6 Sweet Flower Girl Gift Ideas

Surprise your special helper with an awesome flower girl gift.
by The Knot
photo by Amber Gress Photography

Gifting your flower girl something thoughtful and personal will not only make her day, but also leave a lasting impression. Get inspired by these six sweet, no-fail ideas, then head to The Knot Shop for more.

  1. 1. Kid’s Camera

    ​Give her a child-safe camera, like a retro-inspired Polaroid, in her favorite color or design. It’s a great way to let her capture her own memories at the reception. You could even schedule a follow-up date after the wedding to create a scrapbook together.

  2. 2. Custom Jewelry

    ​Make her feel special with a pretty piece of jewelry, like a heart-shaped necklace or charm bracelet. Add her name, initials or the date of your wedding for a personal touch.​

  3. 3. Flower-Girl-Themed Book

    ​Kids love reading books about fun characters who are just like them. Get her ready for her grand entrance with a coloring, activity, sticker or picture book that’s all about flower girls.

  4. 4. Personalized Tote, Purse or Backpack

    ​A cute vessel for her books, shoes and a sweater is always a well-received present. Have her name, initials or “flower girl” embroidered in her favorite color to up the personalization.

  5. 5. On-Theme Stuffed Animal

    ​Going down the aisle can be a little overwhelming, especially if it’s her first time on the wedding circuit. She’ll love having an adorable companion to keep her company and remind her of what a fabulous job she did.

  6. 6. Flower Girl T-Shirt

    Make sure everyone knows who she is with a flower girl T-shirt. She can wear it while getting ready on the morning of the wedding before putting on her dress—but she can also enjoy it for years to come (as long as she doesn’t grow out of it!)

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