Wedding Details: Wedding Favors on a Budget?

by The Knot

I really want to do something great for our wedding favors, but I'm worried about the cost. Where can I find the best deals?


Favors are fabulous, but they can get expensive fast. Think about it: If you have 100 guests and give each guest a $2 favor, you've spent $200! If you put $5 toward each favor, that's $500. Yikes. Unless you have an intimate guest list, you might need to rein in your favor fantasies. That said, you can still be creative on a budget. Rather than focusing on a favor that's mega-costly, think more about how you can prettily present a less expensive goodie. For example, bulk candy (either your favorite sweets or ones that match your wedding colors) is relatively inexpensive, but you can make it look like a million bucks. Cute, colorful bags or boxes, ribbons in your wedding colors, and of course, colorful labels with your names and wedding date on them can all be had relatively inexpensively in large amounts (check out local craft and paper supply stores). Spending a night packaging it all up with your bridesmaids? Priceless.

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