Selecting the Right Headpiece

The headpiece is the finishing touch to your bridal ensemble. You will want to choose the perfect piece to flatter your face and your wedding gown.

Choose a headpiece to complement your gown.

Your headpiece should match your dress in color, and coordinate in style and decoration. An elaborately detailed gown calls for a more ornate headpiece, while a simpler or less formal dress calls for a less elaborate headpiece. Your veil length should coordinate with the length of your gown; the shorter the dress, the shorter the veil. Wear a chapel or cathedral length veil with a train, a ballet or fingertip with an ankle-length dress, and a blusher with a short dress.

Find a headpiece that will flatter your face.

Try various styles until you find the perfect look. If your face is round and full, you need to add height with a tiara, pill box or a pouf added to the back of a headpiece. When your face is long and narrow, you need to add width; consider a wide-brimmed hat.

Consider your hairstyle when selecting your headpiece.

The length and style of your hair will have some effect on the type of headpiece that looks best.

Make sure the headpiece fits properly.

Try the headpiece on, wear it for a while, turn your head, bend over, and practice walking. Make sure you can move easily, that it feels comfortable and doesn't feel like it might slip off at any moment.

Wearing the headpiece at the reception.

If you're planning to wear your headpiece to the reception, consider having the salon make the veil removeable, with snaps or velcro, to provide easier movement. Or change to a smaller hairpiece, such as a bow, banana clip, or comb decorated with fresh or fabric flowers, pearls and ribbons.

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