8 Wedding Dance Lessons in Philadelphia for To-be-Weds

One pro's motto: "It's impossible to have two left feet."
Raven McMillan
by Raven McMillan
Updated Jun 12, 2024

Getting up in front of a room full of people and exchanging vows is nerve-wracking enough. Getting up and dancing for a crowd is the stuff of nightmares, but finding the right instructor for wedding dance lessons in Philadelphia can make all the difference in turning your reception into the sweetest dream. In this city of rich history and diverse culture, there are plenty of talented professionals ready to help you shine and The Knot Vendor Marketplace makes it easy. Want to know how to find dance lessons? Just filter your search and effortlessly sort through top-rate instructors and studios based on location, genre or business diversity. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of the best dance pros in Philly, specializing in everything from classic ballroom to fun, contemporary styles.

Society Hill Dance Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The professionals behind Society Hill Dance Academy, a veteran- and woman-owned studio, specialize in wedding dance lessons in Philadelphia, PA with more than two decades of experience. They offer tailored packages to fit most budgets and timelines, and their instructors are dedicated to making couples step into the spotlight with confidence and grace. As a bonus, their industrial-style, loftlike teaching space is also available to book as the venue for your celebration.

  • Years of Experience: More than 20 years
  • Dance Style: From flamenco to folk and R&B to rock, Society Hill Dance Academy is skilled in a variety of styles.
  • What Couples Love: The team at Society Hill Dance Academy has a knack for producing creative choreography that doesn't feel too rehearsed.

Top Hat Dance Studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Top Hat Dance Studio is an LGBTQIA+-owned business offering couples dance classes in Philadelphia. They have been prepping wedding couples to impress with their first steps together for more than 20 years. Michael Petroski, an expert in hip-hop and partner dancing, offers specialized lessons for all combinations, including bride-bride and groom-groom.

  • Years of Experience: More than 20 years
  • Dance Style: If you're looking for hip-hop, foxtrot, waltz, rumba or tango, Michael's got you covered.
  • What Couples Love: Michael's passion for teaching shines through his instruction, making each lesson a unique experience.

Moving Image Dance Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Moving Image Dance Academy offers private and group lessons at two award-winning venues. Choose their ballroom studio on Sansom Street for interactive sessions with other dancers or the acclaimed First Dance Venue on Rittenhouse Square for more personal instruction.

  • Dance Style: Moving Image Dance Academy teaches Bollywood, Celtic, classical, country, folk, hip-hop, jazz, polka and pop dances.
  • What Couples Love: The free upgrade to a private dance lesson is a favorite perk for couples shopping through The Knot.

Pivot Ballroom in Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Pivot Ballroom addresses common wedding dance worries with tailored choreography customized to the couple or simply with basic step lessons. Their $25 introductory session helps couples decide which direction to take in further sessions. The focus is on comfort and looking great while dancing.

  • Years of Experience: More than 20 years
  • Dance Style: Inquire for more details.
  • What Couples Love: Pivot Ballroom's welcoming atmosphere provides a stress-free and enjoyable learning process.

Walker Ballroom Dance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Led by Derek, a professional dancer with 15 years of experience, Walker Ballroom Dance offers a personalized approach to wedding dance lessons in Philadelphia—and your first lesson is free. This Black-owned business focuses on creating a unique experience for every pair with comprehensive preparation that covers every detail to make you feel ready for your big dancing debut.

  • Years of Experience: 15 years
  • Dance Style: Inquire for more details.
  • What Couples Love: Derek makes the choreography fun and approachable for couples of all dance abilities.

Ragtag Empire in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

With a focus on swing and lindy hop lessons, Ragtag Empire specializes in vernacular jazz dance education in Philadelphia. The studio was founded by Heather Houde and Lily Kind who prioritize catering to all identities and abilities. Their intro to swing dance lesson is also a perfect add-on for a fun rehearsal dinner activity, which they can teach at your venue or theirs.

  • Years of Experience: 7 years
  • Dance Style: Inquire for more details.
  • What Couples Love: Not only are both Heather and Lily incredible dancers, but their instruction is fun, accessible and thorough.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio West Chester in West Chester, Pennsylvania

After a few classes at Fred Astaire Dance Studio West Chester and their customized wedding dance instruction program, you'll be ready to showcase your elegance, style and personality. Their certified instructors can teach a few basic steps to get you started or choreograph an entire routine, making your first dance as a couple or your special moment with a parent, truly magical. In just a short time, they promise you'll gain the confidence and skills to impress everyone at the reception.

  • Years of Experience: Decades of collective experience
  • Dance Style: Inquire for more details.
  • What Couples Love: Instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studio not only teach solid moves, but also share their best tips for beating the big day nerves.

Philadelphia Dance Lessons In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jesse Smith-Dow leads the instruction at Philadelphia Dance Lessons and customizes wedding dance lessons in Philadelphia to fit each couple's needs. With more than ten years of experience, Jesse is a pro at creating a comfortable learning environment, even offering in-home lessons for convenience. His motto is, "It's impossible to have two left feet."

  • Years of Experience: More than 10 years
  • Dance Style: Inquire for more details.
  • What Couples Love: Jesse's personalized instruction makes every couple feel at ease and ready to impress on their big day.
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