Grooms Should Consider Getting Prewedding Facials Too—Here's Why

One of our editors' boyfriends proved that facials are crucial for dudes too.
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
Bridal Fashion and Beauty Expert
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Updated Jan 11, 2019

Most people associate prewedding beauty regimens (treatments like spray tans, laser hair removal and facials) with women. But we'd like to make the case that facials should be normalized—if not totally encouraged—for guys too.

So we asked one of our editors' boyfriends, Chris, to go get a facial at New York– and Los Angeles–based facial shop Heyday to see what he thought of his experience—and more importantly, if he'd recommend it to fellow dudes as a step to take before their weddings. Here's why you (or your groom) should follow his lead.

You can't solve every skincare problem on your own.

You might be surprised by how successfully a professional aesthetician can treat the little problem areas unique to your skin. (Heyday in particular will examine your skin, determine your needs and personalize your facial from there.)

Chris had some simple skin issues that weren't being cleared up by his "fairly minimal" skincare routine—things like blemishes and blackheads that he hoped would be minimized with a facial.

You'll actually notice a difference in your skin—especially if you're a first timer.

Chris noticed results immediately, likely because he'd never done anything as intensive as a facial before.

"Overall, my skin felt more polished, exfoliated and clear," Chris says. "I think the extractions in particular were super helpful because that's not something I can do on my own."

And who doesn't want perfectly glowy skin on their wedding day?

Although he noted that some of his friends would be unlikely to splurge $100 on a 50-minute facial, he admitted that for a special occasion (like a wedding), it's definitely a must.


A mini spa day is the perfect the solution if you need a break from wedding planning.

Although Chris says he didn't know what to expect (and didn't know if it would be painful like "an eyebrow wax" or soothing like a "spa experience"), he quickly found that the experience felt luxe, comfortable and prescriptive.

"Tami [at Heyday] walked me through the whole process," he says. "I asked, 'What's this part?' about 19 times."

And not that we should even have to say this, but there's zero reason to be embarrassed—facials are becoming more normalized for men, and Chris noted that his facial was done in a totally gender-neutral space where he felt unembarrassed (and even empowered).

You'll get a new skincare routine out of it.

The pros know best—Chris picked up several products (including a Biossance cleanser) that his Heyday aesthetician recommended for his specific skin type. So while the facial itself might only last for 50 minutes, the knowledge you'll gain to take care of your skin like a pro will last far past the honeymoon.

And now that he knows how beneficial facials can be, he wants to try and go "quarterly to wipe the slate clean."

Anniversary facials, anyone?

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