DIY This Beautiful Statement Flower Necklace

A whimsical detail perfect for the bridal party, flower girl or even the bride herself. With some fabric and glue, you can create this one-of-a-kind accessory.
Brittany Kinoshita
by Brittany Kinoshita
Flower necklace with ranunculus, greenery, and succulents
Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

If you're as flower-obsessed as we are, then you'll understand our excitement about wearing a pendant of blooms. You'll be even more excited to know that it's a totally doable DIY.

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You'll Need

Craft supplied for making a flower necklace
Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

Felt or fabric
Hole punch
Oasis floral adhesive
Silk or willow ribbon

Pretty Details

Details for crafting a flower necklace
Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

Air plant
Reindeer moss
Pepper berries

(But feel free to improvise!)

1. Cut Your Shape

Cutting out the backing for a flower crown necklace
Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

Keeping in mind the materials you have to work with, cut the cardboard and felt into the size and shape you want your necklace to be.

2. Assemble the Necklace

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

Glue the felt to the cardboard and punch holes where you want your ribbon to go, then tie the ribbon long enough so it can easily be pulled over your head.

3. Decorate

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

With the Oasis floral adhesive, begin on one side of the necklace and start gluing down your flowers, succulents, air plants or other desired elements.

4. Fill in the Gaps

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

Keeping a good design flow is key: Cluster colors together to make an impact or choose a focal point to add interest. Fill in any open holes with reindeer moss and make sure to cover any details you want hidden.

5. Style

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

Voila! You have a beautiful floral necklace that can be worn in place of a corsage or simply to add a unique accessory to your outfit. It can also be styled as a headpiece or even a belt—the possibilities are endless.

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