12 Surprising Food Bars You’ve Never Seen Before!

by Simone Hill

While we'll always appreciate a great cocktail bar, sometimes the best bars serve food! With a variety of options and toppings food bars are the best way to let your guests play with their food. See all the creative ways you can adapt a food bar to suit your tastes.

A Southern Biscuit Bar

Surprising Food Bars

Photo: ALowCountryWedding.blogspot.com

Just make sure to serve with sweet tea!

A Taco Bar

Surprising Food Bars

Photo Left: Justine Ungaro; Photo Right: George Simian ; Catering: Heirloom

With toppings like suckling pig and wild sea bass, this taco bar is less “Yo quiero Taco Bell" and more “C'est magnifique!"

Mashed 'Taters Bar

Surprising Food bars

Photo: LetsPartyMagazine.com

Let mashed potatoes be the blank slate for your guests' culinary imaginations. Also, bacon bits.

An Omelette Bar

Surprising Food Bars

Photo: 100LayerCake.com

Omelettes aren't just for brunch anymore! Bring back childhood memories and how much you loved to eat breakfast for dinner (and still do!).

Clam Bake Bar

Surprising Food Bars

Photo: Krista Photography

A clam or mussel bake sets the tone for a quintessentially New England affair.

Piping Hot Pie Bar

Surprising Food Bars

Photo: Jenna Walker Photographers

Pie is cake's handsome brother (just look at that golden brown tan).

7-11 Slushy Bar

Surprising Food Bars

Photo: Jodi Miller Photography

Having an outdoor event in the heat? There's nothing like a cool and refreshing “Big Gulp" to pick you up on a hot day. Consider renting a slushy machine…trust us, your guests won't be able to resist slurping these down.

A Grilled Cheese Bar

Surprising Food Bars

Photo: The Reason

Cheesy? We'll allow it.

Cookie and Milk Bar

Surprising Food bars

Photo: JL Photografia

Let your guests dunk to their hearts' content with an array of different cookie flavors.

A Bruschetta Bar

Surprising Food Bars

Photo: Anne Marie Photography

You don't have to be Italian to appreciate this delicious spread!

Fruit and Veggie Bar

Surprising Food Bars

Photo: blog.AmyAtlas.com

Who says wedding food has to be unhealthy? This fruit and veggie focused bar is as healthy as it is tasty. Extra points for the artichoke and lettuce arrangements!

Go Nuts For Doughnuts Bar

Surprising Food Bars

Photo: TinyWaterBlog.com

A bar full of doughnuts and sauces to dip? Make sure not to linger by the doughnut bar too long or your new spouse might get jealous!

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