10 Wedding Dance Lessons in Chicago to Nail Your First Dance

These teachers will help you create a first dance your guests will be talking about for years.
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lindsay tigar the knot
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Updated Jun 06, 2024

Calling all Windy City engaged couples: it's time to put on your dancin' shoes! One crucial element to make your day unforgettable is the perfect first dance. With many top-rated studios offering specialized wedding dance lessons in Chicago, you can ensure your first dance is as memorable as your big day.

Here are some of the top places in Chicago where you can get professional wedding dance lessons to prepare for that magical moment. For more options, learn how to find dance lessons in your area through The Knot Vendor Marketplace by filtering based on your location.

Ballroom Dance Chicago in Chicago, Illinois

Since 2008, Ballroom Dance Chicago has been teaching partner dance in the heart of the city. Their mission is to show everyone their innate ability to dance while making the process enjoyable. They offer a range of services, including wedding dance lessons, all tailored to cultivate comfort and confidence on the dance floor. They provide both private lessons and group classes, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Ballroom Dance Chicago specializes in ballroom, Latin and swing dance styles.

  • Years of Experience: 15+ years
  • Dance Styles: Ballroom, Latin and swing
  • What Couples Love: Duos rave about the personalized attention, enjoyable learning process and accelerated wedding lessons for last-minute preparations.

    Chicago Dance in Chicago, Illinois

    This coveted dance studio has probably been around since before your parents even said "I do." Since 1976, Chicago Dance has offered personalized wedding dance lessons in Chicago, IL, giving you and your partner creative freedom to design your own special performance. Want to mimic Dirty Dancing or tackle a new TikTok trend? They can help you put one foot in front of the other and dazzle your guests. They focus on teaching partner dance skills, which not only help with the wedding dance but also create a deeper connection between partners. They provide both private and group lessons, so you can figure out what best suits your dance goals and your busy schedules.

    • Years of Experience: 45+ years
    • Dance Styles: Various partner dances; inquire for more details
    • What Couples Love: Reviewers love the customized lessons, fun learning experiences and flexible scheduling.

      Dance Center Chicago in Chicago, Illinois

      Dance Center Chicago provides unique wedding dance packages that combine group classes with private lessons. They offer choreographed and non-choreographed dance lessons to make you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor. Lots of couples talk about how, even as beginners, they were able to nail the first dance and perform it without fear when their wedding day arrived. We like that their packages promise a beautiful, personalized dance for the wedding day.

      • Dance Styles: Ballroom and various partner dances
      • What Couples Love: Duos give positive reviews for the combination of group and private lessons, personalized choreography and a comfortable learning environment.

        Sway Dance Chicago in Chicago, Illinois

        This woman-owned business opened its doors to dancers of all levels in 2010. Sway Dance Chicago is known for being a modern, professional and top-rated destination for wedding dance lessons in Chicago. We appreciate how they offer affordable packages and flexible scheduling, making it easy for couples to prepare for their wedding day. Instructors at Sway Dance Chicago are praised for their patience and ability to teach dance moves that suit various music genres.

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        • Years of Experience: 12+ years
        • Dance Styles: Waltz, foxtrot, rumba, bachata and cha cha
        • What Couples Love: Couples talk about patient instructors, flexible scheduling and personalized dance moves.

          Dance Connection Chicago in Chicago, Illinois

          While some couples have a natural rhythm, others have to work a little harder for it. And hey, if you're in the second category, don't sweat it—but do break a sweat at Dance Connection Chicago. Since 2001, this highly recommended studio has specialized in creating romantic and memorable first dances for weddings. They offer both choreographed and semi-choreographed routines (a few cues but you take the music as you feel it) to reflect each couple's unique personality and style. Their couples dance lessons in Chicago will leave you feeling confident and relaxed on the dance floor.

          • Years of Experience: 20+ years
          • Dance Styles: Salsa, Latin, merengue, bachata, Argentine tango and hustle
          • What Couples Love: Past couples loved the personalized routines, confidence-building lessons and a positive learning environment.

            Ballroom College in Chicago, Illinois

            Ballroom College offers wedding dance lessons in Chicago for both beginners and advanced dancers, including private sessions and package options for comprehensive learning. Couples can choose between choreographed or non-choreographed routines based on their preferences. If you're on a budget, this dance studio might be the best bet for you, since they aim to make dance lessons accessible to those with financial constraints. Their vision is to "break down financial barriers and spread the joy of dance to as many people as possible."

            • Dance Styles: Ballroom, bachata, cha cha, country western, East Coast swing, rumba salsa, tango, Viennese, waltz and West Coast swing
            • What Couples Love: Duos appreciated the customizable packages, supportive learning environment and flexible lesson plans.

              Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Chicago, Illinois

              For more than 100 years, Arthur Murray Dance Studio has been a "home away from home" for professional, aspiring and novice dancers. They offer a wide variety of ballroom dance lessons in Chicago, including first-dance choreography and dance classes for the entire wedding party. So if you want to get your wedding party in on the fun, they can put together something magical for the whole crew. And hey, if your parents want their time in the spotlight or a unique father-daughter or mother-son dance, they can organize that, too.

              • Years of Experience: 100+ years
              • Dance Styles: Various dance styles; inquire for more details.
              • What Couples Love: Past couples loved the professional instruction, inclusive packages for the wedding party and confidence-building lessons.

                Duet Dance Studio in Chicago, Illinois

                This woman-of-color-owned studio proudly serves all couples, including those part of the LGBTQ+ community. Duet Dance Studio offers personalized wedding dance lessons in Chicago, including choreographed and semi-choreographed first dances. They teach a wide range of dance styles, from the foxtrot and tango to numbers inspired by popular movies, including La La Land, Dirty Dancing and more. As an additional perk, they also provide lessons for parents and the wedding party, so everyone can get in on the fun.

                • Dance Styles: Foxtrot, waltz, tango, salsa, rumba, bachata, cha cha, merengue, swing, hustle and country 2-step
                • What Couples Love: Happy couples gave positive reviews of personalized attention, diverse dance styles and comprehensive wedding packages.

                  Lake Shore Dance Academy in Mundelein, IL

                  This woman-owned and founded, award-winning studio is sure to not only meet your wedding dance dreams—but exceed them. Lake Shore Dance Academy specializes in creating perfect wedding first dances—from salsa and ballroom to movie-inspired numbers, classic waltzes and more. They offer customized routines that can be simple or elaborate, depending on the couple's preferences, skills and comfort levels. Their lessons are designed to make the process as enjoyable and memorable as the dance itself. After all, part of the fun of learning a dance routine is the giggly journey, not just the one-time performance on the wedding day.

                  • Dance Styles: Various dance styles; inquire for more details
                  • What Couples Love: Happy couples liked the customized routines, enjoyable learning process and stress-free preparation style.

                    The Social Dance Studio in Chicago, Illinois

                    While some couples tend to go the traditional route, others want to stay modern with their first dance as a married couple. If you're more of a TikTok trend-follower, then the woman-owned Social Dance Studio may check all of your boxes. This studio offers wedding dance lessons in Chicago that include first-dance choreography and advice on choosing the perfect song. They provide dance instruction on popular social dances, and, unlike bigger operations in the Chicago area, it's a truly private experience where each client gets the studio all to themselves.

                    • Dance Styles: Various dance styles; inquire for more details
                    • What Couples Love: Happy couples loved the personalized song and dance advice, flexible lesson scheduling and modern, supportive instruction.
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