes a fitting silver hue, further honoring the modern theme while elevating your at-home mixology experience.

    Monogrammed Wine Chiller

    Personalized silver wine chiller for five-year anniversary gift
    Photo: Mark & Graham

    Planning to toast your latest marriage milestone with a bottle of special anniversary wine? Make the occasion feel a little more luxurious with this personalized wine chiller. It's made from nickel-plated stainless steel and can be etched with your (or the couple's) monogram for a display-worthy finish.

    Floral Teaspoons

    Floral teaspoons five year anniversary gift
    Photo: Anthropologie

    Just like your love, this anniversary gift for five years of marriage is super sweet. Reflecting the modern theme of silverware, the set of four teaspoons combines practicality with aesthetic appeal—the floral decals and scalloped edges are just too pretty! It's a great gesture for your spouse who loves their tea with just a spoonful of sugar. We definitely recommend pairing them with the matching teacups and saucers!

    Personalized Charcuterie Knife Set

    Personalized charcuterie knife set 5 year anniversary gift
    Photo: ForestDecorShop

    Shopping for someone who makes a mean cheese board? A set of ornate cheese knives made with stainless steel and olive wood is the flatware of their dreams—and appropriately detailed with their initials. This set of three, four or six even come in a holder for a classy presentation. One thing to keep in mind: To maintain their quality, they're not dishwasher safe and will need to be handwashed.

    Portable Cutlery

    Portable cutlery 5 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Amazon

    Looking for a gift for a partner or couple who enjoy the outdoors? Consider a set of portable silverware to elevate their next al fresco celebration. Each matching set includes a fork, spoon, knife and bottle opener, all crafted from durable stainless steel and neatly stored in a portable case for convenience. Perfect for romantic weekends camping or meals under the stars in their own backyard, these utensils combine functionality with durability, enhancing outdoor dining experiences with thoughtful ease.

    Symbolic Silver Necklace

    Silver three interlocking rings necklace for five year anniversary gift
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    If you're finding the silverware theme a little tricky, we've come up with the perfect workaround. This sterling silver necklace is worth bending the rules for and is a modern five-year anniversary gift any spouse will be thrilled to unwrap. With three interlocking rings representing the past, present and future, it's a stylish (and symbolic) accessory that'll remind them to live in the moment.

    Unique Five-Year Anniversary Gifts

    The best five-year anniversary gift for your spouse may not align with traditional or modern materials—and that's perfectly fine! What matters most is choosing something meaningful that you know they'll love and appreciate, regardless of its material. That's why we've gathered alternative gift ideas suitable for any spouse or couple. We've even included suggestions incorporating the five-year anniversary symbols: a flower (daisy), gemstone (sapphire) and colors (blue, pink or turquoise) for bonus inspiration.

    Anniversary-Themed Candle

    Cute personalized anniversary candle gift idea
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    Sparks flew the day you met your other half—and they'll fly again when you gift them this anniversary-themed candle. It comes personalized with your names, a meaningful date and a special location (like your wedding venue or where your paths crossed for the first time). You can also nod to the year you tied the knot on the lid, which reads "Burning bright since..." Better yet, it has a celebratory champagne scent.

    Date Night Inspiration Cards

    Date night inspiration cards 5 year anniversary gift
    Photo: The Adventure Challenge

    Finding time to dedicate to dates isn't always easy. Luckily, The Adventure Challenge has clever date night books and card decks crammed with fun and exciting activities for couples to do together. Busy duos will get a serious relationship boost from this Mini-Dates deck, which includes 30 scratch-off challenges that can be completed in 30 minutes or less. The date ideas are split into four different categories, with topics related to food, games, playful moments and intentional conversations.

    Make sure to use our exclusive code THEKNOT20 to get 20% off your order with the code.

    Elegant Sapphire Bracelet

    Silver chain blue sapphire five year anniversary gift bracelet
    Photo: Brilliant Earth

    Take inspiration from the five-year anniversary stone, sapphire, with this elegant bracelet. Featuring three delicate sapphires on a silver chain, it will make your spouse feel like a million bucks every time they wear it. Known for symbolizing wisdom and loyalty, the rich blue color of the sapphires beautifully represents the depth of trust and the strength of commitment that a couple has built over five years together. As a bonus, it also aligns with one of the fifth anniversary hues. Aww!

    Pretty Daisy Necklace

    Gold pretty daisy five year anniversary pendant necklace gift
    Photo: Made by Mary

    Each year together is associated with a specific anniversary flower, and the fifth anniversary is celebrated with the daisy. This lovely bloom symbolizes fidelity, fun and affection. Each petal extending from the center represents the experiences you and your spouse have shared over the years. This charming gold necklace, featuring a hand-stamped daisy motif, is a wearable gift that honors past memories and the playful nature of your relationship.

    Couple's Bucket List Journal

    Couple's bucket list journal 5 year anniversary gift
    Photo: OakdeneDesigns

    If you're searching for something for a travel-loving couple, this cute journal is guaranteed to inspire their wanderlust. Inside, they'll find a blank checklist where they can record all the dream destinations on their bucket list. There's also space for them to jot down their feelings and memories about each of their shared experiences. Add a personalized illustration inspired by your favorite duo, along with their names, to the cover to make this simple gift really shine.

    Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

    Portable multi-fuel oven five year anniversary gift
    Photo: Ooni

    Sometimes, unusual anniversary gifts are the best of all. This portable multi-fuel oven uses gas, charcoal or wood to make fresh homemade pizzas in no time. Planning an anniversary pizza party to mark year five of marriage? This handy device is all you need to get the celebrations started. It works so fast that you'll be chowing down a delicious slice of stone-baked pizza within minutes. Add a new pizza cutter to the gift to incorporate the year's modern theme of silverware.

    Innovative Indoor Garden

    Smart-technology indoor garden five year anniversary gift
    Photo: Click & Grow

    Gardening novices rejoice! This smart-technology indoor garden has an automated watering and light cycle so you can grow fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables or flowers all year long, no matter where you live. The cool device comes with three basil plant pods (you can also buy starter seeds for over 75 different plant varieties), which are the perfect start for a night of fresh, homemade Italian cuisine to celebrate your fifth anniversary.

    Celebratory Cupcake Jars

    Wicked good cupcakes in a jar gift set for unique five year anniversary gift idea
    Photo: Wicked Good Cupcakes

    Cake will always hold a special place in our hearts (and our stomachs). Help the lovebirds commemorate their latest marital milestone by sending them a virtual gift card for Wicked Good Cupcakes. Depending on your budget, you can gift them a two-pack, four-pack or six-pack of delicious cupcake jars. The best part? They get to choose their own flavors, so they're sure to find something to satisfy their sweet tooth.

    MasterClass Subscription

    MasterClass Subscription 5 year anniversary gift
    Photo: MasterClass

    Stuck on what to give your other half for the fifth anniversary? Osborne believes that some of the most memorable anniversary gifts are experiences. While hotel breaks and photo shoots are excellent options, we've got something a little more out of the box: a MasterClass subscription. It'll give them access to a whole host of new experiences, from photography classes to mindfulness courses. There's something for everyone, whether you're shopping for a five-year anniversary gift for your wife, husband or the couple.

    Photo Album

    Photo album 5 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Artifact Uprising

    A photo gift is always timeless, especially for a spouse who always has their camera out—the thousands of photos on their phone deserve to be glanced at more. This hardcover fabric photo book comes in eight colors, including the five-year anniversary hues of blue, turquoise and pink. Customize the cover with silver foil text and fill the 20 to 50 pages to hold all those cherished memories. It's a nostalgic fifth anniversary gift that's sure to evoke fond memories and perhaps even a few happy tears.

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