Which Lingerie Styles Suit Your Body?

Add some va-va-voom to your bedroom. Figure out which lingerie styles best flatter your body.
Christine Broderick
by Christine Broderick

Many women love the idea of wearing a flirty baby doll nightie or a sumptuous satin chemise in the bedroom, but not all feel like they can pull it off looking their best. Ready to bury those insecurities? The truth is that beautiful, seductive, and -- above all -- flattering lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes (like our bodies). The key? Accentuating the positive! What's your finest feature? Great legs? Sultry shoulders? Divine décolletage? Show them off! We've got the scoop on how you can find an evening ensemble that's sure to complement your shape while setting off some serious sirens.

Large Bust

Women endowed with a large bust (C or D cup) may be most concerned with coverage and support when it comes to choosing lingerie. Larger-busted women can find the lift they need in lingerie with a molded bra, in which the breast cup shape is pre-molded from poly foam to keep everything in place. This style is comfortable and seamless too, so they can be worn under T-shirts or tight clothes with no worries. Of course, you may not want to wear it under anything at all.

A sexy cowl-neck slip can be a great look for larger-on-top ladies. The cowl neck is a very popular look now. It drapes beautifully and accentuates the bust without showing too much cleavage. The knee-length version is great for those who also want to draw attention to stellar calves. Halter-neck gowns or chemises are also great for top-heavy women aren't looking to flaunt their cleavage. Halter tops accentuate the collar bone and shoulders, and when tied in back they create a stunning silhouette.


Ladies who are small on top and curvier on the bottom should try a sexy chiffon gown or chemise with a flowy skirt to play down the hips. Opt for a sheer skirt to give just a hint of sexy leg, or an opaque gown for more coverage. You want the eye to focus on your upper body, so show a lot of skin up top and accentuate your shoulders and neckline -- think teeny-weeny straps, or no straps at all.

Another way to tackle the pear problem is to find the right cut. Asymmetrically cut hemlines are great for women who are looking to camouflage their hips, thighs or behind because they create a flattering line for the body. Instead of resting on the hip area, the eye is drawn to the longer diagonal line of the hem. A silky PJ set is perfect for those who want to cover more of their legs. A little cami and drawstring pant can cover problem areas and still feel incredibly sexy.

Depending on how comfortable you are with your legs, a short chemise is an ideal option. Look for one cut on the bias to flow gently over hips, and with shirring or gathering around the bust, to give the appearance of a more proportioned body.


Gone are the days when bodacious babes had no choice but to keep their curves under wraps (literally) in industrial-strength foundation garments. So just say 'see ya' to the wide straps and heavy elastic your mother used to wear. Today, beautiful lingerie comes in a spectrum of sizes. For those women seeking sex appeal with a bit more coverage, try a long and silky negligee or peignoir set. Many come with matching robes, which can be tied low around your waist, create a plunging neckline and give your body a flattering vertical line.

Or try a scoop-neck, A-line, or Empire nightgown in nylon tulle or chiffon. Avoiding loud patterns and bright colors and sticking mainly to darks and solids will accentuate your curves in the right ways. Full-figured women should also go for full-length gowns in a micro-stretch material. The material has enough stretch to make you feel supported while allowing you to move freely and comfortably. Oh, yeah -- and they look terrific!

Boyish Body

If your natural curves are a bit more elusive, one of the best ways to pump up your silhouette is to add bold color and pattern to give dimension to your figure. Baby doll nighties with such feminine touches as ruffles and lace help play up those curves you covet, and short flirty skirts show off great gams while disguising straight hips.

Another important element to keep in mind is the fabric of your undergarment -- if it's clingy and smooth it can create the illusion of a more voluptuous you. If it's too loose, you may lose your figure in it. Try a camisole that is slightly cropped around the navel paired with low-slung hipster panties. This allows just the bottom of the derriere to peek out -- a very sexy curve.

Small-busted women seeking a little boost should make looking natural their number-one concern. Don't over-pad or you'll end up with extremely unnatural-looking breasts. Your best bet is a lightly lined underwire demi cup bra that gives lift while maintaining a very natural silhouette.

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