18 Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles for Bridesmaids (Or Brides!)

Get that trendy "undone" look.
by Andrea Fowler

Loose updos, natural-looking waves and messy-chic braids are what wedding hairstyle dreams are made of—a style that looks touchable and trendy at the same time. Boho hairstyles can be easily dressed up or down depending on the formality of the wedding and the dress you're wearing. For example, a couture hair accessory can lend sophisticated vibes to a boho fishtail braid, or a formal updo can be loosened up and adorned with a flower crown for a more natural look. If you've got time to practice on yourself, there are also plenty of messy hairstyles that are totally DIY-able.

Get inspired by our favorite bohemian wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids (or brides!) below:

  1. 1. Whimsical Fishtail Braid with Baby's Breath

    Whimsical boho bridesmaid hair with a fishtail braid
    photo by Carmen Santorelli Photography
  2. 2. Loose Updo With a Flower Crown

    Boho bridesmaid hair with a flower crown
    photo by Heather Waraska
  3. 3. Messy Low Bun

    Low messy boho bun wedding hairstyle
    photo by Nicole Lapierre Photography
  4. 4. Loose Updo With Bangs

    Boho bridesmaid hairstyle with a messy bun and bangs
    photo by Rebecca Hollis Photography
  5. 5. Loose Curls With Fresh Flowers

    Boho bridesmaid hairstyle with loose waves and fresh flowers
    photo by Jana Marie Photography
  6. 6. Loose Waves

    Boho bridesmaid hairstyle with glamorous waves
    photo by Lacie Hansen Photography
  7. 7. Dutch Braid Updo With Flowers

    Dutch braid bridesmaid hairstyle with flowers
  8. 8. Gilded Halo

    Boho bridesmaid hairstyle with gold leaf halo accessory
    photo by Christa Elyce
  9. 9. Twisted Low Updo With Flowers

    Low boho bridesmaid haistyle with fresh flowers
  10. 10. Jewel Tones and Flower Crowns

    Boho bridesmaid style with flower crowns
    photo by Tamra Horner Photography
  11. 11. Braided Sideswept Curls With Baby's Breath

    Boho braid bridesmaid hairstyle with curls and baby's breath
    photo by Dylan Burr, Wedding Photographer
  12. 12. Ivy Crown

    Straight hairstyle with boho ivy flower crowns
    photo by Sarah Katherine Davis Photography
  13. 13. Messy Chignon

    Boho wedding hairstyle with a messy low chignon
    photo by L Hewitt Photography
  14. 14. Boho Fishtail

    Boho bridesmaid fishtail hairstyle
    photo by Ryan Zarichnak Photography
  15. 15. Waterfall Braids With Baby's Breath

    Boho waterfall braid bridesmaid hairstyle with baby's breath
    photo by Freshly Bold Photography
  16. 16. Loose Curls With Flower Crowns

    Boho bridesmaid style with loose curls and flower crowns
    photo by Sylvie Gil Photography
  17. 17. Delicate Purple Flower Crown

    Boho hairstyle with a small flower crown
    photo by Jessi Caparella
  18. 18. Updo With Bangs

    Boho bridesmaid hairstyle with loose updo and bangs
    photo by FRESH
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