Wedding Ceremony: How to Make a Ceremony Start Time for a Sunset Wedding?


My fiance and I are having an outdoor wedding at sunset. We had planned on a 4:30 p.m. start time, since the sun will go down at 4:52. But several of the wedding professionals we've spoken to have told us that the wedding ceremony most likely won't actually start until 5:00, since many wedding guests are likely to be late. Should we put an earlier start time on the wedding invitations or just begin at the time we specified, whether or not everyone has arrived? We don't want to say our wedding vows in the dark.


Exchanging outdoor vows at sunset is a great idea. Your wedding professionals are right: More guests than one would like to think do show up late to wedding ceremonies, but there's a simple solution: as you suggested, your invitations should have an earlier start time -- say, half an hour before you actually want the ceremony to begin. If you want things to get going at 4:30 p.m., simply invite your guests for 4:00 -- and enjoy that sunset.

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