How to Find Wedding Dance Floor Rentals Near You

Because your guests need a place to pop off.
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Updated Jun 16, 2023

While your guests may tear up when you share your vows, they'll quickly wipe away the tears and turn up at the reception. You want to pick the right wedding dance floor rental to ensure they have plenty of room to do their thing. Not only do you want to choose a reputable rental company you can depend on—but also one that can deliver on your mission and match your theme.

Here, we spoke with experts about how to find the best wedding dance floor rental and how to ensure the process is seamless from booking to the big night.

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When to Rent Your Wedding Dance Floor

There are so many nuts and bolts to planning a wedding—and until you start the process, it's impossible to prepare yourself for the fine details. You'll need to add 'rent a dance floor' to your list of to-do's, which should be checked off when you book your venue. Typically, this means six months to a year before your wedding date. This proactive step is crucial, especially if you plan to have dancing as part of your celebration, according to Kristy Watlington, the wedding coordinator for Dancing Bear Lodge and Appalachian Bistro in Tennessee.

"Booking far in advance ensures that you have secured the desired space for your dance floor and allows you the comfort to plan your entire wedding layout with confidence, knowing that the dance floor you envision is guaranteed to be available," she says.

Plus, when you have significant lead time, you can curate and be thoughtful about the floor plan. "You can carefully consider the size and layout of the dance floor, considering factors such as the number of guests, the overall design aesthetic and the flow of the event," she says. "This advance planning allows you to create a cohesive and well-thought-out space that enhances the atmosphere of your wedding."

What Does a Dance Floor Rental Cost?

Though there is no one-price-fits-all for wedding vendors or rentals, and it greatly depends on your zip code, wedding size and seasonality. In the wedding dance floor world, the price reflects the size of the space, the type of flooring you select (wood, vinyl and so on), the duration of the rental and the labor cost for set-up and breakdown, Watlington says.

Also, more and more couples are opting for an LED dance floor that provides additional light to the reception area, which could cost significantly more, says Kevin Dennis, owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services in California. "Many people assume that you're only paying for the flooring itself, but in reality, you're also taking on potential fees for cleaning and labor," he adds. "Additionally, you'll want to bear in mind that, while not all of your guests will be dancing, you must accommodate as many as possible. It doesn't hurt to go a bit bigger than what may be needed."

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What to Look for in a Dance Floor Rental Company

If having all of your treasured friends and family members dancing by your side is a memory you've always looked forward to; a wedding dance floor rental is a necessity for your big day. Here, industry professionals share their insight on what to look for when hiring the right team to turn your vision into your reality.

Customization, Quality and Variety

No matter how many weddings you've attended or been part of, they all have a different aesthetic and theme. How you felt during each part of the celebration was a creation by various vendors and experts. So while a dance floor might not seem like that big of a decision, you'll want well-maintained and visually appealing floors, says Jason Jani, the owner and entertainer for SC Event Group in New Jersey.

"You'll likely have a vibe you are going for with your wedding, so you'll want a floor that fits that look but also is durable and can withstand your guest count," he says. "There are different finishes, styles and technology to review. Some offerings include monograms, patterns or wedding logos, often in partnership with a graphic design company, who can use vinyl or foil wraps to achieve a look."

Distance and Delivery Fee

If you're mindful of your budget, Watlington says it's crucial to evaluate the proximity of the rental company to your venue and inquire about their delivery fee structure. "Some companies have a flat delivery fee that covers a specific distance from their warehouse," she says. "If your venue is beyond that range, you may be responsible for additional mileage charges. Understanding the delivery fee structure ensures that you clearly understand the total cost involved."

Installation, Set Up and Pick Up

A wedding dance floor company typically includes a hands-off process for the couple and venue. Even so, it's important to read and understand the fine print to see if they charge additional fees and if the anticipated dates work for your event.

Watlington urges couples to remember that some rental companies may charge extra if they have to drop off or pick up the dance floor on a date outside their anticipated schedule. For example, if your venue requires the floor to be picked up on a Sunday for another event after your Saturday wedding, you might incur an 'after-hours' fee or an extra day rental fee.

Customer Service

If you call a potential wedding dance floor vendor and they don't ask you many questions—it could be a red flag to look elsewhere. As Watlington says, a reputable, experienced company should ask you specific questions about your wedding day. "They will likely inquire about the number of guests attending and whether the dance floor is intended for dancing only or for the reception as well," she says. "This information allows them to provide you with a more accurate quote and recommend an appropriate floor size based on your specific needs."

Positive Reviews

It might seem like common sense—but Jani reminds couples of the power of reading through reviews. "Testimonials or references from past clients are a great indicator of how smooth your experience will be. Photos and videos, especially from your venue, are a must-see before signing a contract," he says. "It's great to start with the venue's recommended vendors, and from there, checking online platforms, social media and forums will assess their reputation, reliability and responsiveness."

How to Find Wedding Dance Floor Rentals

No matter where you call home or where you're hosting the most special day of your life, The Knot has a plethora of trusted, five-star vendors who can meet (and exceed) your dream vision. Get in touch and request quotes and more information today for top-rated wedding dance floor rentals.

How to Coordinate With Your Rental Company After Booking

The real fun begins once you've selected your wedding dance floor rental company. Now, you can help your vendor execute your goals by providing ample information and inspiration, connecting them with the venue and more. Follow these best practices:

Connect the venue and wedding dance floor company.

Having a shared meeting between your venue and the wedding dance floor company could be worthwhile to discuss delivery, set-up and takedown and any other nitty-gritty details that could cause unneeded chaos on the big day.

To start, Watlington suggests getting on the same page with your host—aka your venue—so there are no mishaps or miscommunication. "These points can include weight restrictions, floor protection requirements or time constraints. By understanding and adhering to the venue's rules, you can ensure a seamless installation process," she adds.

Provide on-site contact information.

And spoiler, soonlyweds: It shouldn't be you! Instead, your wedding coordinator or an on-site contact person should be present during the installation. "This contact person will represent your interests and ensure that your wedding day vision is met," Watlington says. "Choose someone familiar with your wedding day vision and can accurately represent your preferences in your absence. This person should be well-informed about your desired floor setup and be able to make decisions in line with your expectations."

Keep the lines of communication open.

As Watlington says, remember, the dance floor sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration, so careful planning and coordination will contribute to a seamless and joyous wedding experience. "Once the dance floor is set up, it will become the central focal point of the celebration, and it is important to ensure that it aligns with your vision and requirements," she continues. "By maintaining open lines of communication, you can create a collaborative and efficient process between the venue, rental company and your representative, ensuring that the dance floor is installed to your satisfaction."

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