13 Ways to Customize Your Dance Floor

Custom Dance Floors from The Knot
bridget clegg the knot wedding diy and crafting expert
by Bridget Clegg
bridget clegg the knot wedding diy and crafting expert
Bridget Clegg
Wedding DIY and Crafting Expert
  • Bridget Clegg is an Art Production Manager for BestProducts.com.
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  • Bridget worked for The Knot as a Photo Editor from 2013 to 2015.

Your dance floor is the perfect spot to do a little custom work. You can go all out (like the over-water dance floor below!) or you can keep it simple. Personalized vinyl decals, Gobo lighting and and a few creative materials can transform any space into a dance party.

An Over-The-Pool Dance Floor

Pool Dance Floor

Photo: Laura Negri Photography

Water in your way? Make the most out of an outdoor reception space by covering the pool in acrylic flooring and dancing on top!

Roses Projected Over The Dance Floor

Custom Lighting on Dance Floor

Photo: Simone & Martin Photography

Projection lighting doesn't have to be cheesy. Mindy Weiss designed a soft floral pattern to complete the look for this garden wedding.

Black and White Custom Dance Floor

Black and White Dance Floor

Photo: The Skyline Tent Company

Underneath a massive tent, this couple decided to mix up the traditional black and white checked dance floor with a crisp geometric design.

Starry Night Dance Floor

Star Projection on Dance Floor

Photo: John and Joseph Photography

Gobo projection lighting can create fun details like the monogram and simple constellation seen here. (See all photos from the wedding)

Wordy Decal Dance Floor

Custom Dance Floor with Words

Photo: Zara Zoo

Think about the possibilities! Choose colors that match your wedding style and words that sum up your relationship. (This one captures the Portuguese couple's love story.)

LED Dance Floor

White Illuminated Wedding Dance Floor

Photo: Gerber and Scarpelli Wedding Photography

Dance floor lighting gets a bad rap, but an all-white illuminated floor is elegant and modern!

Rustic Painted Patterned Wooden Dance Floor

Custom Painted Dance Floor

Photo: Harwell Photography

In addition to a custom stage, this Southern couple had a pattern painted on top of their outdoor dance floor.

Striped Vinyl Dance Floor

Striped Dance Floor

Photo: We Love Pictures

Vinyl stripes in the wedding's signature colors make this dance floor pop!

Circular Acrylic Dance Floor

Photo: John & Joseph Photography

Photo: John & Joseph Photography

Experiment with the shape of the dance floor. A circular one is placed right in the center of this luxe indoor reception. (See all photos from the wedding)

Custom Decal Dance Floor

Custom Dance Floor with Vinyl Decal

Photo: Rowell Photography

A vinyl decal on the dance floor can speak to a couple's personality and a reception's style.

Nautical Design Dance Floor

Nautical Dance Floor

Photo: Sara Gillianne

Incorporate your wedding theme into the design of the dance floor, as this couple did with a nautical compass at their backyard wedding.

Twinkling LED Dance Floor

Customized Dance Floor

Photo: Gertrude & Mabel

For a romantic starlit night, go for a dance floor full of twinkling LED lights!

Bright Blue Acrylic Dance Floor

Colorful Dance Floor

Photo: John J. Unrue Photography

Think outside the box when it comes to colors. This bright blue and gold dance floor pops under an impressive orchid-draped light. (See all photos from the wedding)

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