These Wedding Dance Lessons in NYC Will Help You Get Your Groove Back

Say goodbye to your two left feet.
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chapelle johnson the knot associate editor
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Updated May 16, 2024

The first dance, family performances and wedding party routines are some of the most silly, fun and sentimental parts of a reception. And even though you feel like you have the moves to impress your guests, it doesn't hurt to get wedding dance lessons in NYC before the big day. Many dance studios can teach you the fundamentals, guide you during the song selection process and give you the confidence to go on the dance floor like you own it. So, if you're ready to look like a "So You Think You Can Dance" contestant, here's how to find dance lessons in your area. Use The Knot Vendor Marketplace by typing in your desired location for the classes, then sort by distance, award winners, music genres and diversity to discover your desired teacher. Now make your life easier, and check out our selection of expert dance trainers in New York below.

I Know You Can Dance in Manhattan, New York

This LGBTQIA+-owned business is run by Sandro, a trained ballroom and Latin dancer. Sandro is passionate about his craft and promises to make your first dance look professional and represent you as a couple. Sandro can also help you pick your first dance song and learn parent dances for an additional fee. Fun fact: I Know You Can Dance has made itself into The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame in honor of seven years of excellent service.

  • Years of Experience: 20+ years
  • Dance Style: Sandro specializes in ballroom and Latin dancing, but can teach you moves for whichever dance and music style you choose.
  • What Couples Love: Sandro is funny, able to work with any skill level and is a pro at making couples feel comfortable on the dance floor.

Maya Moves in Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York

Maya Sank is the founder of Maya Moves, a women-owned company in NYC with wedding dance lessons for couples and parents. You can choose private wedding dance lessons in NYC or virtually or join a Zoom group class. Maya's dance method involves "three to four signature moves (typically a dip and other moves that fit the vibe of your song)." Once you and your partner get those steps down, Sank will spend time making the moves fit your first dance song's length––all in one efficient lesson, with three being the max. Your lesson will also include music help, a video of each teaching and notes.

  • Years of Experience: 10+ years
  • Dance Style: Inquire for more details.
  • What Couples Love: Maya is fun to work with, made learning how to dance easy and is extremely patient.

The MOMENT Wedding Dance in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, New York

Andrés Acosta is the head of this LGBTQIA+-owned studio that provides dance lessons in NYC for weddings. With Acosta's dance and choreography experience, he worked on television programs, music videos and Broadway shows. Besides first dance lessons, The MOMENT Wedding Dance offers music editing, parent dance instruction, at-home sessions, wedding day logistics and day-of rehearsal.

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  • Years of Experience: 10+ years
  • Dance Style: Inquire for more details.
  • What Couples Love: Andrés is a professional, a dream vendor and helped each client stand out on their wedding day.

Jacqueline's Dance Lessons in Manhattan, New York

This women-owned business, founded by Jacqueline Babek, has wedding dance lessons in NYC and Long Island for everyone. From parent dances to bachelorette parties, Jacqueline's Dance Lessons can teach non-dancers how to move like never before. Students have the option of being taught in a group, privately, in person or over Zoom. For those residing in NYC, Jacqueline makes house visits too. With a dance background in commercials, music videos and Broadway, Babek is prepared to bring magic to your wedding dance routine.

  • Years of Experience: 8+ years
  • Dance Style: Jacqueline offers her services for all styles.
  • What Couples Love: Jacqueline is a knowledgeable, creative choreographer and made the process stress-free.

The Wedding Dance Experts NYC in Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York

Nina and Robert are the faces of this woman and LGBTQIA+-owned business and offer wedding dance lessons in NYC. The duo are professional ballroom dancers, competitors and teachers with experience instructing parent, wedding party and wheelchair dancing. When crafting your dance, The Wedding Dance Experts will consider "your personalities to give you the best wedding dance experience, whether you desire a more low-key dance or a fully choreographed showstopper."

  • Years of Experience: 25+ years
  • Dance Style: Nina and Robert love bluegrass, Caribbean, EDM and more.
  • What Couples Love: Nina and Robert are great listeners, extremely organized and create beautiful dance routines.

The Wedding Dance Whisperer in New Jersey and New York City

Lexi Greenberg is a certified ballroom teacher of this woman-owned dance company. The Wedding Dance Whisperer has services for people needing help with their first dance, parent performance and group choreography for wedding party members. And if you can't make it in person to dance with Lexi and her crew, virtual appointments are available wherever you are.

  • Years of Experience: 20+ years
  • Dance Style: The Wedding Dance Whisperer team likes to dance to classical, rock, Polka and more.
  • What Couples Love: The Wedding Dance Whisperer team have great attention to detail, are professional and have the best energy.

Danse L'Amour in New York, New York

Isabella Johns, the founder of Danse L'Amour, has formed a group of top-notch dance experts ready to help make your special day memorable. Whether you're booking a first dance lesson for yourself and your partner or want to learn a routine with your parent, Danse L'Amour has you covered with private, group or Zoom classes. "We will consider everything, from your style of wedding attire to your chosen music, allowing you to dance the night away with confidence."

  • Years of Experience: 10+ years
  • Dance Style: Danse L'Amour instructors can teach Viennese waltz, tango, foxtrot and more styles.
  • What Couples Love: Danse L'Amour instructors help everyone look like pros, are impressive dancers and influence couples to keep getting lessons postweddings.

Anyone Can Dance in Manhattan and Queens, New York

If you and your partner will feel more comfortable being one-on-one with your dance coach, this woman-owned studio is for you. Anyone Can Dance has a private space where you don't have to worry about others watching you. Wedding party members and parents can join in on the fun too, with lessons catered to their needs.

  • Years of Experience: 15+ years
  • Dance Style: Anyone Can Dance teachers like to groove to African, Arabic, bluegrass and more.
  • What Couples Love: Anyone Can Dance teachers are detail-oriented, flexible and help couples avoid the classic awkward swaying on the dance floor.

Big Apple Ballroom in Manhattan, New York

Michael Choi and Vanda Polakova are the heads of the Asian and women-owned studio where couples, parents and wedding party members can find wedding day dance lessons in NYC. Besides teaching students the dance steps, the Big Apple Ballroom team will help with song selection and music editing. Plus, they focus on the staging aspects of the performance like how to enter the dance floor, the best ways to coordinate with the music vendor and what attire to wear.

  • Years of Experience: 15+ years
  • Dance Style: Big Apple Ballroom instructors are proficient in Klezmer, Flamenco, Celtic and more.
  • What Couples Love: Big Apple Ballroom instructors are welcoming, have years of expertise and help make their first dance a hit.

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine Dance Studio in Manhattan, New York

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine Dance Studio, a black-owned dance company, wants to help you and your partner have fun on your wedding day. The company has four packages and an à la carte option for those who don't want a one-size-fits-all vendor. Each wedding lesson package includes custom choreography and a detailed first dance practice before the big performance.

  • Years of Experience: 20+ years
  • Dance Style: Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine Dance Studio teachers concentrate on Latin, rhythm, Caribbean and more.
  • What Couples Love: Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine Dance Studio teachers made the first dance one of the best parts of wedding planning, are inspiring teachers and are very skilled.

Ballroom Wedding Dance in Manhattan, New York

Peter Jones, an award-winning choreographer, and his talented team are determined to make a personalized routine for you and your partner. Ballroom Wedding Dance makes it easy for you to learn your first dance since you can be at the studio for a hands-on experience, be at home or request a Zoom lesson. Fun Fact: Jones was the choreographer on the first season of "Married At First Sight."

  • Years of Experience: 27+ years
  • Dance Style: Ballroom Wedding Dance tutors make choreography for Bollywood, Persian, folk and more.
  • What Couples Love: Ballroom Wedding Dance tutors provided great tips, helped them learn fancy moves and didn't judge their skill level.

Reaction Dance Company in Brooklyn, New York

For those looking for wedding first dance lessons in NYC, consider the Reaction Dance Company your go-to. They pride themselves as specialists in multicultural moves you can add to your traditional first dance. This studio has virtual and live class options available. You can choose to do one to 10 classes with an assigned instructor and book a free consultation beforehand.

  • Years of Experience: 10+ years
  • Dance Style: Reaction Dance Company teachers are skilled in hip-hop, bhangra, K-pop and more.
  • What Couples Love: The Reaction Dance Company teachers are experts at teaching the basics, accommodating and making dance lessons something to look forward to.
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