12 Wedding Dance Lessons to Book in Atlanta

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lindsay tigar the knot
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Updated Jun 14, 2024

Whether it's Hotlanta, the Peach of the South or the Capital of the South—Atlanta is a vibrant, diverse city where history meets modernity. As Atlanta couples prepare for their wedding, many seek to create special moments that leave a lasting impression on their guests. Taking wedding dance lessons in Atlanta is one way they achieve this. Whether it's the newlyweds' first dance or a coordinated routine with the entire wedding party, these lessons have become increasingly popular. Dance lessons not only help in crafting a spectacular performance but also provide a fun and bonding experience during the often hectic wedding planning process.

Whether you're aiming for a classic ballroom dance or a fun choreographed routine, Atlanta has plenty of options for dance lessons. We curated a list of 12 studios providing Atlanta wedding dance lessons to get you started. Discover how to find dance lessons in your area on The Knot Vendor Marketplace, where you can filter by location to find the perfect studio for you.

Atlanta Wedding Dance in Marietta, Georgia

Atlanta Wedding Dance specializes in helping couples create memorable first dances that reflect their unique love story. With private lessons tailored to each couple's preferences and skill level, they ensure a stress-free and enjoyable learning experience. From classic ballroom to modern fusion, their talented instructors can teach it all. In addition to the happy duo's first dance, they also offer lessons for father-daughter, mother-son or wedding party performances.

  • Years of Experience: 10+ years
  • Dance Style: Ballroom, Latin, contemporary and more
  • What Couples Love: Couples give high reviews for the personalized attention and the studio's welcoming atmosphere.

    Academy Ballroom Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia

    Academy Ballroom Atlanta specializes in creating elegant and memorable couples dance classes in Atlanta. Their team of professional instructors offers private lessons that help bring your vision to life. Whether you're dreaming of a classic ballroom dance, a lively swing number or a dance you saw on TikTok, Academy Ballroom Atlanta can help make your first dance unforgettable.

    • Years of Experience: 20+ years
    • Dance Style: Ballroom, swing, Latin and more
    • What Couples Love: Duos like the attention to detail and the studio's warm, welcoming atmosphere.

      Daza Dance Ballroom Academy in Atlanta, Georgia

      Female-founded Daza Dance Ballroom Academy offers comprehensive wedding dance lessons in Atlanta designed to make couples feel confident and comfortable on the dance floor. You will start your wedding dance journey with their "wedding special," where they choreograph a dance routine to your chosen song and teach you how to perform it with confidence. You'll also get assistance with song and dance style selection, full choreography, tips for dancing in your wedding attire and much more.

      • Years of Experience: 10+ years
      • Dance Style: Ballroom, Latin, swing and more
      • What Couples Love: Couples are impressed by the level of professionalism and expertise of the instructors.

        Danse L'Amour in Atlanta, Georgia

        Danse L'Amour, with locations in Atlanta, Nashville, Lombard and NYC, specializes in creating personalized wedding dance routines to match any style or ability level. Whether you envision a romantic waltz, an energetic salsa or a classic country two-step, their team is hands-on and helpful. You'll also be supporting a woman-owned business that offers both private and group lessons. Danse L'Amour tailors your experience to your venue, attire and song choice, providing expert choreography in styles like rumba, chacha, foxtrot and tango to help you dance with confidence and joy.

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        • Years of Experience: 10+ years
        • Dance Style: Ballroom, Latin, swing, rumba, chacha, foxtrot, tango and more
        • What Couples Love: Couples rave about the friendly instructors and the comfortable, supportive learning environment.

          Mary Me Wedding Dances in Atlanta, Georgia

          At Mary Me Wedding Dances in Atlanta,, your first dance experience isn't just magical on the dance floor, but in the process, too. They describe their lessons as a way to transform the dance floor into a canvas for your love story—whether you're gliding into marriage with a waltz or doing a fiery salsa. One twirl at a time, the owner, Mary (hence the name) will help you into the next chapter of your relationship, with or without two feet.

          • Years of Experience: 15+ years
          • Dance Style: Ballroom, Latin, swing and contemporary; specific styles and custom choreography are available upon consultation
          • What Couples Love: Couples appreciate the studio's patient instruction and the fun, relaxed atmosphere.

            Get Up and Dance in Atlanta, Georgia

            The female founder of this studio has choreographed and taught more than 150 first dances for couples in the Atlanta area—so you know she has the experience you value. Get Up and Dance provides private lessons focusing on first dances, parent-child dances and other special wedding moments. These Atlanta wedding dance lessons can be scheduled at your convenience and are designed to fit your style and song preferences, with options for 45-minute or hour-long sessions, available individually or in discounted packages​. The studio emphasizes creating a relaxed and fun learning environment, suitable for dancers of all levels, giving you confidence and ease against the wedding-day jitters.

            • Years of Experience: 20+ years
            • Dance Style: Ballroom, Latin, swing and custom choreography; tailored routines are available upon request
            • What Couples Love: Clients love the studio's flexibility and the customized lessons that align with their wedding themes.

              International Dance Studios in Atlanta, Georgia

              International Dance Studios is known for their diverse range of dance styles and expert instruction. The founders are a dynamic husband-and-wife duo who are dedicated to making wedding dance learning accessible and enjoyable. They have created an award-winning system tailored for beginners—so even if you have two left feet, you'll nail the routine. With more than a decade of experience, they have successfully guided thousands of couples to feel at ease and confident on the dance floor.

              • Years of Experience: 25+ years
              • Dance Style: Ballroom, Latin, swing, tango and more; customized choreography is also available
              • What Couples Love: Couples praise the studio for its professional approach and the ability to create stunning, unique dance routines.

                Groovement Mobile Dance Lessons in Atlanta, Georgia

                If you have anxiety just at the mere thought of stepping into a dance studio, take a breather. Woman-owned Groovement Mobile Dance Lessons brings the dance floor to you, offering personalized instruction in the comfort of your own home. Supporting Atlanta and surrounding counties, they specialize in creating unique and memorable first dances, tailored to each couple's vision and skill level. Their mobile service provides convenience and a personalized touch that makes learning to dance a less stressful experience.

                • Years of Experience: 5+ years
                • Dance Style: Ballroom, Latin, swing and other custom styles; personalized routines designed for home lessons
                • What Couples Love: Clients appreciate the convenience of at-home lessons and the customized, attentive instruction.

                  The Wedding Dance Specialist in Atlanta, Georgia

                  The Wedding Dance Specialist focuses exclusively on creating unforgettable wedding dances. They offer a range of packages tailored to fit the couple's style, from simple steps to complex choreography. The founder boasts an impressive 20+ years of experience working with wedding couples, customizing their dances to meet their specific desires, ensuring a fun, exciting and memorable experience. The Wedding Dance Specialist offers private dance lessons in Buckhead, Sandy Springs and Alpharetta for couples looking to create magic on their big day.

                  • Years of Experience: 20+ years
                  • Dance Style: Ballroom, Latin, swing and custom wedding choreography; specializes in elegant and intricate routines
                  • What Couples Love: Couples love the detailed attention to their dance and the expert guidance that makes every step feel natural.

                    ACE Studios in Marietta, Georgia

                    Located 40 minutes north of Atlanta in the popular suburb of Marietta, ACE Studios is renowned for their high-quality dance instruction and ability to create personalized wedding dances. Their industry experience—from choreographing music videos, TV shows, award shows and international performances—illustrates their expertise. Led by a professional dancing couple, they inspire and teach other duos how to express themselves through dance. Offering a range of programs in hip-hop, classical, country and disco styles, Ace Studios provides personalized wedding lessons, and can also entertain guests at events with choreographed performances by their team of professional dancers, alongside workshops, private lessons and monthly classes.

                    • Years of Experience: 15+ years
                    • Dance Style: Ballroom, Latin, contemporary and more; custom choreography is available to fit your vision
                    • What Couples Love: Clients highlight the studio's skilled instructors and the personalized approach to creating their dream dance.

                      Jonathan Chen Dance in Atlanta, Georgia

                      Jonathan Chen Dance offers bespoke wedding dance lessons in Atlanta, GA designed to make your first dance unforgettable. With a focus on creating routines that match your style and story, this one-man show provides expert guidance and a supportive learning environment. Whether you and your partner are beginners or experienced dancers, he can tailor a dance that suits your needs.

                      • Years of Experience: 10+ years
                      • Dance Style: Ballroom, Latin, contemporary and custom choreography; specializes in creating personalized wedding dances
                      • What Couples Love: Couples praise Jonathan for his creativity, patience and the personalized attention he gives to every lesson.

                        Stayin' Alive in Roswell, Georgia

                        At Stayin' Alive, twin sisters with more than 20 years of dance and choreography experience specialize in crafting memorable wedding dances for couples, parents and groups, ensuring a unique touch to each performance. Located in Roswell, 45 minutes north of Atlanta, they are dedicated to making dream weddings a reality reflecting their passion for being part of each couple's special day. Stayin' Alive offers wedding dance lessons that are fun, relaxed and tailored to your vision. They specialize in making each dance a reflection of the couple's personality and love story, with lessons that cater to all skill levels.

                        • Years of Experience: 15+ years
                        • Dance Style: Ballroom, Latin, swing and more; custom routines are available to match your wedding theme
                        • What Couples Love: Clients love the energetic and friendly approach, as well as the personalized attention to detail.
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