Fun 2024 Wedding Video Trends That’ll Make You Stand Out

Here's how to make your wedding memorable.
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Updated Dec 11, 2023

Before you know it, your magical wedding weekend or day will be over, so finding a way to capture it so you can relive the memories is crucial. This is where film and wedding video trends come into play. But before you hire a professional wedding videographer, you need to know how you want to showcase your special day or prewedding fun. Check out our list of the top videography wedding trends for 2024, according to wedding and video industry pros, so you can find the video style that speaks to you.

Don't know where to start with capturing your celebration? Then check out these cool wedding videography trends that'll give you a new perspective.

1. Wedding Video Trailers

    If you want to feel like a movie star, release a high-quality wedding trailer after your special day. A wedding trailer is a short, usually about 60 seconds, professionally edited highlight video of a couple's wedding. Many wedding trailers are set to romantic or upbeat music, and are comparable to movie trailers. Tom Santilli, Owner of Complete Video Solutions and multi-award winner for his wedding video productions, explains why this wedding video trend is taking off. "Nearly every couple wants to immediately be able to relive their wedding day after it has flown by. A wedding trailer's best benefit is that most companies get these to you quickly (within weeks), so you're getting this trailer well ahead of the rest of your final videos. Having a trailer allows you to experience your wedding day again sooner."

    Another reason a wedding trailer's short length is beneficial is that it's the perfect bite-size sneak peek of your wedding that you can easily post on social media or your wedding website. That way anyone who couldn't attend the wedding can enjoy the celebration. Talk with your wedding videographer about what style you want for your trailer and how soon they can get the video to you—so there are no unrealistic expectations in the future.

    2. TikTok Wedding Videos

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      We couldn't have guessed that such a simple app would have such a big impact on our lives and, eventually, our weddings, but it has. Despite all the crazy, sweet and funny things you might find on TikTok, you can find cool wedding tips, inspiration and trends (check out The Knot's TikTok) under the "weddingtok" hashtag. Couples and wedding guests have been using TikTok to preserve their memories of the big day while participating in various fun wedding video trends. If you're not having an unplugged wedding, using social media is a great addition to your wedding videographer. You and your guests can use TikTok to make silly and creative videos while your videographer focuses on capturing the sights and sounds of the wedding.

      3. Wedding Video Books

      Wedding video albums are small booklets that display high-quality wedding videos—many of them come in different colors and book covers. We've seen these given as gifts to family members or used as wedding keepsakes that'll stand out on coffee tables and bookshelves. Even though these have recently gained popularity, Santilli thinks that most couples will still enjoy the ease of accessing their wedding film on their phones and computers and advises to-be-weds to consider the later use of the wedding video album. "You don't want to limit how your wedding video can be viewed in the future. Just like when people thought it was cool to put wedding videos on VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray, we cannot predict the future of technology or how people will watch videos. But if a couple does decide to get one, I would suggest that they also get master files of all of their videos so they aren't limited only to the video album," Santilli says. So get a video album for your parents or have yours displayed with your other wedding memorabilia, but have multiple ways to access your wedding video, so you ensure you can watch it for years to come.

      4. Super 8mm Film Videos

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      Super 8mm film is a video technique that became popular and accessible in the 1960s and 1970s. "Super 8mm film, known for its grainy texture and retro aesthetic, allows couples to modern and classic blended elements in their wedding videos, adding a touch of nostalgia and creating a distinct visual appeal," Kate Rudloff, luxury wedding video expert and Co-Owner of A Final Take Films, explains. "The Super 8mm film look can be achieved with a few editing tricks, but there's something magical and authentic about using actual film stock. It adds a layer of authenticity and timelessness to my couples' wedding films," Parker Strehlow, expert cinematographer and Owner of Strehlow Photo & Film Co, adds.

      Recently, this style has become a wedding video trend because it adds a classic touch to wedding films. But don't think this type of film is only for vintage or retro-themed weddings. "When I see couples gravitate to a more vintage film, they want to encapsulate the nostalgia of the moment, as they might have seen with their parents' wedding video or a real 8mm home movie of their grandparents. It's embracing a connection to the 'good old times' rather than an overall vintage wedding theme," Jennifer Thompson, US Headquarters Director of NST Pictures with 24 years in the video industry, tells us.

      Keep in mind that Super 8mm film requires a special camera that doesn't capture audio. This is why this filming style should be a supplement to your modern digital wedding videography. Having both options allows you to encapsulate the vibe of your wedding while also hearing the story behind the images.

      5. Wedding Content Creators

      Person taking photo with iPhone at wedding
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      Want to capture every part of your big day but don't know who to assign the task? Book a wedding content creator. But if you didn't know this title existed until just now, let Ash Tulett, video industry aficionado and Associate Director of Editorial Video at The Knot, break it down for you. "A wedding content creator is an addition to your media team and typically includes capturing photos and video on cell phones so they're easily shared on your big day. No longer will attendees have to wait days, weeks or months to see intimate moments from the wedding, and couples can share updates in real-time with friends and family across social media."

      There are other benefits to this new nuptial vendor. "By hiring a wedding content creator, you gain a massive advantage of having a social media expert capturing buzzworthy and on-trend videos during your big day. Think of it as having your own paparazzi following you around on the day capturing little moments that might get missed by a more structured and established wedding video shoot. It can also allow couples to experiment with more than one style of wedding video, which can help alleviate any creative arguments you may be having during the planning of the big day," Tulett adds. He recommends checking out @Planwithlaur on Instagram—"she essentially wrote the guidebook on how to be a world-class wedding content creator," Tulett says.

      6. Documentary Style Wedding Videos How to have a photojournalist-style wedding but in video. 📸 #wedding #weddingvideography #weddingvideo #weddinginspiration #weddingtiktok #blueridgemountains #weddingday #love #weddingintimate #virginiawedding #weddingdress #photojournalist #photojournalism #moody_edit ♬ original sound - Vantage Point

      If you're unsure why so many documentary-style trending wedding videos are popping up on your social media feeds, Mary Angelini, passionate video specialist and Co-Founder of Key Moment Films, explains its popularity. "Unlike the conventional, highly structured approach, this less formal and more candid trend has become the muse for to-be-weds seeking authenticity and a genuine representation of their special day. Toasts and formal dances are significant moments, and we are seeing a significant shift toward prioritizing the document the entire day rather than just bits and pieces. The documentary style captures the raw, unscripted emotions that unfold naturally," Angelini says.

      Speaking of raw film, Angelini wants to ensure engaged couples know that documentary-style wedding videos don't mean you'll be receiving uncut footage. "Couples are leaning towards documentary and photojournalistic styles, but be careful not to confuse that style with the raw footage. This style still requires editing; angles are cut to make the viewing enjoyable. We cut out shaking footage and obstructed views like the photographer or another guest walking in front of the camera. In contrast to raw footage, which captures unedited, unpolished clips, documentary-style edited wedding films expertly include emotional moments as an honest reflection of the day."

      There's another reason why married couples love wedding video docs. "All to-be-weds, especially Gen Z, are tired of scripted and posed moments, so they want cinematography that reflects that. Most of our clients do not want the spotlight on them. They want to host a wonderful event and experience for their loved ones, so they are looking for cinematography that focuses on the experience instead of the two of them being the stars. Having a cinematographer with this style allows them to relive the event from not only their experience but also their guests," Kelly LaFleur, a part of The Knot Ones to Watch 2023 and Owner and Creator of K. LaFleurFilms, says.

      7. Wedding Weekend Videographer

      There is an increase in couples not limiting their marriage celebration to one day, but instead to a wedding weekend or week in some cases. As the wedding festivities and time with loved ones become more abundant, so does the need to capture it all. "Couples are seeing the value and emotion in key moments at these other events, such as guest toasts or game nights, and are opting to hire video to capture rehearsal dinner, the wedding welcome party, and even the brunch the next day to ensure no memory is missed. The wedding weekend allows the couple and guests alike to immerse themselves in the love and beauty of the experience, prolonging the joy of the couple's once-in-a-lifetime event for all attendees," Thompson notes.

      8. Immersive and Experiential Edits

      Thompson believes Gen Z is leading the way in the wedding video trends evolution. "There's demand for a more immersive and experiential retelling of the wedding day. [Gen Z] gravitate to films that bring in all the senses, a slight nuance from their millennial couple counterpart. This subtle shift is a desire to achieve even greater emotional depth with innovative storytelling techniques, cinematic visuals, carefully selected soundscapes and a focus on creating an experiential journey," Thompson says this change in wedding film reminds her of the blockbuster movie Ready Player One because the audience can act as "active participants rather than passive observers."

      9. Wedding Live Streaming

      Wedding live streams aren't a new wedding video trend, but Tulett believes they'll make a resurgence. "During the pandemic, a popular option for couples was to livestream their wedding to friends and family who couldn't attend due to strict guest limits and social distancing requirements. Post-pandemic, the trend continues to gain somewhat of an underground popularity. Younger couples are starting to stream their weddings on social media, using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitch as the main avenues." Tulett continues, "Streaming for that sweet sweet clout is just as valid as streaming so friends and family overseas can be a part of your big day. For content creators with a following, it can also be nice for their community to become part of their celebration of love and leave messages and chat with other community members during the ceremony. I expect to see this trend rise in 2024 as more and more people lean into destination weddings and a less formal, 'party' vibe."

      10. Adventure Video Sessions

      Angelini introduces us to a new wedding video trend we've never heard of. Adventure video sessions are similar to engagement photoshoots since they involve couples doing fun activities together to be caught on film. "Unlike traditional photoshoots, these sessions center around experiences that reflect what the couple likes to do together. An adventure session provides a visual narrative of who they are as a couple while capturing incredible imagery so that the couple can share it on their social accounts," Angelini says. Interests like "sailing, hiking, a night out on the town or something the two of you would have even without the cameras around" are a few ideas you can use for your session.

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