10 Gorgeous Updos for Your Wedding

Get seriously inspired by these beautiful bridal updos.
by Jennie Ma
  1. The Braided Bun

    Clary Photo

    Whimsical, woodland-inspired hair can look elegant (bed head is not mandatory for this style). Just add mini braids to add a boho vibe to your bun.

  2. The New Pompadour

    Sweetwater Portraits by Julie Melton

    It might sound more punk than pretty but the slight lift on the top of this style (which gives your hair drama and volume) is actually just looks really glamorous.

  3. The Asymmetrical Twist

    Heather Roth Fine Art Photography

    You heard of the asymmetrical bun (Charlize Theron basically perfected the look a few years back), the next askew style to try is the asymmetrical twist. The loose strands make it feels really soft and romantic.

  4. The Jeweled Accents

    Jonathan Ivy Photography

    Nothing really says sophistication and elegance like a classic french twist. I mean it has "french" in its name -- how much more chic can it get? Well, add a jeweled comb to find out.

  5. The Couture Curls

    Art of Love Photography

    This style is probably one of the most flattering hairstyles out there. The low bun sits right above the nape of your neck, while the gathered curls have add a touch of romance.

  6. The Pretty Plaits

    Hot Metal Studio

    This look is just exudes romance. The pretty braided bangs extends to the bun and is all held in place with a gold vine-inspired hair comb. Perfection.

  7. The Top Knot

    Robin Proctor Photography

    The top knot will always be timeless. Remember, the bigger the bun, the more dramatic the look.

  8. The Twisty Bun

    Gruber Photographers

    We would call it a pretzel twist if it weren't so pretty. It adds a little something special to a simple chignon.

  9. The Tuck and Roll

    James Christianson Photography

    Slick back hair isn't the only option for city-chic looks these days. This style is fresh and modern but also kind of quirky. The hair is actually rolled up and tucked above your neck.

  10. The Romantic Updo

    Maria Mack Photography

    You'll need a lot of hair to pull this off or at least a lot of extensions, but this loose chignon looks utterly dreamy (especially paired with a floral hair wreath).

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